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I am living with constant pain, right side, under ribs and through the back,right shoulder blade and on the right side of my neck for 5 years (five years) it is not a joke, at the beginning was every once in a while, i’ve being missdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, calcium deposit in my scalpula and shoulder blade,i had being through so many doctors and tests,bone scan, mri, ct scan etc mp electricity bill payment…Etc… And all exams you can think of I had 3 unnecessary surgery in my shoulder and the pain is more intense then it was before it gets worse when I am sitting and when I am laying in my back or in my right side it is very frustrating special because I went through so much and no doctor can tell me what is wrong with me I have tried all kind of pain medication and nothing is helping me I can do nothing with my right arm anymore it keeps me from sleep. Please let me know if there is anyone in this planet with the same constant pain or any information about this horrible pain that is making my life miserable.

My gallbladder was removed electricity 4th grade in April 2012, I had gone in thinking was appendix. Never had a gallbladder attack yet they removed it. After surgery I did research so at my check up I ask if my gallbladder was sick, doctor looked at my file and said no, that was never the problem. So a perfectly good organ, which by the way you need was removed. Now I suffer from worse pain than what cause me to seek medical attention and electricity and magnetism purcell pdf it is 24/7. My stomach is now very protruded as if I’m 6-8 months pregnant. The O R nurse and I talked before surgery she was surprised they were removing the organ as to I had never had an attack and she informed me you have to had suffered 4-5 attacks before removal is considered. I should have listened to her and got up an left. One last thing the hospital was having serious financial problems, I am thinking now this why they did it, they charged my insurance over $30,000.00. A lot more than this type of surgery cost. Get opinion for 3 doctors not from the same medical office.

Glad electricity dance moms full episode I found this page, although I’m sure the original posters are all gone. It started with stomach pain about a week ago and moved up to my right side right below/under my ribs. That lasted for a weekend and I’ve been left with a constant dull/achy almost burning type pain for the last week. I have occasional pain in the middle of my back, I had some inconsistent neck pain and short lived shooting pains in my up back/shoulder area. No vomiting or fever to speak of, but i did have the loose stools. Went to the ER two days ago gas prices going up to 5 dollars and all the blood/urine tests came back fine. They did an upper right quadrant ultrasound and found gallstones. I was diagnosed with Calculus of the Gallbladder with Cholecystits without obstruction. I was still worried because people kept describing gallbladder pain as attacks that lasted only hours and that the electric utility companies in california bilary colic only lasted days. That wasn’t the case with me as I too had the constant right sided under the right rib pain (going on over a week now) I go for a HIDA scan next Tuesday. Thanks for the relief of knowing it’s not just me until then! I have a family history of Gallbladder problems/removal and I assume I’ll be parting ways with mine soon as well.