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Your Sonlight Instructor’s Guide (IG) provides your daily, book-by-book, subject-by-subject 4th Grade schedule. This is more than a calendar: it’s everything you need to be able to confidently teach your children. Behind each week’s scheduled lesson plan you will find a wealth of notes, maps, activity sheets, and teaching tips to accompany your studies. Your Instructor’s Guide takes the stack of books and materials in each subject and makes it a curriculum. IGs are included with your History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package, as well as Sonlight’s Science and Language Arts programs.

Using our Instructor’s Guides you’ll see just how easy it is to teach your children. Sonlight has made learning come alive for us. The literature they choose is beyond amazing! We can open up a book and immediately be transformed into a new world. All of us have a hard time putting the books down! I often find my daughter up in bed at night sneaking in the next chapter in a read aloud! As we adventured through American History this year with Core D, my kids were able to explore right along with Lewis and Clark, see what it was like to be there when the constitution was signed, go on a mission with Adoniram Judson, discover the mystery in growing corn and beans and so much more! Thanks to Sonlight my kids are excited about learning and I feel well-prepared to teach them! Sonlight has definitely enriched our homeschool experience and we would recommend it to anyone! Rachyl R, Harrisburg , IL .

In 4th grade, your children will learn to vary sentence length, use active voice, create authentic dialog and more. You’ll have mechanics instruction, and you will practice dictation exercises, which provide an opportunity to recognize and imitate quality writing. And they will participate in creative expression activities such as mind mapping and letter writing keep them engaged.

All of your Fourth Grade Language Arts assignments are laid out in our Language Arts Instructor’s Guide. Each lesson is scripted and includes rubrics (a simple scale so you can easily see where your child is falling on each assignment) in an easy to use format. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by teaching writing, fear no longer. Mechanics are explained in simple terms, and you can see realistic examples of the type of writing your children should be doing.

By 4th Grade, the Language Arts and History are interwoven, so, you’ll be reading and writing about the events you are learning about. If you think your children would benefit from another level, check out all of Sonlight’s Language Arts options here.

Ever wondered what lasers are made of or how to tell a planet from a star? Do you know the most important energy source on earth? Physics and technology are the main focus of Science E, the matching Science level included in the 4th grade All-Subjects Package. Your children will explore electricity, magnetism, light, color, microscopes, astronomy and space, inventions, chemistry, modern technology, and early American life. This year’s scientist of note is Alexander Graham Bell.

Sonlight’s science programs have lots of hands-on activities, with all the supplies you need provided. While it’s easy to just match your level of science to what history program you are doing, you also have choices here. You are free to match a range of children up and do one level together, or go back to study something you might have missed. Whatever level you choose, you’ll get to explore with your children. In addition to the hands-on, you’ll continue to read illustrated and photographed books to help your children see what science is all about. And, you can laugh with Justin in the Discover & Do 4 DVD as he walks you as through experiments with electricity and magnetism.