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Founded in 1982 and based in Germantown, Wisconsin, Raffel Systems engineers, designs and sells innovative motion technologies and controls for the furniture, bedding, healthcare and industrial markets. gas relief for babies home remedy The company has partnered with leading manufacturers in North America, China and Europe to develop comfort systems, motion technology and control devices (with features including power motion controls, seat heating and lumbar support controls, power charging ports, temperature-controlled beverage holders, wireless controls, etc.) to special populations that include elderly, handicapped and individuals with body weight and mobility issues. gas and supply okc In recent years, Raffel has been at the forefront of engineering and selling similar comfort and convenience products for furniture designed for broader consumer segments which have been rapidly adopting electronic power features. On the industrial side, the talented engineers of Raffel have designed innovative electronic control systems for numerous industrial and commercial applications including ventilation systems, pump projects, activation systems and door systems.

ABS is a leading home furnishings product retailer in China, with the brand concept of “creating a comfortable home atmosphere as well as warm relationships between each other”. electricity worksheets grade 9 The company aims to provide consumers with high-quality and cost-effective home furnishing products and services, so as to cultivate closer relationships between family members. u gas cedar hill mo The company was created in 2009. electricity words The main business is to develop and sell its own brand of home products with high cost performance, covering from home textiles, home supplies, small furniture, small appliances to the daily necessities. j gastrointest oncol impact factor Due to its differentiated brand concept and innovative omni-channel retailing model, the company has become a leader in China’s home furnishings market. z gas el salvador It has implemented intelligent operations with simultaneous online and offline marketing, and improved its supply chain management capacity. In addition, its self-developed marketing system enables ABS to connect with its final users directly and helps to implement O2O intelligent operations through the successful deployment of a data-driven business model.

CCDI was founded in 1994 in Shenzhen as a design branch of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. In 2002, CCDI transformed from a state owned enterprise to a privately owned company and became a leader of the private architectural design industry in China. By capitalizing its advantage of diversification, the company provides comprehensive services covering the sectors related to the urbanization such as the residential, commercial real estate, civil projects, transportation, sports, cultural tourism and medical care, and extends to the whole industrial chain of every sector. This innovative model delivers the entire technology and capital solutions for planning, investment, design and operation to maximize the value of the investment project. electricity cost nyc Its landmark projects include the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), Ping’an International Finance Center, Tencent’s headquarters building, the operational headquarters of Alibaba group, Jinan Olympic Sports Center and Shanghai international tourist resort.