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I have had phlegm in my throat for a few years now. Constant feeling like I have to clear my throat, can not spit up anything, but a feeling like phlegm is puddling in the bottom of my throat. Constantly having to clear my throat and it is annoying to me and everyone else around me.

I read a post from someone a while ago that said the phlegm might be caused by yeast. Since I seem to get the phlegm more after I eat, I figured perhaps it was caused by a yeast allergy or perhaps I might be actually lactose intolerant. So, I have taken a few lactaid tablets each day (acidophilous might work as well) and after about the first three or four days, the phlegm started to dissipate. It has been over a month now and I don’t have the constant feeling that I have to clear my throat as often. Sometimes I am not bothered by it at all and I don’t have to clear my throat all night long either. For some reason the lactaid is working and this is a generic version. Just thought I would pass on this information. It might help someone.

I’m not and I’ve never been a smoker. My problem started about 5 years ago. Since that time, I still have phlegm in throat. I’ve been singing since I remember, but now it’s only a hobby, because that phlegm made it so, so worse. My voice is often dull, I have hoarseness. I have noticed that my voice condition is strongly connected with the air condition (worse in rooms with air conditioner, best some longer time before rain), but I don’t believe it’s just an allergy – none of antiallegric meds helped. Rather mucous membrane is so sensitive now. As previous people in that topic, my every morning starts from spitting some amount of thick, smelly phlegm. Unfortunetely, it’s in my throat and nose all day (once more, once less).

What’s more, I have gastrological problems, maybe caused with phlegm. I have very, very strong stomach aches. After a few years of stupid diagnoses, one of doctors told me it’s IBS, which I didn’t hear about earlier. OK, it’s probably – but every day for me is just a pang. That gastrological problems + phlegm crashed all my life, I cannot function normally any more. I’m very timid and nervous person, but it’s all about that disease.

Hello, I came on here and noticed alot of you have some of the same symptoms I’ve had. Before I figured it out I had really bad stomach aches, trouble swallowing and a ton of phlegm in my throat. I lost about 20lbs because I could bearly eat. I felt like my stomach was puffed up too much and anything I ate would constantly press up against my throat to come back out. It was really horrible. After going to 6 medical doctors.I tried a chiropractor recommended to me by my friend. He is also a dietician. Antibiotics caused my trouble. I took them when I was little. I also took birth control for 6 years. I’ve also had alot of stress in my life. I also have post-nasal drip, and allergies. This is what my doctor (chiropractor) has figured out and what he has done for me. First of all, I had alot of yeast in my stomach. My system was totally off from the antibiotics. They killed all of my good biotics. Second, I was caughing so much from the post nasal drip that I gave myself a hiatal hernia. It all caused acid reflux, lots of stomach gas and burping. This is what I did to get better. I had to change my diet and take probiotics from lifechoice. Best ones my doctor said. It’s a hard diet to be on but you only need to be on it for 2 months and then you can eat normal again. First, cut out all sugar, or as much as possible. Eat 5-6 servings of veggies. If can’t tollerate raw like me you can cook them. Only eat one serving of fruit if you have to have some sweetness. Cut out everything that has yeast in it, mainly breads, and pastries. You can have meats and fats. And stay away from all dairy!!! Very important. Take digestive enzymes before breakfast and dinner. I took one probiotic in the morning and one at night. Drink lots of water 6-8 glasses a day and walk atleast 20 minutes a day to help with digestion. I was never able to stick to the diet exactly but was able to stick pretty close to it with maybe a cheat piece of cake once a week or so. And most of my symptoms are gone! I still have post-nasal drip, but I can clear it out now with that gross hawking sound, but it’s not nearly as frequent as before. My doctor says to cut out dairy and citrus, they are a main culprit for food allergies. I deffinetly have trouble with citrus, try cutting that out, or do a test. As soon as I drank lemonade I’d immediatly get a ton of mucus in my throat and have to clear it. hmmmm I think thats pretty much it. I hope this will help some. This stuff wrecks your life. And it’s so hard when the doctors don’t know how to help you. Try a dietician-chiropractor. Oh and I was able to get off of my 2 nexiums a day. I’m also off of all of my 3 allergy medicines!!!!