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A fun and easy place to get started with construction paper is snowflake-making. The thickness of the paper helps to make the finished product a little more solid against tears, and also allows for snowflakes to be made in more exciting colors.

• To make a basic paper snowflake, first cut your paper into a square shape. This can be simply done by taking the bottom right corner of your paper and folding it up so the bottom paper edge aligns with the left paper edge, turning the left corner of your paper into a sharp point. Cut along the top to remove excess paper, leaving only the triangle folded shape.

• Next, turn your paper so the folded edge is at the bottom, and bring the bottom points together to create another triangle. With the longest side of the triangle toward you, repeat the process one more time, bringing the points together in a fold.

• Once you’re ready to begin cutting, get creative! Cut out small triangles or half-circles to make fun patterns. Be careful not to cut entirely through your snowflake, or cut off entire sides. To make sure your snowflake turns out well, leave areas of paper connecting both sides.

• Once you are finished cutting, use your creativity. You can place numbers on the strips and use the chain (taking off one link each day) as a countdown to a certain day, such as Valentiens, or place chores or activities on each link to make a fun way to get things done. You can also simply use your chain for decoration, and not write anything on it.

Igloo: If you’re working to teach your child the alphabet, this Pinterest idea is a fun way to go for the letter “I.” Cut white paper into small squares and help your child to shape them into the ice blocks of an igloo. At the top you can write “‘I’ is for igloo.” Check it out here.

Tree landscape: You can capture the snowy (or not so snowy) winter landscape with this fun picture of trees and snow. All you need is brown, green and white construction paper, scissors and a little glue. You can cut white paper into tiny pieces and sprinkle onto a glued area to make fun snowflakes as shown here.

Mittens: These cute little mittens are simple to cut out and put together, and allow for a little more creative license for both you and your children. Draw a basic mitten shape on a piece of paper, cut it out, and have fun! Make small strips of colors, circles or squiggles, glue them on, and trim them to fit. See it on Pinterest here.

Mitten wreath: Wreaths aren’t just limited to the Christmas season. Bundle up your door or wall with this cute mitten wreath. The best part? You can make it from the mittens you put together in the last project. Check it out on Pinterest at this link to get more ideas.

Penguin: Penguins are an adorable way to celebrate the winter, and this fun craft idea is both simple and cute. All you need is black, white and orange construction paper, accent colors of your choice, scissors and glue. Cut shapes out and paste them to make a fun, cold weather friend like the one on Pinterest here.

Snowman refrigerator: This is a winter craft that is fun for the whole family! Whether it’s snowy outside or not, you can enjoy building a snowman that won’t melt away. Just tape construction paper pieces to your refrigerator for a festive and child-friendly craft idea. Check it out on Pinterest here.