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I can write about most things with no problem but when it comes to perfume – or SCENT as we’re supposed to call it – I struggle. gas 47 cents I just don’t know how to describe the smell and I don’t understand a smell as it’s described to me. Like trying to make sense of a sonogram picture of a foetus. “Sorry is that its… head??” Although in Sam’s sonogram we all quite clearly saw his bumcrack, balls and willy and there was an embarrassed silence before the sonographer said “… do you want to know the sex?” Anyway we all had a good laugh about it afterwards.

I am careful not to be controversial for this very reason of troll-avoidance. I only ever want to tell jokes and be fun. I consider the Spike to be a supporter of women, but I do not call myself a feminist because otherwise people seek you out and tell you they are going to rape you and kill you and you spend so much time fending them off – or fending off other feminists who don’t think you’re the right sort of feminist – that you don’t get to do more important things, like talking pointedly and explicitly about how to ask for more money at work. Or talking about the best flat shoes.

I am delighted that readers of the Spike come from every income bracket – some of you struggle to pay the gas bill, others have several houses, actual Gucci clothes and go skiing twice a year. gas cap code But I almost never mention class, status, income – because I find those sorts of rows circular, draining, tedious… it all gets in the way of the jokes.

The piece I wrote I barely considered to be controversial. I was trying to write a robust rhetoric for my new editor, Funmi Fetto, who works at Vogue when she is not managing the Space NK magazine. I didn’t want to write soppy bollocks, I wanted to be feisty and interesting and a little bit crazy; a big and full-on defence of expensive cosmetics. And a few people decided to deliberately mis-read it, (there was no “they don’t get it” element – they got it, they just saw a way of misreading it), and shit all over me from high up.

What if I felt like that? And then this happened? What if I felt like that and Space NK magazine had encouraged me to write more confidently about my point than I felt? (They didn’t, by the way – but it happens in newspapers and magazines all the time). What if they had edited it without asking me? (This also didn’t happen, but does) What if all had that had happened and I was in a vulnerable state and did not have the experience to know that you shut it all down when you see the shitstorm gathering, don’t look at it and just snack until it’s over. What then?

Sorry to hear you’ve been through the troll mill. find a gas station near me I missed the whole thing on Insta- do you have a link to the article? (Just asking because it sounds like a fun read.) Not sure what sort of articles people expect to find in Space NK mag apart from articles in favour of buying expensive cosmetics, really- surely getting people to buy expensive cosmetics is the main point of the publication?

The trolling mentality is fascinating and terrifying. Have you read Jon Ronson’s book on internet shaming? I found it really eye-opening and frightening and can only imagine how horrible it must be to be the subject of it. I think people develop a real pack mentality which enables them to be cruel in ways which they wouldn’t dream of in ordinary life.

Anyway, I love your writing and your humour and find your blog a real tonic. On scent, I really struggle because all the ones I like get really appalling reviews and I worry that I’m merrily going round thinking I smell delicious while leaving people gagging in my wake. gas in babies how to get rid of it I also have a slight feeling that at age 42 I should no longer be trying random perfumes but instead have a signature scent which I wear every day and which everyone associates with me. (If I do have a signature scent it’s probably the smell of wet dog.) xx

I so agree with what you say – it’s boring and also lazy because those most easily offended just can’t be bothered to talk, debate, think….they just want to wallow in their assumed moral superiority. So Esther, your response is welcome because you’re thinking of the wider picture and how other, less fortunate people are affected. And also, it’s just so nasty and horrible to think the worst of people, especially people you don’t even know. I mean, I’m not a Tory by any means but I hate the very nasty and personal attacks on Theresa May and others. electricity bill nye worksheet I don’t agree with their policies and I hate the way they gloss over major societal problems as if they’re all being dealt with, but I also believe in our common humanity and capacity for doing good. To characterise anyone as a monster, evil, heartless, sick, or whatever, is so dangerous and helps no one. Please can we all just do good in our own lives and resist the urge to judge everyone else. electricity news australia Because…….Christmas!!!!!!!! Baby Jesus. Angels. Whatever. Just be nice!!!!!!

Also, I read the article and I wasn’t much of a fan especially if I wasn’t familiar with Esther’s peppily confrontational style – but then no one cares about what I think about skincare because I’m a bit of a Scary Lesbian, and not the kind everyone likes with the careful hair and smart accessorizing. I can understand that people felt a sting of being Called Out – and then they turned around and returned the favor.

I understand the pile-on if people think that they’re acting in defense of each others’ unmoisturized brow. cheapest gas in texas But at that point it’s not remotely about Esther herself anymore anyway – it’s just Esther acting as a flash point for their fights with their own mothers who wish they’d wear a little rouge at least, or with their industries, with Society At Large. And I don’t quibble with people’s right to try to change Society At Large, but the internet has an enormous ability to act like if you can just shout at the person who said something publicly until they cry in their car then the next step is probably automatic post-sexist Utopia.

Anyway this idea that not dressing “your best” is rude seems to be a bit of a UK thing. Or at least the UK is certainly the international capital of makeover shows where they scrub the goth makeup off some poor bartender and strap her into a pink a-line shift so that she can look Normal. So it also may not be translating well cross-culturally and getting some momentum from that.

All that said the day I can find a decently moisturizing CC with SPF that doesn’t make me break out will be the day that everyone at work stops asking me if I’m tired and that will spare me about 15% of my daily aggravation. And I did go out and get a W3LL PEOPLE mascara immediately (US Birchbox had it for cheap) because sometimes I do public speaking and whether or not mascara will be involved in post-sexist Utopia, I certainly don’t want it to make my eyes water now.

oh and while I’m at it (though I’m getting caught in moderation – sorry Esther that you have to deal with all this) I think it’s also fair to say while I’m talking about cultural differences that UK-style piss-taking in general is not well understood in the US. Perhaps in some regions but generally the same country where Alice Waters will give you a knife and a peach for dinner does not understand mocking to show love very well. In the Southern sector of the US particularly we are much more about the backstabbing compliment that’s sweet to your face than the bit of vinegar that shows affection. It’s not that we’re perfectly sincere all the time we’re just more positive in a nastier way I suppose.

Anyway if you combine a huge portion of the English-speaking internet with a complete misunderstanding of what taking the piss is and then blend that with the fact that we’ve got the former judge of the Miss Universe pageant for president and have never had a woman in that position – your American tweeters are really set up to just burn the internet down over this sort of thing right now. I’m sorry that you’ve been caught in it as I have no suspicion that you’re actually monstrous. gas in spanish You seem lovely and like you care about your family a lot and as I said earlier I keep buying things because you’ve told me to.

I keep typing these long very sincere American essays on this thread and I’m sure in the UK it would already be a bit overshare but I will tell you what my favorite perfume is. It’s the discontinued Shiso by Mandy Aftel and it makes me absolutely furious that she decided to stop making it. It smells like crushed green leaves in this annoyingly indescribable way and because it’s very All Natural and made of plant essences and so forth most people don’t identify it as perfume they just wander past me going “something smells good, do you smell that?” which makes me very smug.