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We are so thankful to Colorado Basenji Rescue for bringing Zelly to us! She has fit in wonderfully with our pack. ag gaston birmingham Zelly enjoys playing with our three other dogs in the house and the back yard. Usually she gets at least two walks a day with the rest of the pack. Snuggle time is wonderful with Zelly. She yodels to let you know that you have not given her enough attention when you enter the house. We all love her so very much!

Both Basenjis have a few age related fatty lipomas (benign fatty deposits) but are in good general health for their age (12 and 13) They are enthusiastic eaters and love taking walks in the neighborhood. They sleep together in a large wire kennel and are happiest when they are near each other. They enjoy being petted (Charlie in particular).

After many months of working with our veterinarian and with a gastrointestinal specialist to help address Juniper’s irritable bowel issues, we have reached a point where she can go forward to a new home. z gas ensenada Her bowel issues have been a challenge as she would improve, then have a setback, improve again, then another setback. After two ultrasounds, consultations with a specialist, and several food trials we found that vitamin B12 injections to be most helpful in improving her condition. Even so, it is apparent that she will continue to have some life- long issues that will need careful management, something that not every home is prepared to deal with.

I was born on November 21st, 2005 and have lived with one owner/Basenji breeder until his untimely death. I was a country boy and was surrounded by other Basenjis in a rural mountain setting. After my owner’s passing the whole lot of us were transferred to the care of Colorado Basenji Rescue. Most of our pack have found homes and I am looking forward to my “lucky day” as well.

I am a male Basenji..well, that is questionable after that surprise trip to the veterinarian recently. Boy, that was NOT my lucky day. electricity in costa rica voltage I got a complete tune up, including a neuter. Yikes! And to add insult to injury I came home minus 13 teeth. (I did not see a dentist on a regular basis and never flossed my canines, big mistake.) Well, I have recovered, and I guess I will get over the indignities suffered on that day. One must move forward.

Bandit is spayed and will receive updated vaccinations, microchip, and dental prior to adoption. She has been strip tested negative for Fanconi. Her birthday is December 5, 2004. bp gas prices nj She is similar to Lucky in personality and behaviors. She enjoys Lucky but would likely not do well with unfamiliar dogs. gas kansas city Bandit is energetic and very inquisitive. She will need supervision and guidance in a new home. A home with owners home at least part of the day would be best for Bandit.

Peanut was relinquished to a local animal shelter by his owners due to his high energy level and lack of training. After transfer to Colorado Basenji Rescue he has been in the capable hands of a skilled foster volunteer who has worked with him on his social skills around animals and people. He has come a long way in a short period of time and is now ready to find his forever home. He has learned to play appropriately with a varity of dogs and is respectful of the dog savvy cat in his foster home. At his young age he will be suited best to an active owner willing to continue his training. He can climb chain link fencing, and did so in his past home, roaming the neighborhood in search of other dogs to play with. He will need a secure yard with a tall wood privacy fence to avoid this behavior.

I am an active guy and would love to find a human to keep me busy. A home as the only dog would be best for me as I do not know how to behave well around other dogs. I love humans, though! I have no physical issues and eat like a horse with no complaints. I am kennel trained and am very good about waiting to go out to do my business. 7 cases movie I love to travel in the car in a wire really sooths me for some reason.