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Commenting from the other end, previous employee. I can say that most the Installers are decent, hard working people. Permits can take awhile but communication during that time should be much better. The gas companies all drag this process out. Main problem was the branch manager gas and water company, who is no longer branch manager. When you have a person in charge who signs customers names to finance paper work, and the customer has passed away, having installer teams install a used generator at a customers home and trying to bribe customers with free maintenance contracts to take down bad reviews and so much more. The corporate office in PA is great and are working on getting issues here in Florida dealt with and if they do then future customers experience I hope will be much more pleasant, and go more smoothly. However some of you customers I actually have dealt with and I fill for electricity 101 pdf you and stress of the process to get your generator. One thing I do know that Generators are a great thing to have here in Florida and I loved installing them when you have someone who is suppose to be a leader, boss and example and they do the things he was the entire company and employee and customers suffer.

On June 26 signed to get gas bloating back pain a Cummins generator and was told 13kw Cummins is same equivalent as 20kw Generac. The install date was set for 9/17 as I’m still in transition from Michigan to Florida. On 9/7 Colonial calls and said they were at my house in Florida to install the generator. I told them not to install as I’m in Michigan and they weren’t supposed to do it until the 17th.

When I got to Florida low and behold a generator was sitting in my backyard. Long story short the gas company cancelled my natural gas hookup based on issues with Colonial and Colonial set up a final inspection for both gas and electrical of which everything failed ( no gas hookup and electrical was all wrong). The inspector also told me I didn’t have a whole house gas vs diesel rv generator (which was what I thought they sold me) and pointed out on the permit paperwork that Colonial didn’t have my in ground pool nor either of my refrigerators!!!

I contacted the company told them to get it off my property and they blew me off k electric bill statement. Thank god I paid by credit card as I have gotten my money back (9700 +)!! Today (10/13) someone called me from Colonial asking if I wanted to setup an appointment to have a salesman come and give me a quote!!! I can’t even make this up!!! They have no idea as to what they are doing. This company is a joke!!! Don’t waste your time or money. Also home advisor recommended this company as 5 star!!! Stay away from them as well.

I agree with all of the above. I would not hire or recommend this company to anyone. We also bought a generator from Colonial Generator and (2) 120 propane tanks and signed and agreement for them to have them installed back in March of this year. We are now in October and the job is still not completed. They sent sub contractor Thermotane Gas Services to install the Tanks and they did not install the tanks per Colonial Generator Service work order and they had to have another company come out to fix Thermotane mistakes and still it was bp gas prices ny not completed. While the other Gas company was here, we then found out that our Generator was installed incorrectly per manufacturer specifications/recommendations (created a life safety problem). They had to cut gas lines to allow repositioning of the Generator on the Slab to provide adequate ventilation for the non combustible gases. We then had to hire electricity invented or discovered another Gas company to complete the Gas connections as Thermotane never came back to reconnect the gas Lines. We have sent numerous emails and made numerous calls to Colonial Generators Service, regarding this issue. The communications skills are terrible with this company. We also filed a complaint to the department of Business and professional Regulations as Colonial Generators have failed to complete the job per contract/agreement. I can go on and on with this but I will not. All I can say to customers out there beware of Colonial Generators Services do not hire them eon gas card top up under any circumstances.

At all costs STAY AWAY from this company! I payed $12,000 for a generac generator that cost 4K to buy. And it took them five months to install. I was PROMISED an install of three weeks!!! Three electricity voltage in canada weeks!!! When i asked what was taking so long they said they were waiting on the permits to come back. After i checked with the city i found out they have yet to filing anything!!! I had already given them $6,000 for nothing. A month after that they sent out the sales rep and had me sign off on a notice of commencement to begin pulling permits! So they were lying to me the whole time! I demanded my money back and they wouldn’t give it, promised me it would be installed in two weeks three months later they showed up at my doorstep without even calling me just showed up. The electrician smelled of alcohol and had to stop what he was doing three times to get supplies meanwhile my power was off all k gas cylinder day while this was going on. The best part it never passed inspection. PLEASE at all cost stay away if you value good work and honest people this company is the farthest from it

Under NO reason should anyone hire this company!!! June 28th 2018 they sent a drunk to sell us a generator – had to throw him out under threat of needing the police to remove him. They then said they would send his supervisor right out. NOPE it was 19 days later he showed and we have never heard from him again. Though he did take $8600 deposit with a 30 day install date electricity how it works. 3 times their propane contractor has failed to show. WE PAID for a 500 gallon tank in ground ($3000). They have changed our approved install plans 3 times. They used the excuse the county aid our generator was 1 decible to loud and had to relocate. then they said I can not have the 500 gallon propane tank we paid extra for BUT they could install 2 each 250 gallons in the same place??????.

When they finally did decide to install the equipment it is miscalculated per county code. Today the Pinellas c gastronomie vitam County inspector came out to inspect. His response to me was WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO INSPECT? THERE IS NOTHING HERE No wiring, no propane, I don’t know if there is even a generator in the box they put in the back of the house since they would not let me see gas out it.

In addition they DEMANDED that I pay the next $7800 of the contract that is due BEFORE the work is done. After a major fight they finally agreed that my contract IS correct (imagine that a contract that layed out the payment terms) And we found out AFTER they sold us the propane (that has yet to be installed) we have natural gas, it was just never hooked up to the house. We are not out $15000 and nothing to show for it that we can tell. AVOID THIS COMPANY at all costs.