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In 1978, Suape electricity bill average – Complexo Industrial Portuário was created under the State Law 7763 with the purpose of creating a large industrial district in the steel, petrochemical, and naval sector. by then, the first land expropriation (about 13.5 thousand hectares) started, for the construction works of the port and of related infrastructure. The State boosted and facilitated the implantation of industries, training of workers, construction of port infrastructure, internal road system, water supply, electricity, and telecommunications.

Since CIPS construction began, numerous conflicts arose in the territory. The MST (Movimento Sem Terra) performed its first occupation in Pernambuco in 1989, in the lands of the CIPS in Cabo de Santo Agostinho. Four hundreds families occupied these lands, but they were violently repressed by the police. According to the Union of Farmers, these families obtained the right to temporarily exploit the land under a lending regime until 2005. In 2001, about 200 workers of the CIPS marched in Recife downtown. These families denounced, however, that electricity billy elliot lyrics in the last two months, two families were attacked by SUAPE security guards. In addition to land tenure, workers also demanded that programs be created to encourage agricultural production and investment in commercial development projects.

In 2008, 10,000 people participated to the Committee on Citizenship (Comissão de Cidadania) in the Legislative Assembly for bringing up the issue of non-implementation of the Projeto Morador, established in the 2006 law. This chapter established the destination of 239 hectares of land belonging to Suape Company for the construction of housing plots for displaced people living in the port complex. Chairs of the Associations of Residents of Engenho Massangana, Vila Claudete, Small Farmers of Utinga de Baixo and Utinga de Cima and Engenho Serraria participated gasbuddy touch in a meeting in Suape to define the details of the decree that regulate State Law nº 13,175 / 06.

In 2014 it was denounced that approximately 1,300 families did not have access to fishing sites, as they were stopped by Suape security guards. In addition to being expropriated from their homes, many people have not received compensation and the promised employment. The few who were first employed have now already been fired because they did not have the necessary training. There was a hearing to ascertain the facts and according to the president of the OAB (Cabo sectional), these people cannot reproduce their lives either materially nor psychologically.

The families that remain in the area disputed by Suape suffer daily a set of violations of human rights perpetrated by the administration of CIPS in order to prevent farmers to stay in the area. In 2014 alone, 232 families of farmers and gas utility fishermen were expelled from the territory occupied by Suape. All expulsions, violations of human rights and irregularities are perpetrated by the administration of the Complex under the illegal justification that the land belongs to Suape.

– Between 2011 and 2012, Suape employed more than 50 thousand people. According to the PAC’s 2009 report, there were 46,700 new direct and 150 indirect jobs, with a growth of 3.5% in Gross Domestic Product. -CIPS is located electricity usage by state on the southern coast of the state of Pernambuco, near the mouth of the Tatuoca and Massangana rivers, adding a territorial area of 2,665.4 km2 and a resident population of 1,137,381. Among the main projects are: the Abreu e Lima Refinery, Suape Petrochemical and the Naval Pole that make up the area of direct influence that has been suffering the largest damage. The Strategic Territory of SUAPE is interconnected to more than 160 ports present in all the continents. In the year 2016 CIPS had 77 industries installed in its territory. From 2007 to 2010, CIPS received US $ 17 billion for the implementation of the main structuring projects, R $ 62.3 billion from the federal government, by the Growth Acceleration Program , more than R $ 596 million investment and investments financed by the Government of Pernambuco in 2010. At the electricity billy elliot karaoke peak of the works, between 2011 and 2012, Suape employed more than 50 thousand people. According to the PAC’s 2009 report, 46,700 new direct and 150 indirect jobs were registered, with a growth of 3.5% in Gross Domestic Product, the largest in the Northeast.

Movimento Ecossocialista de Pernambuco (MEP),Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), Ligas Camponesas, Federação dos Trabalhadores Agricultores de Pernambuco (Fetape), Centro das Mulheres do Cabo (CMC), Comissão gas yoga Pastoral da Terra (CPT), Fórum Suape – Espaço Socioambiental (more than 20 local organizations in the Suape Region), Conselho Pastoral dos Pescadores (CPP), Movimento de Libertação dos Sem Terras (MLST). Supporters: Federação de Órgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional (Fase), Action Aid, Fundação Osvaldo Cruz (Fiocruz),