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I feel like I’m going crazy with this constant pain like someone’s jamming a butter knife between my vertebrae in my upper back (burning pain actually). I’ve always had trouble with my back since high school. First lower back spasms and pain running down the leg. It would come and go but it would be intense and last for a week or so then would right itself somehow.

The only person to remark that there was a problem with my spine was a chiropractor I went to in my late 20’s who took an X-ray and showed my how my spine was rotated. I can actually see the problem – ribs on left side poke out way more than left, and right hip is out more than left.

I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years (X-rays, MRI’s, Physical Therapy etc.) and all that was noted was an "abnormality in a thoracic vertebrae, and a herniated disk at L4-L5". Now the pain is between my shoulders, and my neck and shoulders creak and crunch constantly, I have constant fatigue. My sternum pops all day long and if I press on a certain point in my chest – about the 3rd rib closest to the sternum on the right I feel the pain there AND in my back on the right behind the shoulder blade – it’s so bizarre.

I’ve also been going through intense stress with a lot of things right now. Work – I absolutely hate my job (chained to a desk 9 hours a day as an administrative assistant) but am in no condition right now to even think about interviewing for another, death of my mother a few month’s ago, a long, stressful commute to work, maintaining bills for her house, a husband that does nothing to help with the tasks around the house and plays online games when he’s not working (yes, we’ve had plenty of talks about him doing more, with no results), I think he thinks I’m faking this pain or really just could care less about anyone but himself. I wake up saying "I hate my life" and this constant pain and now all over fatigue too is getting to be too much.

I’m seeing a Dr. who put me on Ambien because I can’t sleep because of the pain, and Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day which does absolutely nothing, PT that I can’t afford right now – I know it’s not going to work anyway – been there a few years ago.

Ok, sorry long post, just want to know what gave you relief and what you were diagnosed with if you have the same probs I have. Thank you in advance for any advice. With my crazy schedule I don’t know when I’ll get to post again. I’m actually here because I called off work. The pain was actually making me nauseous today…

I have this same issues. Even included the Sternum. in ’97 and ’98 me and my cousin were being teenagers and vying for a front seat of a car and we ran into each other shoulder to shoulder. and He was far more solid than i had anticipated, so i dropped to the ground with extreme pain in my right shoulder. Found out that i had separated it.

Well that shoulder healed up but was never the same again and a side affect ever since has been my center back just hurting all the time. I tried a chiropractor but while i fet better after sessions, It was reverting back to pain within 15 to 20 minutes. went through like 6 months of treatment. Either way, I don’t think they ever really figured out what was wrong and I’ve been dealing with the pain ever since. I plan on bringing it up to my new Doctor next time I see her, but I’m not holding my breath.

Doctors thought that I was to young to have issues so it must be my fat belly pulling on my spine. only problem is I know people who are way fatter and older than I am and they don’t have back pain and when they do it tends to be lower back.

I have similar pain in my upper back – aching across my upper back and a burning sensation around C6 and C7 discs. It started when I fell off a push bike just over a year ago and, although the original whiplash injury to my neck has healed, I still get intermittant upper back ache/burning most days.

However, it is getting better – and yours will too. I have been to see four physios – the first three made it worse – and the fourth is now making it a lot, lot better. She says it is muscle tension which leads to spasm and severe pain. It is caused by a mixture of things, such as stress, a poor posture when standing, a poor posture when sitting working/driving and a lack of movement of the upper body. She GENTLY moves my upper body and has me doing a lot of stretches each day which is really helping. She says it will be cleared up in a month or so.

It sounds like you are suffering from similar symptoms and have similar things in your life which could cause it. For what it;s worth, my advice is to keep reminding yourself that it WILL get better (I had a slipped disc in L5 2 years ago and now play sports regularly with no problems – so long as I stretch properly twice a day). Also, put a hot water bottle on ALL DAY, and stretch it as much as possible(loads of different stretches are available on the internet)

Don’t give up – it will get better with the right treatment. I thought mine wouldn’t having been in agony for a long time but it is now almost better. Also try sitting in chairs with softer cushions and beds which are softer as I find firm cushions/mattresses make it sore. A Mckenzie 4 inch roll may also help to take some of the pressure off your upper back too