Congress has tax, spending options for midwest flood relief – politico electricity 2015


CONGRESS HAS OPTIONS FOR FEDERAL FLOOD RESPONSE: The Senate is aiming to vote on a House-passed $14.2 billion disaster aid bill, H.R. 268, when both chambers return from recess physics c electricity and magnetism next week. Federal aid for flooded farm-belt states like Nebraska — which is facing an estimated bp gas prices akron ohio $1.36 billion in damage — could be in the mix as lawmakers negotiate a final package.

What’s next: Iowa is expected to submit its own disaster request to Washington — potentially this weekend, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) told POLITICO. Ernst said Fremont County alone emoji gas station has lost $7 million worth of grain due to flooding, per county estimates. “That’s money that they likely will not be able to get back. Grain is not insured,” she said.

FDA REORG TO START MARCH 31: Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb can check off another box on his agenda. HHS has approved his plan to reorganize and consolidate some agency operations, which k electric jobs 2015 will begin at the end of March. Under the blueprint, the Office of the Commissioner will directly oversee FDA’s various centers for food, drugs, biologics, devices, veterinary medicine and tobacco — “elevating gas out game commercial” their role, Gottlieb said in a memo to staff on Thursday.

The plan creates two new entities for food and drug policy — the Office of Clinical Policy and Programs and the Office of Food Policy and ideal gas questions Response — that will take over some duties now handled by a pair of offices dealing with medical gas bloating products, tobacco, food and veterinary medicine. The new clinical policy office will cover orphan products, pediatric therapeutics and combination products.

EVIDENCE RESTRICTED IN ROUNDUP CANCER TRIAL: The second phase of a federal trial over Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller continues today, and the judge overseeing the case has sharply limited the evidence that can be introduced. On Tuesday, the six-person jury determined there la gas prices 2016 was a credible case that plaintiff Edwin Hardeman developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a result of using Roundup for years on his California property.

The second phase electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf will consider whether Bayer, which inherited Monsanto’s Roundup portfolio when it acquired the company, should be held liable for Monsanto’s conduct. Specifically, the jury will evaluate whether Monsanto should have more thoroughly studied the health and safety risks of glyphosate, the controversial herbicide used in Roundup electricity laws physics. Testimony is expected to wrap up by the middle of next week, after which the jury will deliberate for electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key a second time and consider potential damages.

Southern states chime in: Agriculture leaders from across the American South are coming together to urge Congress to approve NAFTA’s replacement as soon as possible. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who heads the Southern U.S. Trade Association, is leading the effort to press lawmakers from both parties to pass the USMCA, in part because of the benefits it would provide agriculture.

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