Congress leadership has failed in radicalising its cadre, says rss-bjp ideologue kn govindacharya – firstpost

The Congress party is losing one state after another, and the regional satraps are raising a red flag against the high command and leaving the party either to join other parties or float a new one and target the space that was occupied by Congress. Grade 9 static electricity quiz Does this signal an end of the grand old party of India?

There is no doubt that over the years the Congress party has got weakened. O gastronomo Because of incapable leadership, the party has failed in radicalising its cadre. Gas in texas For how long will the party continue harping on its role in the freedom movement? Over the last two decades, there hasn’t been any commendable achievement on its part; rather there has been an increase in corruption and decline in its credibility. Electricity vampires Regarding frustration amongst regional satraps, I was told by a Congress leader that there had been no organisational elections. Electricity and magnetism ppt The party has promoted ‘dealers and touts’ instead of leaders. Electricity production in china In-house talents hardly ever got promoted. Electricity dance moms full episode The party on various occasions failed to encash opportunities to nail down opponents including the BJP in the latter’s weak moments. Gas appliance manufacturers association This has severely demotivated the workers at the grassroots level. Gas prices going up 2016 Instead of focussing on movement, the party has remained limited to electoral mechanism. Electricity generation by source No doubt a gradual decline has been taking in the party due erosion of values and ideology.

If it is so, when do you think in Independent India’s history was the right time for the Congress to have re-invented itself, instead of waiting until now for the calamity to fall?

Broadly, till 1930, the party worked with a mission; but after that it started deviating from its core ideology. Gas in oil pressure washer In 1969, Indira Gandhi created a split in the Congress. Origin electricity login From idealism and ideology, the party’s organisation became a power-centric one. British gas jokes The democratic set up and opportunity for dialogues within the party had been missing. Power vocabulary words There were no lofty ideals before the party and it was moving on a dynamic inertia. Once Sanjay Gandhi had said that Congress Seva Dal and Youth Congress cadres should consolidate and function like the cadre of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Y gasset To this, RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras had asked whether the Congress could work without power but with a sense of mission.

Indira Gandhi despite being an out-and-out politician, who made Congress a personality-based and power-centric party, had vision and emotional nationalism. 5 gases that come from car emissions Rajiv Gandhi tried to contribute by making the party ‘Safari Congress’ from ‘Khadi Congress’. Gas in back shoulder However, Sanjay Gandhi brought in people with no credibility, which was damaging. Power definition physics electricity Gradually, the Congress party became bereft of the sense of mission, vision, ownership and team effort. Electricity test physics Gradually, the party in its functioning got transformed from a broad-based party to a family party, as it’s visible right now. Electricity in india voltage The Congress should have re-invented itself much earlier, instead of waiting for a washout.

Many splinters tore off from the Congress fold even in the past. Gas near me now Had they stayed on, such as members of the Indian National Congress (Urs), Nationalistic Congress Party (NCP) or Trinamool Congress (TMC), would the fate of the party have been different?

The regional leaders catered to regional sentiments that concretised into issues. Gas pump emoji But due to lack of democratic functioning in Congress, where power acts as a glue, the regional satraps failed to function. Gas in oil tank They had to go, as they had no option. Npower electricity meter reading It was inevitable.

It’s been more than a decade since Rahul Gandhi has been stated to be the next Congress president, eventually by default meaning that he would be the next PM too in case Congress ever comes back to power at the Centre. Electricity per kwh calculator Do you think this factor along with his personality – who’s seen more as a product of dynastic politics and less a go-getter, have miffed many regional heavy-weight leaders and contributed to Congress’ decline?

The Congress high command is unable to take decision on whether Rahul Gandhi should be elevated as party president. K electric share price forecast There is no tangible, better alternative before the party. Power outage houston zip code This is causing utter confusion amongst the party workers. Electricity origin The new leadership, besides the heritage factor of Congress, has to be identified with the values and issues. Electricity in water Unfortunately, this is lacking.

Gandhi said it immediately after India got Independence. Electricity word search As per my assessment, he wanted that with the departure of the British ( Angrez), the attitude ( Angreziyat) should be done away with. Electricity experiments for preschoolers Probably, he meant that the power handlers within the Congress should form a separate party, as the Congress was known as a social organisation involved in the freedom movement. Electricity and magnetism review Like Italian general, politician and nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi, who successfully led his country to many military expeditions, instead of ruling Italy himself left the task of rebuilding the nation on others. Electricity bill nye Gandhi also expressed dissent on several issues like non-inclusion of Panchayat in the Constitution. O goshi Gradually, Gandhi’s fear came true.

Given the present condition of the Congress, do you think is it possible for the BJP to realise Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of making a Congress-free India (Congress Mukt-Bharat)?

Instead of making speculations, this issue is better left on time. Electricity outage houston In a tree, old leaves get replaced by the newer ones. Gas vs electric stove Similarly a country is also a living entity and a nation is the ultimate. Gas news today Let the destiny prevail.

The Congress party should be free from dynastic and family-based concept of functioning. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut It has to make itself relevant to present situation and needs. Static electricity review worksheet Focus should be on strengthening of organisational structure by infusing new leadership. Gas stations in texas But the change should be voluntary without tension, so that the transition is smooth and amicable. E85 gas stations colorado The old leaders instead of creating resistance should help, guide and support the new leadership on one hand, and on the other, the new ones should respect the old order.