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We are so grateful to those of you who have reached out to offer help to our CBI community and to all those affected in Butte County. electricity magnetism and light As some of you may know, we do have a few members who have suffered losses. While we are still currently assessing needs (and will be in the months to come), we welcome gift card donations for these families and all families in the region, both from the big box stores and online retailers. If you feel so moved, please drop them off at CBI or send them through the mail and we will distribute them to the designated members and recipients. Our address is 1336 Hemlock Street, Chico CA 95928. Thank you again for your care and concern.

On behalf of the CBI community and Rabbi Sara, the Tikkun Olam Committee has begun working collaboratively with IsraAID, an Israeli NGO focused on disaster response and assistance, to provide a psychosocial intervention program for both victims of the Camp Fire and caregivers who may themselves be in need of support. Initial planning is for our Synagogue to be the contact site for the program and as needs grow we will also be partnering in this endeavor with other faith communities in the Chico Interfaith Council network. gasco abu dhabi location We are especially hopeful and grateful that we can provide loving care and kindness to those afflicted by this regional tragedy.

IsraAID has begun working in Chico and more details about their programs will be announced as they are finalized. In the meantime, we need volunteers from the community to assist these efforts. If you are a social worker, a therapist, a teacher, or just want to volunteer to help please fill out this form, or contact CBI at or 530-342-6146.

We know how many of you have been involved in the sacred work of caring for our neighbors, for our friends, and for our members. I want to let you know the ways in which CBI has been involved in Camp Fire Relief Efforts. First off, we have been the contact center for Jews and Jewish Organizations around the country. gas constant mmhg Both Cassandra and I have fielded many calls from individuals and organizations directing them to the best way to help out the evacuees. The results of many of those called were donations of over $20,000 from outside the community for the disbursement of gift cards, with many more coming in from around the country. Already, we have disbursed over $12,000 of aid to those in need. gas prices in texas The Sonoma County Jewish Community put together 11 Jewish baskets for Jews who have lost their homes. All have been distributed by CBI and have touched the hearts of the receivers. These baskets have cherished Judaica in them: a Tanakh, candlesticks, a Chanukah Menorah, candles, seder plates, challah plates, havdallah sets and mezuzot. Additionally, we have worked as a liaison to IsraAid, an Israeli NGO that provides disaster relief support. They have run workshops here, have been housed by congregants, and through Marv Megibow, our social action chair, have made numerous key connections in Chico in order to best support existing efforts. We also sponsored and donated our space for a nurturing dinner for social workers displaced by the fire. gas hydrates ppt And finally, this week, we have received a donation of some 400 new and gently used coats to distribute along with remaining gift cards this Thursday from 4-8 at CBI. There have been many other efforts both individual and group, and sadly, in the coming months we know that there will be many more such opportunities to give. Should you be interested in volunteering with CBI, please contact Marv Megibow or myself.

Oftentimes, as Jews, we are familiar with the 5 Books of Moses, but rarely have the opportunity to examine other sections of the Hebrew Bible. So, starting on October 4, Rabbi Sara will be offering an hour long Thursday morning Tanakh study, beginning with the Book of Joshua. We will go, line by line, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, beginning and ending wherever the discussion might take us that week. Drop-ins welcome. gas 87 Please bring a Tanakh (different from Torah), and come with a curious mind!

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