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It’s my opinion that all the best players aren’t necessarily on the ECNL teams. Having had multiple kids in SBV ( including an ECNL player) I can tell you that a kid gets slotted at a very early age and unless they are truly special it’s difficult to move up. The politics prevent some of the better players from reaching the highest level. My daughter had a coach that moved to St. electricity trading jobs Louis and coached there. The coach commented that the best players make the top teams and how much different the mentality was from SBV. I contend that Futura historically has fielded some of the best teams in the area and will thrive as FCKC.

I also agree with the drop off in coaching at SBV. Not only from a development standpoint but also with connections with college coaches. Huw Williams was known all over the country AND he worked for his kids to get them placed at appropriate schools. I believe Gags Prichard to be in the same category as Huw in both coaching and contacts. Lets face it, KCFC is missed and the merger was a good financial move for some. But not necessarily for developing the best soccer players. FCKC could be it’s replacement.

Congratulations to those girls that are committed and their parents for showing the dedication to spend the time and money for their kids to get the opportunity to play in college. Their hard work paid off. My comments were directed more toward the job that SBV and the coaches are doing getting players from ECNL committed considering the financial commitment and time commitment parents make along with the hard work and time the players spend to play ECNL.

You are correct that the KC area is producing a lot of soccer talent but it doesn’t look like that talent is getting committed at the same rate as other clubs. Maybe the KC soccer scene should expect more from SBV and the ECNL coaches than getting just 66% of the players committed to play in college. 6 of the other 9 clubs in the same conference have 80% or more of their players committed. SBV is second to last in the number of commits as well as percentage of commits. In fact, according to the ECNL website 90% of the girls playing ECNL have committed to play in college. 66% is a poor reflection on the club and coaches not the players.

Although most of the current ECNL signees are going local, these local schools use the ECNL platform to watch these girls. Seems silly, but that’s how it works. College coaches like ECNL because they can watch local recruits compete against national, good competition in one location. They can also view non-local prospects, as well. If you are going to spend a weekend fishing, you are going to head to the stocked pond to get most bang for travel $s/time. I’m not saying other venues/leagues fail to offer something similar, but then you have similar travel costs to ECNL too. Regarding college recruiting, the proof is in the pudding; the coaches heavily attend ECNL events. Yes, non-ECNL players can get to same result as ECNL players, and may be as good or better than ECNL players through non-ECNL routes, but the route can be a little harder to get college coach notice. College camps can help get noticed, depending on the coach.

KCFC/SBV merger hurt ECNL results. Smaller is better in the soccer world. gas or electricity more expensive KCFC had 2 teams at each age group and a small number of coaches. If player didn’t make one of them he/she didn’t play for KCFC. SBV takes all-comers with a wallet. It is not an "Elite Club" as ECNL would imply. The allure of joining an elite club and players scrambling to play for SBV ECNL is not there in KC. The bureaucracy/politics of SBV can be a turnoff. And, throw in the craziness of SBV tryouts and the "voluntary" pre-tryout camp. How cool is it for a girl to wear the same uniform as the thousands of other SBV players, all the way down through D6, with PRICE CHOPPER on the front of it? I’m not sure if ECNL clubs in other cities try to be all things to all people. The solution in KC could be akin to boys side with Sporting Juniors. Can SBV come up with its own solution or does FCKC fill the void?? Access to newly built fields should act to put some competitive pressure on SBV, as field access was probably the nail in the coffin for KCFC.

Congratulations to the 12 players who decided to play ar D1 schools, I know they only had 15-16 on the roster but well done! I know another 16 players + from SBV are also committed to playing in college! Our Rush team also have several players going to play and well done to the Rangers who have arrended many tournaments accross the country along with national league and spent thousands on hotels and travel too, people will pay to play great events and get great competition. Too many bitter unintelligent and uneducated folks on this forum!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Rush U18 signings and learned of many other girls receiving significant academic offers at great schools. Rush 97-98 (SBV prior) was always a competitive, classy and close-knit bunch. My daughter had many friends on the team. gas zone edenvale Maybe the schools aren’t KU or KSU but there are great opportunities for your young ladies that chose to continue their playing careers at institutions such as NW Missouri, Washburn and LA-Monroe. To me they were almost an independent team that ended up doing well after their move to Rush. I wish your girls the best.

1) Unless you are a college from one of the "Power 5" Conferences (PAC 12, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC), your scholarship is only a 1 year offer. You will have to earn your $ every year, and if someone comes along the coach likes better than you, you’re out! Power 5 schools must give you a 4-year offer, but there is nothing that says each year must be equal $ offer. Example being K-State offers you a full scholarship year 1, half scholarship year 2, no scholarship years 3 & 4. It sounds like this scenario is pretty common, because they can’t reduce your scholarship once its agreed upon, but they can increase your scholarship and give you $ for years 3 & 4.

