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Do Residues of PETROLEUM Products in Foods cause DISEASES? Hexane petrol is used as a solvent for extracting more oil from oilseeds by many manufacturers of edible oils. Hexane is one of the main petroleum contaminants that is ingested as a residue in such cooking oils, which we use for preparing different foods. Paraffin or petrolatum is another petroleum product very widely used in western countries as a protective coating for fruits and vegetables, as an anti-foaming agent in beet-sugar refining, as a release agent in bakery products, in chewing gum base, for sealing the packs of food products and beverages, in cosmetics and, in liquid form, as a laxative. Some manufacturers of table salt use paraffin wax in the proportion of about 0.5 per cent as an anti-caking agent to make the salt free flowing. Paraffin is known for causing cancer. Low-level, prolonged poisoning with hexane, paraffin and other petroleum products can cause chronic diarrhea in the affected persons. Chronic diarrhea causes massive losses of fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and many other nutrients. By causing deficiencies of these nutrients, the residues of petroleum contaminants in foods can damage the mucous membranes of the gastro-intestinal tract and kidneys, causing inflammation and chronic pain in many parts of the abdomen. The affected persons can get ulcers, abdominal pain, stinky flatulence, skin problems like dandruff, dermatitis due to damage to the skin, and later even cancers of the mucous membranes and the skin. There can be rapid loss of weight in spite of adequate intake of food, fall in blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeats and heart disease associated with low blood pressure. Many patients can also suffer from weak eyesight and insomnia. The deficiency of vitamin K causes hemophilia in many persons. Chronic Diarrhea can cause AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes The daily ingestion of petroleum-contaminated foods and drinks can produce an extremely lethargic condition and chronic fatigue, rapid premature ageing, even AIDS and early death. Consumed regularly, knowingly or unknowingly, paraffin is one of the major causes of AIDS in USA and other western countries. Chronic diarrhea and the loss of fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K cause a severe deficiency of mucus in the body. Once there is a deficiency of mucus, all the mucous membranes, including those of the respiratory organs, are adversely affected and become allergic to many substances and chemicals, including some nutrients, and even the oxygen of inhaled air. So, the ingestion of petroleum-contaminated foods can cause respiratory problems like coughs, colds, bronchitis, leading even to the depressed-breathing asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis and AIDS. Why do many truck drivers get AIDS? One of the most important causes of AIDS in truck drivers is the regular inhalation of vapors from the unburned diesel and petrol and also the smoke from the burnt petroleum products. The regular inhalation of smoke and unburned vapors of petroleum products can cause allergic coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases in the drivers of vehicles, petrol pump attendants and garage workers. By causing the losses of large quantities of fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K, as a result of chronic diarrhea, the residues of petroleum products in contaminated foods and drinks can also cause the faster breakdown of many organic biochemicals, including the hormones like insulin, in the body. Consumed regularly, the petroleum-contaminated foods and drinks cause insulin-deficiency diabetes (IDD) by drastically reducing the formation of insulin and also by rapidly destroying insulin in the body. Arthritis, Fractures, Loss of Teeth Petroleum-contaminated foods, containing residues of hexane and paraffin, can cause severe demineralization of the bones and teeth. There can be constant pain in the bones and teeth due to the deficiencies of calcium and fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. The severe decalcification of bones can lead to arthritis and fractures, and the tooth decay can cause cavities and loss of teeth. As an affected person gets aches and pains in various parts of the body, he suffers from an inability to sit, stand or sleep in one position for long. The pain in the bones can also involve the spinal column. MILLIONS Suffer from CHRONIC BACKACHES One of the main reasons for the millions of people in the world to get chronic backaches is the ingestion of foods and drinks contaminated with residues of petroleum products. The residues of petroleum products can be found in oils and fats, sugar, bakery products and many other processed foods of mass consumption. Millions of people can easily get chronic back pain in the modern age due to the consumption of such petroleum-contaminated foods and drinks over a period of time. There should be a complete ban on the use of hexane petrol in the extraction of edible oil from oilseeds. Paraffin should also not be used in any form in or on food products. Petrolatum or paraffin should not be used to clarify sugar. Paraffin wax should not be used to coat fruits and vegetables. It is better to use glycerin and its products, or suitable edible oils, instead of paraffin in ointments and creams. As far as possible, we should avoid all foods and drinks that ar