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Firefly’s tenure at Dark Horse saw it utilize several different art styles, including hyper-realistic likenesses as well as more animated style character models. There’s no problem with changing it up and doing something different as long as it looks good and works with the story. The overall art of McDaid did just that. It’s a rougher, less clean style of art, giving it almost a gritty vibe, which is okay considering the story being told. The backgrounds, the ships, the animals… all really well done. It was the figure work I took a bit of issue with. At times, it was passable, other times heads looked squished or characters weren’t entirely consistent from panel to panel. To his credit, you can tell who each character is throughout, but it just wasn’t as consistent or as polished as I would have preferred.

Despite my nitpicks and personal taste preferences, aside from a few minor missteps, this issue was very faithful to the Firefly franchise, their story, and their journey. gas 4 less And I appreciate tapping a well that has yet to be tapped for this new era of Firefly storytelling. As a Browncoat, I’m also just excited to see the series make a return. ~ Brant @BrantFowler

This issue continues the transformation of Brennan as the rest of the family scrambles to find him. It’s interesting to see things flipped, but Brennan’s transition feels a bit rushed. I understand that time has passed, and he’s been at Kallista’s mercy for a while, but within this issue, he goes from “I could never hate Mikey” to wanting to fight him because things are always about him.

Now, one might argue the Nevermind is that powerful, that it digs in and reaches to the depths to infect and it spreads fast, but Brennan isn’t the one with the Nevermind, Kallista is. You could also argue that Mikey’s right and the price of magic is high, and it’s changing Brennan, but it still feels a bit sudden to me. The transition here was a bit clunkier than Williamson usually crafts the stories of Birthright.

Bressan’s art in this issue was, for the most part, of usual excellent quality, especially the scenes with magic-infused, Brennan. Those were beautiful scenes that took magic and twisted it to this weird oozing kind of malevolent ability that twists and transforms the user. However, some of the quieter moments in this issue weren’t as crisp either. It’s almost as if both Williamson and Bressan were either rushed with this particular issue, or they were both so eager to get to the next where the fight ensues that they may have done so a bit hastily.

It was a clever way to give us information about the Thieves Guild without an info dump or flashback. gasco abu dhabi Making Felicia Hardy a member, and doing a brief flashback with her and her father to illustrate that was an interesting and plausible way to go with this story. I felt this issue was much stronger than last, and it’s always fun to see Spider-Man and Black Cat together. Spencer shows how much of a guy he is, too, being happy to… reconnect with Black Cat, even though he’s with Mary Jane. Just the subtle closeness of a former love that had become estranged.

I love Ryan Ottley and I want to see him on the book more, but man, I love Humberto Ramos’ work on Spider-Man. o gastronomo buffet In my opinion, he is becoming almost as synonymous with Spider-Man as Mark Bagley. I think he has one of the definitive Spider-Man styles of the past decade. And his art was superb throughout this issue. His paneling and his figure work always make things look more interesting and full of energy, and we got that here as well.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this series when it was announced and approached it with a bit of excitement and a bit of trepidation. The Black Order, after all, is a relatively new group that has been used a lot in a short amount of time. Sometimes well done, other times not so much. So going in, my hesitation was understandable.

Thankfully, any fears I may have had about the book were washed away within the first few pages. For one, this is some of Tan’s strongest artwork in some time, with crisp details on each character and object within the panel, the beautiful paneling focusing on those key expressive moments and exchanges between the characters, and the interesting peoples and worlds we were introduced to. The action was swift and full of motion, purposeful with every stroke.

Landy’s writing was equally masterful, giving us deeper insight into these characters that I’ve seen, especially in the case of Corvus Glaive, the leader and first of the Five Dreadlords. The brilliant use of inner monologue here illustrates perfectly the untapped true potential in these characters. Once one of Thanos’ minions, this man, Glaive, is conflicted in the midst of a slaughter, not because of some moral quandary, but because he can’t decide if he’s funny or not. 7 gas station And sadly, Proxima Midnight, his love hasn’t noticed his subtle attempts at humor. This is just a fantastic character building and storytelling.

Issue 312 of Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man is a Spider-Geddon tie-in. In this issue, we see a cat and mouse game between Spider-Man and Morlun. Morlun wants nothing more but to destroy Spider-Man. Morlun states multiple times in this issue that he has been beaten by the Spider three times and is truly embarrassed about the situation. Just as you think that Spider-Man is left for dead in comes Miles Morales to save the day. Our two heroes secure enough time to escape from the evil threat and come up with a plan to try to defeat the Inheritor and his family.

Even though this issue was relatively simplistic, I love the battle between Spider-Man and Morlun. Morlun feels like a threat. You can feel and see how powerful he is on the pages. Unlike the main event Spider-Geddon, the Inheritors are actually running from the Spiders because they’re busy trying to reestablish their family. The character interactions in this issue are done wonderfully. J Jonah Jameson desires nothing more but to help Spider-Man but you can’t help wondering if he is only just in the way. The conversations between Miles and Peter are great, and in that conversation that they have towards the end of the issue ties into the overall event wonderfully. After reading this issue it really completes Spider-Geddon #3 and attaches value to the overall event. The art and colors are beautiful. gas 87 89 93 I always love seeing the rips and tears on Spider-Man’s costume and the facial expressions are perfect. ~ Mike Spider-Slayer @MSpiderSlayer