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A second bond for $4.75 million was approved by voters in May 1970 to complete the construction of the campus. This bond covered the cost for the Fine Arts building, Physical Education complex and Student Center and expanded the Technical-Vocational and Math-Science buildings.

Since that time, a 20,000-square-foot expansion of the Technical-Vocational building was completed in 1985; two Industrial Education buildings were constructed in 1991 and a 10,000-square-foot Public Service Careers building came along in 1999. None of these buildings were constructed using bond money. CURRENTLY

The work being done presently is part of a $16.2 million maintenance bond project approved by the board of trustees. Industry standard maintenance, which was budgeted every year, does not begin to cover structure and infrastructure deterioration which occurs over a period of five decades. The current maintenance project, which did not require voter approval and did not affect anyone’s tax bill, is for capital improvements to current campus facilities. This marks the first time COM had elected to proceed with major maintenance improvements since the college was first built.

Crews at the College of the Mainland currently are working on improvements and upgrades to the 50-plus-year-old buildings at the Texas City main campus. The Physical Education Building will make way for a multi-purpose center to accommodate 560, upgrades to the Student Center and the chemistry lab are being upgraded into a state-of-the-art learning environment.

"current campus structures that are 50-plus years old" Not quite. Fifty years ago (February 25, 1968) there were NO buildings on the FM 1764 site. Site clearing for future buildings did not start until May 21,1968. Construction of campus structures did not begin until September 15, 1968 with a ground breaking ceremony for the Learning Resources Center. Buildings were not ready until 1970. THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS Tuesday May 21, 1968 Page 9 "COM sets ceremony for Site Work Start – Texas City – An informal ceremony marking the beginning of site clearing work for the College of the Mainland has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday. The administration and the board will get together at the site for the new college located just west of Galveston County Memorial Hospital on the south side of Farm Road 1764 for the ceremony. John Kraak Inc., of Houston recently received the contract for site clearance work, on the firm’s low bid of $209,810. The work includes excavating a barrow pit on the north side to raise the grade of the site, building a parking lot and entrance boulevard. About 140,000 cubic yards of dirt will be excavated. The public is invited. A ground-breaking ceremony marking the start of the actual building program will be scheduled later." THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS Thursday August 15, 1968 Page 7 "The Board of Trustees will open bids on the first construction phase, the Learning Resources Center, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday." Actual groundbreaking for the Learning Resource Center was on September 15, 1968. Dedication Address by Dr. H.F. Stallworth, president of the college is found in the La Marque Times September 19, 1968 Section 1 Page 2. "We are gathered here to break ground for the Learning Resources Center, the first building in the first phase of the construction program." COM did exist 50 years ago but at the Booker T. Washington Campus, 721 Second Avenue South, in Texas City.