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Description: In this experiential workshop, participants will learn about group dynamics and how to use them for best possible outcomes with clients. We will practice specific experiential and embodied exercises to create a cohesive and supportive environment and learn how these avenues provide us with a window into unconscious patterns and behavior.

Description: Psychological trauma affects the brain and the body. Sometimes traditional talk therapies fail and the mental health sectors become a revolving door. We will discuss how trauma is stored in the body and how to help our clients reclaim their personal power in their lives. This workshop covers a basic introduction to eye movement desensitization, reprocessing, brain spotting and self-directed spiritual practices and how they heal traumatized brain and body.

Description: Feminist multicultural counseling operates on the premise of egalitarianism and views clients as their own best experts from a perspective of positive coping rather than pathology. gas and supply This workshop will provide some advanced techniques of feminist multicultural counseling with the applied topics of domestic violence and body politics. It will also include interactive discussion and experiential activities that will facilitate learning and how to incorporate feminist multicultural counseling techniques into practice.

Description: This workshop will focus on addressing religious or spiritual faith in therapy. We will explore the importance of attending to these issues and discuss related interventions, difficulties therapists may experience when their own spirituality conflicts with their clients’ faith and ways of effectively working through these experiences for the benefit of the client.

Description: In this art and nature workshop, we will learn about the relationship between the biological metamorphosis of the aging body and the ecological principle that all life transforms and changes. gas 10 ethanol Participants will experience nature based exercises related to the three ecological principles processed through art making in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere. We will be creating an “elder doll” from both natural and human made materials with the goal of working toward healing our narrow perceptions of growing old as well as healing our disconnect from the natural world.

Description: We will do an introduction to transgender people, our lives and issues and recommended etiquette. Transgender people are often not known and understood by others. This workshop is meant to address the lack of information and experience to those who provide services. The objective is to engage in dialogue with members of the transgender community and personalize transgender folks and to increase visibility and awareness while decreasing the discrimination, fear and hostility that is often directed towards these communities.

Description: What are the after effects of being raised in impoverished environments? What neurobiological changes take place in the brain? Why is the client/therapist relationship key to the healing process? We will discuss how environments affect the developing brain and personality and how interventions can address the deficits of trauma.

Description: The goal of the Prevention Ethics workshop is to provide the Prevention Professionals with the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to participate in decisions that will affect the individuals and communities they work with. This workshop will help the participants understand and develop a definition of ethics based on current requirements and past historical experiences. We will discuss the identification of federal and state agency regulations and guidelines be followed in their profession. e85 gas stations in iowa Finally, we will offer an opportunity to develop and plan of action for your agency or practice.

Description: This workshop will define the role “Rite of Passage” plays in treatment within the Native American and other populations. We will look at negative cultural and clinical stereotypes of American Indians and how they refute treatment; along with the historical relationship between Native Americans and ETOH. types of electricity consumers We will examine the “dignity model” as it relates to providing treatment to Natives and for those working in tribal agencies.

Description: Dreams are one of the ways in which the unconscious-self communicates with the conscious self. Dreams have the capacity to remind us of what we know and can inform us of new aspects of our personalities that want to be acknowledged. In this workshop, we will learn how to do dream work from a Jungian perspective. We will learn how to encourage dreams, learn the language of dreams and reoccurring themes or images and learn how to work with this knowledge.

Description: This workshop will provide information on the history, traditions and rituals of Curanderismo. We will explore how our ancestors used traditional healing/spiritual methods and how that has shaped our cultural diversity over time and what the future of Curanderismo might be. The workshop will include demonstrations and hands-on activities of Curanderismo rituals.

• A minimum of 10 participants are needed for a workshop to make, otherwise, it will be canceled. If a workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, participants will be notified via email at least 3 days before the workshop takes place. If a workshop is canceled due to inclement weather, then we will follow the university inclement weather policy on school closures and all fees if any will be reimbursed. Workshops canceled will not be rescheduled. static electricity jokes Please visit for inclement weather policy and other university policy information.