Constant gurgling of abdomen – loud bubbling and swishing digestive an electricity towers health risks


I have been experiencing constant gurgling of my abdomen for the last 6 months. It is extremely loud, enough for my entire class to hear over the teachers lecture. Most of the time the really loud noises originate from my stomach. Then other times I hear a bubbling and swishing sound in my intestinal area. I also experience extreme bloating electricity dance moms song, and gas daily. I have tired eating small snacks around the clock to help with these noises..but no difference. I am on probiotics and digestive enymes. I have upped my fiber intake as well, although I have always eaten a well rounded diet. I cut out carbonated drinks, milk(lactose) and candy…but still no relief. I have not always been this way, it just started within the last six months and its not getting any better. Sometimes I feel a little pain from gas, but other than that no major pain..but there is a discomfort that gasbuddy I feel, like my stomach is not acting right. Please help advise me as to what else I can do or something that may help relieve this discomfort.

Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one who suffered with this. I’m 30 years old now and have had this problem since I was a kid. It seems like no one I know ever understands this. Whenever my bowels gurgle, people think it is because I’m hungry. It has gotten worse over the past year. Now sometimes I won’t even eat anything or doesn’t matter what I eat, it will gurgle and gurgle a lot! I’m back in school and it is so embarrassing. I also share a room with another girl and I live with 4 girls so I can’t go anywhere by myself to just let my bowels gurgle and I can’t stand to be around people when I have this. I know for me, it means I have inflammation in my small intestine. I believe this is actually caused by consumption of sugar because sugar causes inflammation in the body. Eventually, the electricity freedom system gurgles come out as gas and it can go all day and all night and sometimes even for a few days. And I feel so bloated and gross and there is quite a discomfort during this time. I’ve seen a naturopath as well as my doctor is going to get me in to see a specialist so I can have a colonoscopy. I HATE living with this. It is so embarrassing. I would rather have to go to the bathroom 10 times a day and just get it out than to live with this gurgling and gas. I do go to the bathroom a lot but it doesn’t seem to make a difference because it doesn’t stop the gurgling.

To those with constant stomach gurgling throughout the day and night that does not differ with what you eat or drink or how much and when. Get checked for H pylori bacteria infection. A blood test and stool test is the most common diagnosing tools. Some of you may also be experiencing gas electricity physics khan academy like bloating above the belly button area and occassional lower abdomen discomfort and occassional right side pain and irregular bowel movements. Sometimes you may have loose movements and sometime near constipation.

I am undergoing a 3 drug regime for H Pylori bacteria infection. It is a 14 day program. The treatment itself may have side effects that mimic what you are already experiencing. H pylori is common in about 50% of the worlds population but generally causes no symptoms . But when the bacteria goes crazy you will start feeling generally unwell with discomfort in stomach and bowels. I will not likely know if the regimine has worked until a few days after the treatment is over , because as mentioned the drugs gas prices under a dollar themselves cause some gastric type side effects. The treatment is generally effective in 70-90% of patients from what I have learned. I hope this helps you and of course I hope the tratment cures my very same issues. Look up H Pylori on the net, you will likely find it describes your problems.–Jim

I have been suffering with these annoying gurgling problems! I’m only 15 !I remember I was in class and my friends told me this guy liked me and then out of no where we switched seats and i got to be next to him, i got nervous i didnt even like him ahh, my stomach started to make those noises for the first time! i tried to ignore them and then they actually went away but after 3 days the nightmare began! i have tried everything! i tried : 1.olive oil 2.metamucil 3.fiber plus 4.priobiotics 5.a variety of teas 6.medicine for pinworms needles through my body by a doctor 8.prune juice 9.relaxing tea 10.this oil for my stomach! and nothing has worked! oh and my bf also bought me some pills they actually kind of worked but then the noise didnt go away. i am in so much stress and school is almost here and i want to get cured before. i have gas law questions and answers the noises on my stomach and bottom area. i want to let out gas at times but i cant, it hurts, its hard to poop. i’m going to try those peppermint capsules,they are my only hope

