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General Contextual Menu: RMB Pressing will display the contextual menu, which will contain all available interactions with that object. Select: LMB This is context specific and will vary depending on what it interacts with, such as picking up items, opening and closing of doors, windows curtains and light switches. Camera Zoom: Zoom in EQUALS Zoom out MINUS or SCROLL Zooms the camera in closer to the player, or out farther from the player, increasing or decreasing the field of view. Manu Menu: ESCAPE Pauses a singleplayer game. Displays the pause menu, allowing the player to adjust options, exit game, etc. Player Control Movement: Forward W Backward S Left A Right D The basic directional movement of the player. Holding both a horizontal and vertical movement key will cause the player to move diagonally. Pressing the RMB and selecting move here, will cause the player to move to that location. Running: LSHIFT Press and hold (depending on the toggle run option) to increase movement speed, at the cost of generating more noise and exertion. Interact: E Pressing once will perform the first action on the contextual menu, without displaying it. (e.g. Opening a door, window…) Holding will perform the follow up action on the contextual menu (e.g. Going through a window after opening). Tapping rapidly will make an urgent action, causing the player to take drastic measures (e.g. Smashing a window with their arm). Cancel Action: ESCAPE Cancels any Action the player is currently performing. Combat Aim/Sneak: LCONTROL or RMB Holding causes the player to face in the direction of the mouse cursor. Moving while held causes the player to sneak, generating less noise. The longer it’s held down, the more accurate the attack will be. Fire/Attack: LMB Pressing will cause the player to fire or attack in the direction the player is facing. Melee: SPACE Causes the player to perform an unarmed melee shove, or stomp in the direction the player is facing. Rack Firearm: X Unknown Reload Weapon: R Reloads the currently equipped firearm.

Depending on the reloading difficulty, pressing will load/unload the magazine of a held pistol. Holding will add bullets to a held magazine. Equip/Unequip Weapon: Blunt weapon 1 Firearm 2 Stab weapon 3 Equips/Unequips the desired weapon type into the primary weapon slot, thus making it the active weapon/tool. If there are multiple weapons of the same type, the chosen weapon is the one with the highest maximum damage. [ citation needed] Activate/Deactivate Light: F Equips a light source as the secondary item if there is one available in the player’s main inventory and activates it. Activates/deactivates an already equipped light source. Inventory Toggle Inventory: I Toggles between the inventory windows being displayed and hidden. Display Contextual Menu: RMB Can be used on any item in the player’s or a container’s inventory to display their uses – whether they can be eaten, drunk, equipped or used in crafting recipes. Highlighting LMB This will highlight the selected item. Holding and dragging will select all items within the selection box. After selecting an item, CTRL + LMB can be used when selecting a second item, highlighting the second item while keeping the initial one highlighted. Alternatively, SHIFT + LMB can be used when selecting the second item, also highlighting all items between the two selections. Build/Move Mode Rotate building: R Will rotate the selected item 90° each press when in build/move mode. Toggle mode: TAB Rotates through build/move modes: Pick Up, Place, Rotate. Cancel Action: ESCAPE Exits the build/move mode Dismantling: Many world objects can be dismantled using RMB on the desired object and selecting dismantle. Vehicle Start Vehicle Engine: N or W Attempts to start the engine, either by key or hotwiring. Toggle Vehicle Headlights: F Toggles the headlights between an on and off state. Vehicle Heater: O Unknown Vehicle Info: U Unknown Horn: Q Unknown Vehicle Radial Menu: V Unknown Switch Seat: Z Unknown HUD Time Controls Pause: F3 or Pauses the game. Different to ESCAPE as it does not bring up the menu. Play: F4 or Changes the game speed back to the default speed. Fast-Forward x2: F5 or Increases game speed to 2x the default. Fast-Forward x3: F6 or Increases game speed to 3x the default. Fast-Forward x4: F7 or Increases game speed to the fastest possible. Ideal for waiting long periods of time. Display time: or Having either a digital watch or Alarm clock in the player’s main inventory, will display the in-game time, day and month in the upper-right corner. The date and time format can be adjusted in the options menu. Left-side HUD Icons 1. Primary Item Displays the primary equipped item. 2. Secondary Item Displays the secondary equipped item. 3. Toggle Inventory UI: I Hides/shows the inventory when left-clicked. 4. Toggle Health Panel: H Hides/shows the player health panel, which can be used to navigate to the info J and skills C panels. 5. Toggle Crafting UI: B Hides/shows the crafting panel, where the player’s known recipes can be found. 6. Move Furniture Enables furniture moving, allowing the player to pick-up/place or rotate furniture, so long as they have the required skills and tools. Information/Help Toggle Survival Guide: F1 Hides/shows the survival guide, which is an brief in-game contextual tutorial describing certain aspects of Project Zomboid. Toggle UI: V Will hide/show the HUD, excluding moodles. Ideal for taking uncluttered screenshots. Note that this will not function when nearby a vehicle, and will instead trigger the vehicle radial menu. Display FPS: K Doesn’t currently seem to do anything. Toggle Lua Debugger: F11 Unknown Miscellaneous Toggle Music: M Turns the in-game music on/off. Shout: Q Causes the player to shout, drawing nearby zombies. Take screenshot: F10 Pressing will take a screenshot and store it in the \Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\Screenshots folder. There is no in-game confirmation that a screenshot has been taken, therefore the player should be aware that each keystroke will save a new screenshot. Toggle Moveable Panel Mode: RBRACKET Locks/unlocks the ability to reposition panels, such as the inventory. [ citation needed] Doesn’t currently seem to function. Multiplayer Toggle Safety: P Unknown Local Chat: T Unknown Global Chat: Y Unknown Push-to-Talk key: LALT Unknown Controller