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Community Tax, LLC takes care of its customers—each client has a state licensed attorney, a legal assistant, and a case manager assigned to his or her specific case in order to keep communication and settlement efforts cohesive and efficient. They guarantee a response to all client phone calls and emails within 24 hours and they care enough about their clients to cater payment options to each client’s unique financial circumstances. Free Consultation

A free consultation is offered where a team of tax professionals is ready to help consumers discover the best and most affordable option for their tax dilemma. Whether consumers are simply seeking a company dedicated to getting tax returns prepared, or businesses seeking bookkeeping services, Community Tax representatives are available to go in depth and implement a resolution. Flat-Fee

Clients will be assessed a flat-fee for the investigative services performed prior to determining which plan of action to take. After the initial investigation, an additional flat-fee is charged to cover costs allowing representatives to follow through to program completion. Company representatives have said they simply will not provide estimates due to the nature of each dispute, as it would be “irresponsible to provide such an estimate.” We appreciate this type of honesty from corporations, although a little more transparency in their pricing structure would help consumers feel rest assured their case will be handled with integrity. CTAX has also implemented a refund policy for consumers feeling uneasy about the lack of pricing information. If clients wish to back out, they have a couple of days to do so, in which a full refund of the up-front costs will be given. Afterward, clients may receive a partial refund on services not rendered; however, it’s important to keep in mind on any work they have completed, even the simplest of tasks, clients will not be issued a refund. Educational Articles

Within their impressive list of tax resolutions, the company does well to provide resources and educational articles to help the everyday tax payer achieve awareness and in-sight to all things tax related. In addition, CTAX provides an array of active social media accounts extending their knowledge base toward the general public.

Community Tax has an impressive service list, as well as the numerous featured cases illustrating some of their most successful negotiations. Fully certified company representatives have helped resolve over $223 million on clients tax debt to date, and with being a new company in the tax industry, this is quite impressive. Community Tax’s policies and services are competitive. They offer flat pricing fee. We recommend calling CTAX for a free consultation to evaluate your case, but be sure to get an accurate quote in writing defining prices for both investigative services as well as program fees before signing any contracts. Pricing

Community Tax has set out to create a new standard for the tax relief industry where the customer’s best interests come first. The company’s philosophy is that no client should pay full price for a service until they know what the options are and what kind of help can be expected. Community Tax offers tax professionals experienced in tax debt resolution, tax preparation, and bookkeeping/accounting. States They Work In

Yes, they offer a free consultation, but just like most other tax relief companies, they can only help so much without detailed information and really digging into a clients problem. They can definitely give you good initial direction. Refund Policy

Client ability to get a refund varies. There is generally a 3-7 day period where the client is able to get a full refund for what he or she paid up-front. However, payment plans differ from person to person and refund options always depend on what work has already been done. Up-Front Fees