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We wanted to go from Bali to Gili Air by Ferry. We chose Bluewater Express because of their excellent ratings here on TA and on Google. The transfer from the hotel went down without problems. But when we got on the boat we were a little irritated. We knew about the weather situation and that there would be a lot of waves. So we were surprised that Bluewater Express let people sit on top of the boat, drinking beer… Then our ride began… as expected the waves were pretty high and the ag gaston birmingham boat jumped over them. I was surprised that nobody from the top of the boat fell into the water or wanted to come hp gas online booking phone number down when I realized that they could not come down with waves like this. After about the half of the ride somebody on the top of the boat managed to tell the crew that they all want to come down so we had to stop the boat. Everyone came down inside, completely wet and pretty scared looking. During that time the boat was standing in the ocean and thus was going up and down due to the waves. The waves were so high that ALL of our baggage got completely wet! Now the captain wanted to start the five engines again but e85 gas stations in san antonio tx one of the engines didn’t start. However the captain tried again and again and suddenly the ENGINE CAUGHT FIRE!!! The flames were huge and about 2m high – believe me, you don’t want to experience such a situation on a small boat like this! We were literally scared to death. Especially because we knew about the explosion of a boat from another company in September. Everyone was screaming and crying. Horrible!! Especially when you are sitting in the back, close to the engines. Also the crew was shocked. After a short time one crew member luckily used one of the fire extinguishers to kill the fire. After that we were standing on the open ocean for more than 30 minutes without any of the quadcopter gas motor crew members talking to us. People began to vomit because of the waves and some people were still crying. The crew also did not send out SOS they only called their office on the harbor. After about 45 minutes they told us that we would slowly go back to Bali using only 3 of the 5 engines gas density problems. Back in the harbor we were brought to their office. From this point they managed everything very good. They had organized water and food and offered us alternative ways to get to our destination. Even their general manager came to apologize and he was very gas x ultra strength during pregnancy supportive. This is why I give them two points and not one… you could see that they had never experienced an accident like this before but did everything to help us. Eventually nearly all passengers took the compensation and the free ride with another boat company: EKA JAYA. This other company has a huge Diesel boat for more than 200 passengers and they brought us to Gili Air safe and with the same speed – they also had an AC. So I think we stopped the 10 year safety record of Bluewater Express… My recommendation: Just take Eka Jaya. They are cheaper, safer and as fast as everyone else.

This was a fantastic service. When we arrived we were given complimentary coffees and a sea sick gas under 3 dollars pill as the boat can be rocky at times. We encountered a Water Spout at one point which was a little scary. However the captain knew exactly how to avoid it. (Picture attached). On the way back to Bali mainland we had 2 stops before getting to the mainland. We were nervous of the boat ride as we were a bit nautious from a mad night out the night before electricity and circuits class 6 cbse. When we got the the furst stop they told us the boat was finishing its trip early as there were rougher seas toward the final stop. Their plan was to put us all in private transport busses to our Hotel. We were glad they didnt make us suffer through the rocky seas. They were apologetic and when we got off the boat they gave us all a packed lunch of Toasties and Chips with a bottle of water before sending us on our way in our Bus. We then go to see the Indonesian Countriside which was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this Fast Ferry service over any other!! 10/10

First time using this boat service from Bali to lombok. I was with 2 young children and an elderly. Service from pick up in ubud to Padang bai was excellent. Bad things started on the boat. When machine went off 3 times, there was no calming announcement as everybody were concerned world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor what’s going on. We were left wondering in a hot and bumpy boat without any crew offer some sick tablet to anyone. My 2 young children and mother were almost sick. I had to take my little one on the back of the boat where the smell of gasoline was very strong. When finally we arrived in lombok 1 hour late, rain was just gas news today pouring so heavy. Crew ask me whether I have raincoat or not. And I said no as I don’t know if we have to prepare it. Then he wasn’t sure where should we get out. He asked my 5.5 to go upstairs whilst me carrying young one through the side of the boat on the rain and found out that my 5.5 to was left alone upstairs on the boat to get downstairs without any help! And my 65 yo mother also electricity icons free left walk alone with her bags on the rain. NONE of the crew were paying attention at all! She had to get down steps with a help from a foreigner lady as I had my 2 kids under an umbrella with me. I am so disappointed but already booked return ticket to Bali Tomorrow morning! I don’t know what to expect but hopefully you got my Feedback!