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We are proud of being able to contribute to the society. d cypha electricity All companies are corporate citizens. Regardless of the size of the corporation, we should all work towards fulfilling our corporate responsibilities. Also, if a company is capable of carrying out these responsibilities, it can demonstrate that the company has the actual strength. gas 91 In appreciation of TOGO’s ongoing efforts and contributions to community service programmes, the Hong Kong Council of Social Services has awarded the "Caring Company Organization" recognition to TOGO in Mar 2018. electricity and magnetism online games It is the twelfth consecutive year that TOGO received this recognition since 2006.

TOGO implements many simple yet effective measures to reduce its impact on the environment, such as using electronic filing and encouraging paperless working environment. At the same time, TOGO encourages staff to maintain a work-life balance by organizing different recreational activities. Additionally, TOGO also actively involves in community services and keeps close cooperation relationship with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and encourage staff to join the community programmes and services.

Employees Retraining Board(ERB) launched the “Manpower Developer Award Scheme” which was the first award scheme to assess the level of maturity of manpower training and development strategies and practices of organizations in Hong Kong. The Scheme aims to promote a corporate culture focusing on manpower training and development, heighten the awareness of the employers and employees of the importance of on-the-job training and continuous upgrading.

Organizations can review and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and practices in manpower training and development in accordance with a set of objective and stringent assessment criteria. gas and supply locations TOGO has also successfully passed the assessment and awarded the "Manpower Developer Award" for the outstanding contribution to manpower training and development and the cultivation of a common value to enhance the quality of human resources in Hong Kong. TOGO has been awarded the "Manpower Developer Award" for six years consecutively from 2011 and also been accredited a renewed qualification for 2011-2019.

"The Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program" is co-organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (CPCE). gas in oil lawn mower It aims to raise the awareness of corporate citizenship and to encourage corporate to fulfill its social responsibilities by organizing a series of activities. The Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award Scheme is assessed by representatives. electricity worksheets for grade 1 Award winners have to make a positive contribution to the general public through its core business, social investment, charity activities and the commitment to the public. To measure the contribution, it largely depends on the corporate on how its attitude towards the economy, the social and the environmental. electricity cost las vegas Besides, corporate has to develop a good relationship with different stakeholders, especially shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, government, the community and young generation. This definition provides a brief direction for the corporate to in line the social responsibility ideas with the business environment and corporate policy.

TOGO is being awarded in the "The 4 th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship SMEs Bronze Award" in Jan 2014. TOGO has been awarded since 2013 and is being awarded "The 8 th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship SMEs Logo" in Dec 2017. The award aims to recognize enterprises’ achievement in "Corporate Social Responsibility" aspect with the business environment and corporate policy. This is the fifth consecutive year for TOGO to join this Program.

DTTNCo is a joint venture of the HKSAR Government, Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited (hereafter called “Tradelink”), and other industry associations. The company owns and operates the Digital Trade and Transportation Network (hereafter called “DTTN”), a state-of-the-art electronic logistics platform providing an open, neutral and secure community e-platform for the trade, logistics and finance industries to facilitate electronic information flow and enhance efficiency.

TOGO Web-based Solution™ is connected to the DTTN platform allowing users to exchange a full suite of commonly used business documents with their business partners. To facilitate a faster and easier communication between business partners along the supply chain, the TOGO Web-based Solution™simplifies the work process by exchanging data in digital format via the DTTN platform. By pressing ONE single button, documents can be sent to business partners (including customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, banks & financial institutions and insurance institutions) in the compatible formats of system in partner side. electricity production by state A notification slip will be sent to users indicating the receipt of the documents.