Coleman roadtrip grill lxe – my real experience gas mask bong how to use


The Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE STILL serves as our primary family BBQ grill, even though we now live in our house (with a big patio area). My family of four moved into our new home at the end of 2008, and really never needed to change grills. Now don’t get me wrong, I WILL upgrade at some point to a larger unit and I’m not going to tell you that the Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill will do everything you might need. But again, it serves well.

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE has given me over 100 hours of cooking time. That’s an estimate, and I think a conservative one. I primarily cook with the top down – for no other reason that I personally think cooking on a low burner setting with the top down allows for a more even cook – and a slow cook.

I will say however, that a grill upgrade is in our future. The reason for this is simply SIZE and not the quality of food. While the Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE works perfectly for our family (of 4), it can be constraining when we have a house full of guests. It’s simply the size of the grilling surface that can cause limitations at times. But the workaround is simply to cook your food in bunches. For instance, if you’re at a tailgate party, you can keep the grill cranking and feed 25 people easily – but if you’re cooking for a large, extended family, it may be important that everyone is able to sit down at the same time.

Having already mentioned above that the Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE serves well as the primary family grill, a HUGE bonus is that we can take it with us. Sure, this is obvious (as this is a portable grill). But I want to give you an idea of how well this works.

There are attachments available such as the stove grate and griddle. I haven’t used either. If I want to cook eggs, or something else I might need one of these attachments for, I just use a pan or pot on the burner grates. This takes longer than a stove grate or griddle might, but it works just fine. The Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE also may be used for…

Out of the box, the Coleman RoadTrip Grill LXE uses the 16.4oz propane bottles (the olive green ones you can get most anywhere). You can purchase a separate attachment so that you can hook the grill up to a 5lb propane bottle. This is what I do, and I think it’s a MUST.

The attachment needed to connect to the larger bottle runs $15 – $25. However, those little propane bottles can get expensive, and the savings and convenience are worth it. The benefits of using a 5lb propane bottle over the small 16oz bottles.

• Durable: The folding base is plastic, but it has never given me any issues. I’ve hauled, dragged and dropped this grill over all kinds of terrain. I’ve rolled it over rocks, sand, pavement, gravel and whatever else. It’s never failed. The grill parts have never had to be replaced and are all in fine working order.I store my grill outside in the Arizona sun. The plastic base sees direct sunlight each day until about noon. You would think that it would crack or rot – but NO. We get freezing temperatures in the winter too.NOTE: I DO USE A GRILL COVER. I purchased a cover for a Weber Q Grill and it fits great. The cover only conceals the grill part (the actual grill and slide trays), and does not cover any of the base. The grill cover cost me about $20 at Home Depot.

• The burner has Low, Medium, and High settings. The high settings should ONLY BE USED for the burner attachment or griddle attachment. There is no need to use 20,000 BTUs of heat on a grill this small. While cooking, BE SURE TO COOK AT MEDIUM OR LOW! If you cook at high, you will probably not enjoy your leathery steaks very much. You would be well off to consider the Medium setting as the true High setting.

• Personal experience time – I learned this the hard way (trial and error). I used to cook on high (because this is what was required on my previous grill), but once I learned to reduce the heat to the low or medium setting, my food was perfect! Seriously – some of the steaks I’ve pulled off of the Coleman Road Trip Grill have been restaurant quality (a good restaurant).

• Easy Lighting: I’ve had several grills in the past in which the matchless lighting switch was the first thing to go. After six months of use, the electronic lighting system would fail. NOT WITH THE COLEMAN ROAD TRIP!! After 4.5 years of use, this little baby still lights with one or two pushes of the button!

• Portable: DU-OH! Yes, this is very portable. You know that. But I will say that the collapsible stand works fantastic, and it is VERY EASY to pack and unpack. See the section above “How my Family Uses the Coleman Road Trip Grill” for details.

• Makes a Tasty Meal: I’ve cooked many ‘a meal on my Road Trip Grill. Again – I’ve pulled off some sweet tri-tip, burgers, ribs and other delicious food. I’ve had people over for a BBQ and they’ve raved over my steaks! Not bad for a 4-year old $200 portable.

I really only have ONE complaint about this grill. The latch that keeps the lid closed is not the best. It’s a little cheap really. It works just fine when cooking. No complaints there. My complaint with it is that when you’re pulling the grill by the handle and it’s rolling on the ground, the vibration can shake the little hook latch open. This in turn lets grates fall on the ground. This has happened on multiple occasions, and it’s no fun picking up the dirty grates from the ground.