Compare discover credit cards v gashi 2013


• Recipient of a 2014 Golden Trumpet award from the Publicity Club of Chicago for raising awareness of the need for financial literacy; Discover won in the Issues Management category for Pathway to Financial Success, a five-year, $10 million investment to bring financial education curriculum to public high schools across the country

Discover shines when it comes to their customer service and offers a few types of credit cards, but compared to other providers like Chase and Capital One, they offer substantially fewer specialty cards. There are options out there, depending on what you plan to use the card for. Discover’s card offerings come in a variety of categories including balance transfers, cash back, travel, student and secured.

• Balance transfer credit cards. Discover offers several cards that have introductory rates for balance transfers. These introductory rates will last for 12 months, and after the introductory period, the rates will move to anywhere between 11.24% to 23.24%. If this is a feature that you are looking for, the It card, and the It Restaurant & Gas cards will be good choices for you.

• Low fee credit cards. Discover credit cards do not carry annual fees. If you are looking to get a card without the annual fee, you can choose any of the Discover cards that are offered, and then focus on the other aspects of the card to make your decision, as there are no cards with annual fees.

• Cashback credit cards. The Discover It card offers varying levels of cash back during the year, including up to 5% on certain categories of items during promotional periods. Discover will also match your rewards dollar for dollar in the first year.

• Frequent flyer credit cards. The Discover It Miles credit card gives you 1.5x miles or more for every dollar you spend on purchases. Discover will also automatically match all of the miles you earn in your first year. There are no blackout dates for flights, allowing you to use your miles to fly when you want to fly. Redeem your miles for credits on your travel purchases at any time. You can also use your cash back (up to $30 per year) for in-flight Wi-Fi purchases. Similar cards offered by other carriers offer similar benefits but require an annual fee and have blackouts of certain travel dates.

• Student credit cards. For those who are in college, Discover offers two separate It cards, the Discover It Student Credit Card and the Discover It Chrome Credit Card. Both cards boast no annual fee and a $20 cashback reward for students who maintain a 3.0 GPA each year. The main difference in the two cards is the percentage of cashback that is offered. The Discover It Chrome card offers 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants, and 1% on other purchases up to the quarterly maximum, automatically, while the Discover It card offers special promotional periods with 5% cashback on certain types of purchases and 1% back on other purchases up to the quarterly maximum.

• Secured credit cards. The secured credit card offered by Discover is very similar to those offered by other banks. The applicant submits a security deposit in a specific amount and that is the amount that is offered as a credit limit on the secured card. This card is an option for those looking to rebuild their credit, as payments and purchases will be reported to the major credit agencies.

Discover has built a reputation as one of the leading credit card companies in the country. Their customer service and customer satisfaction are among the highest in the industry. You are also able to avoid paying annual fees on cards that offer pretty substantial rewards.

• Fraud protection. Discover gives you the ability to freeze your account in seconds with a simple on/off switch on the mobile app or website. This is helpful in case your card is stolen or lost. Discover also offers $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, making sure that you never pay for things that you didn’t authorize. You can also get overnight card replacement for free to any U.S. street address.

• Helpful financial tools. In recent years, Discover has received awards from several different institutions for its efforts to offer quality consumer credit education programs alongside their membership services. This service allows consumers to better understand how credit cards work, building responsible credit users.