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These instruments measure the color of solid and liquid samples using either a fiber optic reflectance probe, sample fixture, flow cell, dip probe, or cuvette holder. They’re great for use in the electricity tower vector lab, field, or on-line/at-line production environments. Finally gas bloating, the solution you’ve been looking for! Color quality control is now affordable with a StellarNet Color Measurement system.

StellarNet Modular Color Measurement Systems include a miniature spectrometer, light source, and accessory depending on your sample type. The StellarNet BLACK-Comet-CXR spectrometer has consistent resolution throughout 280-900nm and is a perfect low cost instrument for any color measurement gas 2015 application. As one of StellarNet’s concave grating models it has low stray light levels because there are no mirrors in its optical bench. It is engineered with no moving parts which results in shock proof durability, permanent alignment, and 66 gas station near me a ruggedness unmatched by any spectrometer in its field.

The StellarCASE-Color integrated portable case system includes interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured for gas leak in car “Open Measure” application with no additional setup required. The system includes a top mounted tablet with pre-installed Real-time spectrometer operating software for CIELAB colorimetry dE color difference measurement. Internal main gas bijoux discount code power control system with ON, OFF, Charge buttons. The pre-configured spectrometer equipment is covered with an acrylic sampling surface and the sampling fixture head for easy measurement clean-up. The system battery has 8 hour lifetime for field and portable application. StellarCASE-NIR also available for electricity symbols ks2 NIR applications.

The RPH Reflectance probe is a popular accessory for color measurement. The SL1-Filter Tungsten Halogen lamp with internal Color Equalization Filter (CEQ) is used to illuminate the RPH’s 7 input optical gas x dosage pregnancy fibers. At the probe tip the 7 optical fibers are bundled around one 600um collection fiber which returns the reflected light to the spectrometer. The RPH probe can be used with the electricity distribution companies RPH1 Reflectance Probe Holder block that maintains a 45 degree angle and user set distance from sample or the RPH3 is a Reflectance Probe Holder stand for 90° angle measurements. The RS50 white reflectance standard should be used to take your white reference spectrum gas company for all color measurement applications.

The RFX-3D Reflectance fixture has integrated light source to enable simple color measurement of solids and powders by placing electricity edison sample on directly on top. Additionally the RFX-3D has 3 fiber connectors to the spectrometer each positioned 120 degrees in a circle thus eliminating the need to rotate coarse grain samples. Reflectance from 3 positions is combined using special 3-to-1 grade 9 electricity formulas fiber for spectrometer. Liquid Samples

For liquids, samples can be pipetted inside cuvettes and then placed into the CUV1 (4-way fiber optic cuvette holder) used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence ideal gas questions, and color measurements. You may also use the DPH fiber optic dip probe for insitu measurements or our ATR probe for darker colored inks and dyes. StellarNet also offers a variety of flow cells and industrial probes for process monitoring applications.