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At the end of the first year of the 21st century, the 2001 China International Corrugated Paper Box Packaging Industry Exhibition sponsored by Shanghai Huayin Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Exhibition Advertising Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shanghai. The exhibition area was 8,000. Square meters, from the United States, France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand, South Korea and China Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Mainland, a total of more than 160 companies participated in this event. This newspaper dispatched a reporter team of 7 people to follow up the exhibition for the whole process, and carefully compiled the “Express News”, which was approved by exhibitors and visitors. At the same time, the reporter also felt quite deep at this exhibition.

● Exuberant Popularity Shows Great Development Space for China’s Corrugated Paper Box Industry This exhibition has been carefully prepared by the organizer for one year, supported by industry associations such as China Packaging Technology Association, Asia Corrugated Paper Box Industry Association, and Hong Kong Watong Paper Manufacturers Association. Organized a powerful group of professional visitors to visit the exhibition, this strong popularity is a long absence in many domestic exhibitions, the participation of more than a thousand professional carton companies fully shows that after the development of corrugated box industry in China after 20 years of development Finally ushered in a comprehensive take-off stage. After China’s accession to the WTO, the huge market development space shown at the exhibition was unobstructed. gas zombies Our reporter deeply felt in the interview that the development of the Chinese economy has brought vitality to the packaging industry, especially the corrugated paper box industry.

Consistent with the Chinese paper product manufacturing market, BOBST (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., France Martin, Germany BHS Corrugated Paper Equipment Co., Ltd., U.S. G.K., Sweden Enba Machinery Co., Ltd., U.S. Magui Company, Many well-known companies in the international corrugated box industry, such as the French Brick Company, have come up with their best products. Taiwan’s Mingyu Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Shengsheng International Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., and Beijing Beijing Hill Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. Corporations such as Shanghai Xuheng Tiegong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Electric Group Printing & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Carton Machinery Branch Company and other domestic companies have also launched the latest products that meet market demands. At the same time, the demand for equipment, consumables, and raw and auxiliary materials for domestic large and medium-sized carton enterprises has brought a large number of orders to the market, making the huge development space of the corrugated box industry more convincing and more real.

● The level of corrugated paper box machinery and related fields in China has been on the same stage. The reporter has spent the longest time waiting for new products and equipment brought by domestic manufacturers. It is very obvious that the level of corrugated box machinery manufacturing in China has been Greatly improved. Many people visiting the site also shared the same feelings. When interviewed by this reporter, Mr. Gu Yongyuan, chairman of Jiangsu Shengtai Group, spoke: The improvement of China’s machinery manufacturing level is particularly manifested in the improvement of equipment production efficiency and the improvement of exterior design. electricity rates el paso Think this is a change in business philosophy.

With foreign and Hong Kong and Taiwan’s mechanical products on the same stage, domestic products in the performance and quality is not inferior to their opponents, and many new products have also become a bright landscape of the show. For example: The latest WYK series printing slotting machine introduced by Lake Beijing Mountain is a model of non-shaft technology application. It features advanced structure, beautiful appearance, excellent performance and convenient operation. Each unit is controlled by a high-performance servo drive, no shaft synchronous drive, no drive interference, parameter adjustment when deviation occurs, automatic correction; multi-order management of the computer, number storage, call at any time, PLC control, automatic change orders The entire change process can be completed within 10 minutes; independent cardboard propulsion mechanism, ball spline vice guide, servo motor drive, light and stable paper feeding, small impact, conducive to work at high speed; on the way, with the best Vacuum dust removal device, printing clear and intuitive; all parts of the adjustment by the import of high-performance reducer motor adjustment, clearance adjustment using imported large transmission hollow shaft gear motor, digital display adjustment gap.

The GY type drum indentation tangent machine introduced by Shandong Yucheng Xinya Light Machine Co., Ltd. adopts CUE’s die sets from the United States. It uses the mechanical principle to solve the problems of circumferential speed change and speed replenishment, and solves the problem of the technical process and die set service life of die sets. It is in line with the trend of the domestic carton die-cutting equipment switching from hard-cutting to soft-cutting equipment. This device has become the new darling of the domestic market once it is launched.

Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd. demonstrated on the spot DL-MW1605×1100 fully automatic stripping and flattening die-cutting presses that were approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission as state-level new products in the year 2000. The machine adopts vacuum suction and automatic paper feeding. The maximum feeding size is 1605×1100mm, automatic adjustment, side-shooting, automatic flat die-cutting, automatic stripping, automatic output, and paper collection, and is automatically set by the ball rotating table to stack paper and output. The entire process uses computer monitoring, man-machine interface, fault display, frequency control.

The YMW2000 corrugated board printing and die-cutting machine displayed by Shaanxi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-grade printing die-cutting line. It is the latest product introduced by Shaanxi-India this year. The machine integrates printing, die-cutting and creasing, and the PC is unified. electricity dance moms choreography The control can greatly satisfy the production requirements of the users for the shaped box and the color box. The decentralized control method enables each printing station to be controlled independently. The panel type table makes the operation easier. The entire unit is a fixed shaft transmission method. Each printing section adopts vacuum adsorption type paper feeding. After printing in one color and drying, the second color printing is performed. Each printing base is provided with front and rear right and left deviation correction control systems. Not only can the prints be more beautiful, it can also effectively increase the yield. The machine’s performance and appearance design are second to none in domestic similar products.

● Foreign businessmen, Hong Kong and Taiwanese businessmen have entered the show to show that China’s corrugated board (box) manufacturing industry has made great progress. Many of the world’s top companies and products have gathered to illustrate the endless charm of China’s corrugated paper box industry market. What the reporter heard most about interviewing representatives of these world-class companies was their affirmation of the progress of the Chinese carton industry. U.S. Galleria is one of the best agents in the corrugated box industry in the world. It is such a company that represents the most advanced corrugated machinery and spare parts in Europe and America. gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 Its CEO, Charlie Guanjie, also believes that it is necessary to enter the Chinese market. And it is convinced that China’s corrugated box companies will have more and more demand for high-tech equipment and products. Mr. He Yiluo, the sales manager of corrugated paper products, Bobst Group, one of the early representatives of the Chinese market, is also optimistic about the fast-growing Chinese market. He believes that Bobst Group’s excellent products will be used by the Chinese paper product processing industry. Progress provides lasting motivation. Mr. Wei Da, senior market manager of Scandinavian and Asia-Pacific region of Sweden Enba Machinery Co., Ltd. was even more outspoken. electricity voltage in india He said: Enba’s interest in China’s corrugated box and carton processing industry has only just begun. Now China’s big environment and big market are very good. The demand of users continues to increase. After fully inspecting the market, Enba will make corresponding adjustments to the Chinese market in its sales strategy in order to achieve faster development. It is this company that has just become interested in the Chinese market that Enba has sold more than 10 production lines in just four years after entering the Chinese market.

The sales volume of corrugated boxes in China has grown from 8 billion square meters per year in 1996 to 12.5 billion square meters per year in 2000. With the economic development, the demand will continue to grow. This potential market space is enough to attract more World-class outstanding companies have come to China. At the same time, the overall quality of our carton industry has also been continuously improved. The increasingly perfect quality of products has also raised higher requirements for relevant supporting industries. It is no wonder that reporters interviewed Zhao Tianshu, Chairman of Beijing Tianyu Kiel Company. When she was a lady, she had lamented that the development of the carton industry in China has been synchronized with the world. (To be continued)