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According to the Act dated January 6, 1978, as last amended, the User has a right to access, oppose and correct any data concerning them, either directly on the Internet or by sending a written letter to the Service Provider by post to the following address: “IMX France – ColisExpat – 110bis Avenue du Général Leclerc – 93500 PANTIN – FRANCE”.

“SITE”’ or “WEBSITE” refers to the infrastructure developed by COLISEXPAT at the address, according to the usable electronic formats on the Internet including various types of data – particularly texts, sounds, still or moving images, videos and databases – to be viewed by Users so they can find out about and subscribe to the services;

COLISEXPAT offers its Customers a reception service on its premises or in any other partner establishment in France, in Europe and internationally, followed by a parcel forwarding service to Europe and internationally for parcels containing items bought on Dealers’ sites. This service allows Customers residing abroad to take delivery of goods for which Dealers do not offer an international delivery service. COLISEXPAT will not forward any parcel for which sending and forwarding contries would be the same. For instance, a parcel received from a french merchant will not be forwarded to a french address.

Similarly, the Service Provider gives no guarantee that those promotions currently available on its site shall continue to be available in the future and if one of the promotions is removed from the list, this shall not give rise to any objection, compensation or refund to the benefit of Customers. gas utility worker IV. RATES, INVOICING AND PAYMENT OF THE PRICE:

As part of its fight against fraud, ColisExpat may have to ask the customer one or more proof of his identity and the validity of the credit card used for payment in order to prevent the use of stolen or falsified means of payment. ColisExpat may need to also ensure that the person whose bank account is debited is the one who ordered. electricity allergy If restitution of a good is requested by a merchant victim of a fraudulent purchase, the return of the goods to the merchant prevail to any request for forwarding by the customer. 4.4. ONLINE ACCOUNT:

It is expressly agreed that COLISEXPAT will only accept delivery of parcels meeting certain weight and size limits as indicated on the FAQ/Use page of the site. Since these limitations differ according to the reception platform, the client is advised to ensure that his packages are eligible. This restriction is intended to prevent any costly return of the goods to the Merchant.

Should a Dealer indicate to the Service Provider that a purchase, i.e. the subject of the parcel, has been paid for fraudulently, the Service Provider shall interrogate the Customer and invite them to provide any and all useful documentation in support of the fact that the Dealer has been paid properly for the purchase. If the Customer does not respond within a period of fifteen days, COLISEXPAT is free to return the parcel to the Dealer at the exclusive expense of the Customer. gas oil ratio calculator VI – CONTENTS OF THE PARCEL: 6.1. COMPLIANCE WITH THE REGULATIONS IN FORCE:

– merchandise which falls under national regulations on dangerous, dirty or prohibited products and, in general, any content which contradicts the laws and regulations in force at the time of shipment, as well as (non-exhaustive list) ammunition, firearms, narcotics, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic or corrosive materials and all items which – due to their very nature or their packaging – may be hazardous to the human environment and aircraft safety or damage other parcels being transported.

The Customer shall undertake to comply with all customs and fiscal formalities to which they may be subjected in the context of their parcel being forwarded. As such, it shall undertake to provide any information and/or documentation that the Service Provider may require from them if necessary. electricity outage austin The Customer is solely responsible and liable to pay for any customs clearance costs, customs duties, dock dues and local taxes in the destination country.

The Customer is solely responsible for all the consequences – particularly the financial and criminal consequences – resulting from their failure to provide declarations or documents, from them providing the same late or from them providing declarations or documents which are erroneous, incomplete or inappropriate. The Service Provider hereby draws the Customer’s attention to the fact that any false or imprecise declarations may lead to delays in their parcel being delivered. 7.2. SHIPPING AND TRACKING OPTIONS:

Once the parcel has been delivered to the addressee, who may be the Customer or any other person named by the Customer, it is imperative that the addressee carefully examines the parcel and makes precise and detailed notes to report any damage to the professional and/or service which carried out delivery of the parcel. VIII – OWNERSHIP AND STORAGE OF THE PARCELS 8.1. OWNERSHIP OF THE PARCEL:

Beyond this period, the Customer shall expressly and irrevocably accept that the Service Provider shall dispose of the parcel as it sees fit (including returning the parcel to the sender, reselling it, donating it or destroying it) and the Customer shall be unable to claim any objection, compensation or refund as a result. gas after eating red meat IX – COLISEXPAT’S LIABILITY: 9.1. COLISEXPAT’S PRINCIPLE OF FAULT-BASED LIABILITY 9.1.1. COLISEXPAT’S FAULT-BASED LIABILITY:

Except in those cases stipulated in article 9.2 when its liability is invoked, COLISEXPAT shall not be obligated to compensate its Customer beyond the total flat-rate amount of EUR 300 (three hundred euros) per parcel received or forwarded. 9.2. electricity laws uk BY WAY OF EXCEPTION, COLISEXPAT’S LIABILITY IN THE CONTEXT OF FORWARDING AND/OR RETURNING PARCELS: 9.2.1. CONDITIONS FOR COLISEXPAT’S LIABILITY IN THE EVENT OF THE PARCEL BEING LOST OR DAMAGED: Except as specifically provided for in an imperative international convention applicable to the mode of transport used, any loss or damage sustained by the parcel during shipment shall invoke COLISEXPAT’s liability except in the event of fault on the part of the sender or the addressee, force majeure, inherent vice of the item or any other aspect which is not attributable to COLISEXPAT.

By way of derogation from article, in compliance with the Universal Postal Union’s provisions in force and except for subscription to a distribution service with traceability and/or express derogation in writing, COLISEXPAT is exempt from any liability in the event of loss of and/or damage to a parcel sent by post in Europe and internationally. 9.2.2. CONDITIONS FOR COLISEXPAT’S LIABILITY IN THE EVENT OF DELAYS:

By way of derogation from article, in compliance with the Universal Postal Union’s provisions in force and except for subscription to the tracking option and/or express derogation in writing, COLISEXPAT is exempt from any liability in the event of there being a delay in shipping a parcel sent by post in Europe and internationally. 9.2.3. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IN THE EVENT OF A PACKAGE BEING LOST OR DAMAGED:

Except as specifically provided for in an imperative international convention applicable to the mode of transport used, in the event of the Customer proving that COLISEXPAT’s liability is invoked for the delay in compliance with the provisions set down in article 9.2.2, the Customer is entitled to seek compensation, the amount of which may not exceed the price of the delivery service.

In any and all cases where COLISEXPAT’s contractual liability would be invoked in any capacity whatsoever, it is strictly limited to damages for the material loss as a result of the parcel being lost, damaged or delayed. electricity song It is then the Customer’s responsibility to justify with supporting evidence both the reality and the amount of such a loss. 9.4. ABSENCE OF ACCOUNTABILITY DUE TO THE DEALER:

Consequently, the User only has a right to use the website exclusively for its own needs, without being authorized to reproduce, adapt or sell on the aforementioned elements. 11.2 – A User who has a personal website and would like to add thereto a direct link to the Service Provider’s website for their own personal use, must request the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

Where one or the other of the Parties does not require the application of a clause set down in the General Terms and Conditions or agrees for it not to be performed, either permanently or temporarily, this shall not be interpreted as a waiver by that Party of their rights arising from the said clause. XIV – APPLICABLE LAW AND COURT OF JURISDICTION 14.1.