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The first two "Constructobots", Mixmaster and Scrapper, came to life when two stray AllSpark shards were embedded in a cement mixer and an excavator at a human construction site. After some initial confusion about no longer being inanimate vehicles, the pair named themselves and quickly figured out how to transform. After saving Bulkhead from a construction accident, they befriended him and were invited to the Autobot headquarters. However, their behavior left much to be desired, and the two found themselves kicked out by Optimus Prime after nearly decapitating Sari Sumdac.

Eventually, the pair stumbled upon Blitzwing and Lugnut stealing construction supplies, and saved the former from being crushed by his own loot. Impressed by their strength, Blitzwing decided to let them do the heavy lifting, then take them offline once they reached the Decepticon base. However, once Megatron found out about their existence, he had other plans: to let the Constructobots build his space bridge for him, something the two had no problem with.

While out stealing supplies for the bridge, Mixmaster and Scrapper met with Bulkhead again, and told him about their new job. Outraged, Bulkhead explained in detail the evil and deceitful nature of the Decepticons, and the Constructobots confronted Megatron about it. However, the Decepticon leader simply used that very deceitful nature, along with his "private blend" of oil, to convince the two that he was a good guy, fighting back against Autobot oppression. Not knowing who to believe, Mixmaster and Scrapper simply decided to join the ones with the better oil.

Taking on the title of "Constructicons", the pair went to steal the Autobots’ AllSpark fragments for Megatron, but ended up being tricked by Bulkhead into drinking some contaminated oil. This scrambled their memory chips, and the Constructicons forgot all about Autobots, Decepticons and space bridges. Rise of the Constructicons

Going back to their usual pastime, the Constructicons started stealing and drinking oil around Detroit until the Autobots decided to put a stop to it. However, while they were out looking for the pair, Mixmaster and Scrapper found their way to Autobot headquarters. While the two were just looking for something to drink, the left-behind Sari took it as a Decepticon attack and managed to attack and repel them. Shortly afterwards, the Constructicons encountered Blitzwing, who had been ordered by Megatron to retrieve them. After being offered some oil, Mixmaster recognized it as the "really good stuff" he had vague memories of, and the pair followed Blitzwing back to the Decepticons. Sari, No One’s Home

Mixmaster and Scrapper soon completed work on Megatron’s space bridge, and were officially branded as Decepticons. Once Bulkhead was kidnapped by Megatron to put a finishing touch on the space bridge, he called out to the Constructicons for help, but they didn’t recognize him. When the Autobots arrived to save Bulkhead and wreck Megatron’s plans, Scrapper and Mixmaster managed to incapacitate all four of them. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Within seconds Starscream and his clones attacked, and Mixmaster joined in on the battle whilst Scrapper went off to fetch Lugnut and Blitzwing. The battle was eventually won, and the Constructicons cheered on Megatron’s speech about conquering Cybertron, despite having no idea what a "Cybertron" was supposed to be. When the Decepticon base came crumbling down due to the malfunctioning space bridge, the Constructicons desperately tried to save the oil inside it. They were last seen trying to cover it as the cavern collapsed. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Somehow escaping from the cavern, Scrapper and Mixmaster retired to a junkyard, where they lounged around drinking oil and watching cars being dismantled while waiting for the other Decepticons to come and find them. Bulkhead surprised them by showing up in the middle of the night, and they promptly attacked him. Fortunately, they were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and backed off to hear his proposition: Sumdac Towers had suffered some damage recently, and Bulkhead needed somebody to fix the holes. The promise of honest work, plus a little manipulation by Bulkhead, got the two Constructicons to agree, but on the strict provision that this favor was "off the books".

Once back at the Tower, the Constructicons set to work, Bulkhead taking this as an opportunity to try and persuade them to quit being Decepticons and join the Autobots. Their resolve was starting to weaken, until Scrapper accidentally fished up something from the bottom of the Tower. During the original accident, a bunch of AllSpark shards, a forklift and a damaged Headmaster Unit had fallen down the hole—and merged to create a new Constructicon, Dirt Boss. The belligerent Transformer wasted no time in asserting his dominance over his "fellow" Constructicons, using his ability to control machines to hijack Scrapper’s body and intimidate them into obeying his orders.

Under Dirt Boss‘s command, the Constructicons began to hijack oil, attacking fuel trucks, petrol stations and any other source of energy. Bulkhead tried to persuade Mixmaster and Scrapper to stop listening to Dirt Boss, but failed. This led to the Autobot trying to take on all three Constructicons singlehandedly at the Fossil Fuels plant, which Dirt Boss planned to destroy. This resulted in him first getting his wrecking ball stuck in Mixmaster’s chemical thrower, then getting controlled by Dirt Boss, who planned to sacrifice both Bulkhead and Mixmaster to set the plant on fire and blow it sky high. Fortunately for Bulkhead, the other Autobots showed up to help, freeing him from both Dirt Boss and Mixmaster. Unfortunately for the Constructicons, the spilled oil was set alight during the battle, and all three were transwarped to just off the shore of Dinobot Island…atop a burning oil tank, which exploded seconds after they arrived. Three’s a Crowd

Scrapper managed to wash ashore on Dinobot Island, and lived there for forty-eight days, unsure of what had become of his two fellow Constructicons. He "adopted" and named the Dinobot Snarl, and the pair became part of the Substitute Autobots to help Sari fight Soundwave. Exhausted from the fight, he and Snarl went back to Dinobot Island for a long vacation. Human Error, Part II

Later, after the Autobots captured the Decepticons and returned to Cybertron, however, it was revealed that the other two Constructicons had also survived, though where they had been wasn’t explained. Hooking back up with Scrapper, Dirt Boss put his two subordinates to work on his newest construction project: building something called " Devastator"… The AllSpark Almanac II