Ok, I don’t know if any of this is related or not. I have many of the same symptoms. I was diagnosed with depression and generalized or social anxiety disorder. It was so bad that I couldn’t go out at all. I was on 150mg of Wellbutran, 150 mg of Effexor and 5mg of Abilify. I was starting to feel much better and would rather be off my meds so with my Psychiatrists approval I first went gas and electric phone number off my Abilify. At first all was good and I even slept better. Within a couple weeks I started having more trouble sleeping and even got restless leg syndrome. I also started grinding my teeth and twitching my toes. My regular doctor gave me something for the restless leg and after several weeks it went away. My teeth grinding and toe twitching has gotten a little better. Then my Psychiatrist did away with my Wellbutran and cut my Effecxor to 75mg. My mood seems about the same. Within several weeks I got pain in my neck and upper right back. It got electricity experiments worse then started traveling down my arm. About the same time I found I was burping a lot and got actual pain in my stomach with a churning gurgling sound about 4 hours after eating. I have also been having much more frequent bowel movements and sometimes diarrhea. I am also nauseous often with a sudden onset. I have gone to the Chiropractor a lot in the last several months and it has lessened the pain some. My regular doctor did some X-rays and said I have some minor bone spurs and minor arthritis in my spine. He said this was probably causing my neck/back/shoulder/arm pain and he told me to take pain pills. 1300mg of Acetaminophen (It says arthritis dose) does help some. It doesn’t seem right though that arthritis would natural gas jokes cause this muscle pain. My boyfriend is starting to think I’m becoming a Hypochondriac. Could all this be related somehow?

I have had similar symptoms to all of you for my entire life, and have cut out nearly everything under the sun from my diet to try to find the cause. I know how embarrassing it is to sit there in class with your stomach making noises that seem louder than any sound you have ever heard in your entire life, and wishing to just dig yourself a hole right there and then to disappear!

Recently, I had hydrogen breath tests done, and found that I have fructose malabsorption. They are three simple tests – the first one you drink a solution of one of the sugars (fructose, glucose or sucrose) and then blow into a device that measures your hydrogen levels at regular intervals. The theory behind it is that if you can’t absorb one of the sugars, when it hits a certain part of your digestive system you produce a lot of hydrogen gas — possibly the rumbling mp electricity bill payment jabalpur that you all experience. You should research this to see if your symptoms fit, and you could be tested to see if you can’t absorb any of these sugars. It’s worth a try!!!

Now that I’m on a diet to suit my problem, I no longer have diarrhoea every morning, and can slowly start to introduce more foods into my diet. I never would have dreamed before that I could have a day that didn’t involve cramps that had me doubled over, and terrible diarrhoea. Sometimes when I have a bad day, I find that putting 1-2 drops of peppermint oil into a bottle of water can ease symptoms if sipped throughout the day. I hope this helps.

I have been experiencing this problem for almost 8 years, in fact forgot I had joined this forum until I searched symptoms today and saw a post I made about this from 2004, well still have not gone to Doctor ( I know, stupid) and the gas outage pain had eased and was not as constant as it used to be however, it is becoming constant again the last few weeks. I was fairly regular as far as bowel movements so really had no pain but the last couple of months I am very irregular so the pain and gurgling has started again. I have tried probiotics ( Sustenex, yogurt daily) and has not worked. I tried laxatives and all that electricity outage sacramento has done is give me excruciating stomach pain. The feeling and pain I have always felt is best described as if my intestine is twisted, just a dull aching pain kinda like having a bruise but inside lower right abdomen and I say like intestine is twisted because the gurgling always comes from where the pain is felt. Anyway, don’t really have a remedy to suggest but definitely feel has something to do with getting digestion back on track because when I am regular the pain is gone. Just wanted to share my symptoms and experience with this. Guess Doctor is the best solution just stubborn (scared) of going.