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My mother in law has survived breast cancer twice. She has had two knee replacements and a hip replacement. In other words, she has been under medical surveillance for over 15 years. The effect has been the persistent use of pain killers to cope with her daily activities. She has become a shell of her former self. She has very little memory. Her social circle has dwindled to immediate family only and into isolation. She watches the clock and pops her pills for pain every single day. The doctor she sees is clearly facilitating her quality of life downgrade to appease her opiate habit. She claims she has no sense of taste. She has stomach and liver issues. She cannot sleep at night. I have confronted her and she simply claims that she takes what her doctor prescribes her for the pain. With all of her health complications, I think that her medical service provider actually believes and has managed to persuade her also, that drug-dependency is compassionate in her case. I disagree. Her life is a sad existence and psychologically damaging to the entire extended family. She lives in denial and uses her surgeries and her age (73) as an excuse to medicate daily. I can clearly tell when she has taken a "satisfying" elevated dose. She buzzes around high. It is a marked difference to when she is waiting for the next pill cycle, she is lethargic and connotes her laundry list of grievances. Her life revolves around medical interactions within the health care system. I won’t allow my children to be left alone there with her anymore because her behavior frightens me. She is oblivious to what a healthy senior’s daily life is like and just accepts what, in my esteem, is unacceptable. I’ve tried to intervene, but her sons and husband are facilitating her habit, out of ignorance. They just don’t know any better way. It’s a sad, sad story. I wish I could do something, for my children’s sake, to restore balance and health into their extended family situation.

If you are feeling euphoric,then you are taking too much,or don’t need it at all. That is how you get addicted. I take morphine for chronic pain and never feel euphoria. Believe me, I loved dilaudid and demoral, but they only give that in the hospital. Never have I been prescribed it. It’s too dangerous. Even percoset is dangerous as far as addiction. I take time released and I’m glad ,because I know I won’t get addicted. I feel no different. Thank goodness. I was abusing percoset years ago and my doctor caught on and stopped immediately. I’ve seen too much death from overdosing. I have an addictive personality, but I would never do heroin. If I did, I know I’d be dead. So important to take as directed by doctor. It’s a slippery slope being on pain meds. Be careful everyone. My shrink told me I shouldn’t feel euphoric, and I don’t, so I think I’m ok, even though I hate that I need them. I don’t drink alcohol. It is poison if you take opiates. I actually over did it once with alcohol and pills. In the hospital 29 days. The ICU for 20 days. I don’t remember much. I haven’t drank since. That was in 2008. They tied me to the bed. I was hallucinating. It was a nightmare. I was ripping the IV out of my arm. So again, if you need pain meds, BE VERY CAREFUL!!! And to the person that said it burned. The caregiver dispensed it too fast. They are suppose put it in your IV very slowly to avoid that feeling. Unfortunately I kind of like it.

I am 69 years old and have been troubled by osteoarthritis for the last 20+ years, predominantly ankles, back and neck. 11 ankle surgeries before they both became totally fused, one knee finally replaced, two laminectomies on 4-5-saccral area. My arthritis doctor took me off NSAIDs because I have a bad esophagus (barrett’s) and blood pressure problems. My internist met with the on-staff pharmacist at her clinic and they put me on low dose MS-Contin, twice a day for, like, basically forever, as the best alternative. I started on 15, I came DOWN to 10 and now I am doing 10mg once per day. In my case, the osteoarthritis became so severe that it ground down joints, smoothing them out and reducing the pain. Sounds weird, I know. My point is: talk with your primary physician and have them consult with their pharmacist to decide what pain meds to use for you. They know best. Footnote: I had my first lami at age 25 and was hooked on Percodan for like 4-6 months. I have had oxycontin given to me without my knowing in the hospital and as soon as I figured it out told them STOP THAT STUFF. It’s the Devil for me. My morphine withdrawal is going well under my doctor’s supervision

Hello, I came down with devastating shingles attack in 2000, I wasn’t diagnosed for over a month as the doctors didn’t seem to know what it was. When doctors discovered it was shingles, it was too late for the anti-virals and the entire left side of my face was raw with open bleeding, itchy sores which lasted for 3 years. I went to doctors everywhere in Eruope, London, Switerland, USA, Canada and not one doctor was able to suggest a cure for me. I really wanted to take my life but managed to preserver over the years. I’ve tried most of the pain killers that are available on the market, doctor prescribed and over the counter, off the net included all kinds of natural remedies. I’ve been using Emla cream as a treat when the pain gets really bad……but for the most part after nearly 20 years now…..I’ve learned to cope with it…….I would like to share my experience and if anyone of you who’ve had shingles and a similar experience might help me. Thank you for returning my request…..and as the old saying goes, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy !……

Ive had 6 light’s thru out my life. In both kidneys but majority were on left kidney. This last litho done on Nov 20, 2017 almost a week ago wasn’t done in water. Whatever the reason I’ve been in bed this whole time in severe pain, pain medicine not helping, I havent passed ANY residuals from stones & i had multiple large stones too big to pass. (Still do in both as well as multiple small stones in both kidneys ). My doctor didnt put a stint in which yes is VERY painful and bloody but the stones just attach themselves to that stint & come out! He didn’t make a follow up appt with me NOR even talk to me afterwards to share any results or mom results! Didn’t take a after xray either. I’m very upset about this. It’s like I’m not important enuf to follow thru with! Or take care of. And now too late since its afterwards-Ive read bad side effects from lithotripsies. I suggest you read up on them b4 having them done. And i have a bad burn on my left kidney too. Usually bad bruising too. BUT it’s STILL better than being cut on! Do NOT get cut into your kidney if you can keep from it. I did! It’s horrific & YEARS to completely heal. And i was 19 when I had that kidney surgery done. And it still literally took years to heal. Seriously 7 years to completely heal from being cut on. NOT a lithotripsy.