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The morning of Friday 8th March started pretty much the same as any other early spring morning, cold and damp. But for a few hardy members of our illustrious Club that was all about to change, we were heading off on our annual jolly. After hp gas kushaiguda phone number the wetness of last year’s trip to Dublin, we opted for warmer climes. We were heading to sunny Espana.

Catching flights from the majority of the major London airports, we all liaised in Barcelona and headed to Reus. Our travels went like clockwork, allowing us the electricity word search answers time to have a pleasant meal with a couple of obligatory beers in the sun before we made our way to the hotel to get ready for the meeting at the town’s casino. Our hosts, General Prim Lodge No. 1, could not have made us feel more welcome. After a short and sweet meeting, we sat down for a fine festive board and then retired to the smoking room for some cigars. Wrapping things up at around midnight, we had the rest of the night ahead of us. I shan’t bore you by listing the physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet numerous bars we went to and of the escapades we got up to, but you can always tell it was a good night when you’re heading back, the sun is starting to rise and the street cleaners are out.

By noon the next day, we were all cleaned up and fresh-faced for the next adventure. On our agenda was the Calcotada festival celebrated by our hosts. For those not in the know, a Calcot is like an overgrown spring onion which is barbecued until blackened. One then must peel the onion and dip it into Romesco sauce and dangle into the gullet.

Standing in the sunny courtyard afterwards, we took comfort from the hearty food and drink gas vs electric heat, and the knowledge that it was raining in England! As night fell, we made our way into downtown Reus again where those with the hardiest constitution made it to 7 am (not me). Sunday, our final day was spent mostly at the seaside in Barcelona where our local friends/brothers had recommended a restaurant for a decent paella. Having gorged on that, we said our farewells at the airport and spent the flight home looking forward to our next event.

Commencing at 7 pm the night began with an hour and a half orlando electricity providers to chat and enjoy a couple of beers and nibbles. The purpose of the event was to build a bridge between our two clubs so those in the twilight years of their membership have somewhere to join once they’re no longer eligible to be the Connaught Club members. The Oche wasn’t booked until 8.30pm so this gave us plenty of time to get to know the Kent Club contingent! (For gas tax deduction those not in the know, the Oche is the throwing line and according to Google, the word is believed to be derived from the Old Flemish meaning a ‘notch’ or ‘nick’.

After a rusty start, it would be fair to say the Connaught Club team held their own against the Kent Club’s worthy opposition, some of whom arrived sporting their own darts. Mind games I’m sure. Whilst I’ve always struggled to get my head around the concept of having to pay to play a game that’s free in nearly every pub in the country, time and money at Flightclub is well spent. The dartboard does all the counting, controls who’s turn it is and then indicates what to aim for. It really speeds up the games which does make quite a difference, otherwise, buffoons like myself can slow everything up. Additionally, their table service electricity questions grade 6 was very quick and efficient. The “call a waitress button” was put to good use – I’m sure we nearly wore it out.