2)Scholarship $ varies for each player. Both ID Camps we’ve went to thus far had a Q & A, and both times coaches said be careful not to get hung up on "Girl A got $5K soccer scholarship, while Girl B got $10K soccer scholarship. It doesn’t mean they like or want Girl B more than Girl A. Like you said, there isn’t enough soccer $ to go around and give everyone on the team an equal scholarship, so when they recruit and are negotiating with you to come to their school, academic scholarships play a pivotal role. A coach will get as much academic scholarship $ as possible for a player, then supplement that with as much soccer scholarship as possible.

3)When it comes to Freshmen and their stats or minutes played, you can’t judge their contribution based on gamedays. IMO, college soccer is more like college football in that unless you are filling in for injury, or a bonafide superstar, you aren’t getting on the field until you’re an upperclassmen. Freshmen prove their worth during practice and in the weight room. You’ve got to know that going into it, and if that doesn’t sound like a situation you’re comfortable with enduring there are plenty of college options out there. You may have to be willing to play at a lower level to improve your chances of on field playing time.

4)Playing any sport in college is an increased commitment, so I think you go into it like your sport is your part time job. The way I look at it is I’d rather have my kid at the Athletic Only Facility working with teammates then at a frat party doing God knows what! Based on what I’ve seen from the D1 schools in our area, the tutoring and nutrition programs for student athletes are fantastic and make it more than worth being a student athlete. I don’t know if smaller schools have the same, but its something to find out when looking for the right school.

I looked for the "power 5 conference exemption" that allows them to offer 4 year deals. I couldn’t find it, doesn’t mean it’s not true. It was my understanding that an offer is only good for 1 year no matter the conference. At 2 separate SEC schools 3 years ago we were told their offers were for the freshman year only. Then at the end of the year prior to the end of 1st semester there would be a sit down review of her performance and a reevaluation of her deal. This would happen each year. We were also told that it was up to the coach and not the institution to offer the four year deal if she were offered one somewhere else. gas jobs crna So if the coach were to leave the four year deal was officially out the window unless the school honored it. It also states very clearly on the NLI that it is a one year contract with the institution.

As for a freshman not getting playing time just as an observation on my part watching several programs closely since going through the process over the last four years. Freshman do work their way up as the years go by, but every new recruiting class brings in new talent and usually if the talent is on par with the older player the younger ones get the lion share of the time. If a player gets significant minutes their first 2 years they usually continue contributing the last 2. If they do not get alot of time those first 2 years then depending on graduations, injuries, transfers and "retirement" they have to battle the younger talent coming in. In an aside on that every new class of recruits is better developed technically and tactically as soccer gets more and more development at the younger ages.

Wanted to share another learning today that validates some of the things that have been shared on the board about recruiting. Yesterday, we were off visiting a D1 school that my kiddo is strongly considering… While there and talking to the coaches, they shared a bit of a story about a young lady that was a senior and was just reaching out to them looking for a place to play. We happen to know her and she is a very nice player that can play at the next level. Bottom line is that she only identified one school and when they were not interested, she didn’t have a plan B. I know I am preaching to the choir here but there are places for almost any serious soccer player on the female side… But the player has to take control of the recruiting process and put the work into it if they want to be taken seriously. Emails, camps, visits… they all contribute. Do not let our kids rely on a team or coach or a league to get them what they are looking for…. One of the coaches we talked to a couple of years ago told the girls in that camp. gas tax deduction You are recruiting me just as much as I am recruiting you. I am pulling for this young lady. Hoping she finds a home next year.

Amen. This is exactly what I have been saying. They are asking these KIDS that don’t even know what they want for lunch to commit to something for 4 years of their life 3 or 4 years in advance. Let them be kids. Let them figure out who they are. Obviously, this is why the NCAA put the rules on signing and contact into place, but like every other rule people just figure out a way around them. Now everyone feels pressured into"committing" earlier and earlier, and for what? Most of the scholarships don’t really amount to much in the grand scheme of things.

Will my kid get a soccer scholarship offer? Probably. Will she accept it? Only if the school fits into her plan for what she wants to do academically and later in life. She loves to play the game, but realizes that an athletic scholarship offer is beyond her control, if being realistic. There are no concrete metrics set forth to guarantee that athletic scholarship. There are, however, things she can control that will guarantee that there are scholarships for her to attend the school of her choosing – her grades and the effort that she puts in in the classroom. I have said it before and will say it again. Everybody has their own ideas on the right way to go about it, but for my daughter, we focus on grades and school first. With this, she will be able to choose exactly where she wants to go to college. Then if they have a soccer team that allows her to play, that will be a nice plus. electricity projects for high school students If they give her additional moneys to supplement her academic scholarships then that will be even better. But we will not leave the future of her education up in question with the hopes of a small athletic scholarship, and will definitely not let a school pressure her into making that decision too early in her journey. Yes, we all love seeing our kid on the field during the big championship game, at any level, and we all want them to be able to continue to play at the highest level as long as they want. But should we let that define them, or should we be getting them prepared to succeed in life, both on and off the field?