Corsa mustang xtreme axle-back exhaust 14317 (11-14 gt, boss) – free shipping gas out game instructions


Hey I’m Justin with, here with my breakdown of the Corsa extreme axle back exhaust system fitting all 2011 and newer Mustangs. Corsa exhaust systems are no doubt one of the nicer options available for any Mustang, in addition to being one of the most advanced. Corsa incorporates the reflective sound cancellation technology or RSC as they call it, and give you the best of both worlds, an exhaust that’s going to be quiet and drone free on the highway while cruising, and one that’s going to absolutely scream and be angry whenever you’re on the throttle. Now if you’re not watching this video on our site already and you want to learn more about that RSC technology or the Corsa in general, just go ahead and click the link below to head back to the product page. Besides the technology that goes into these mufflers the build and quality of materials is also very impressive, the extreme utilizes a 304 grade stainless construction throughout, 3” piping, beautiful welds, and finally these mirror polished 4” tips, etched with the Corsa logo which as you can see do feature a very unique slash cut. Most exhaust will feature a straight up and down slash cut, but you can see the Corsa here utilizes a more side to side cut. That side to side cut actually features and fits the lines of the rear end in my opinion than the straight up and down cuts, just makes for a much cleaner appearance in the rear end. Installation shouldn’t involve anything out of the ordinary and can easily be done in about an hour using some standard hand tools. Before we jump into those sound clips I just want to remind you guys that we always try to bring you the best sound clips and exhaust clips possible, of course you get to hear a bunch of different sound clips in addition to my overviews so if you want to stay up to date with all the latest exhaust vids for your car, in addition to some other great content, just subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the link below. Now let’s hear how the Corsa extreme axle back sounds compared to our factory exhaust.

When I took my first cruise with these, I was both elated and disappointed. The constant drone of the Flowmasters was gone and that was such a huge relief. At WOT it sounded beautiful! Something like a Harley at times and a Nascar at other times (depeding on the gear/rpms maybe). Just incredible. Going under a bridge at WOT made me so happy! However, I felt that the system was pretty close to stock unless I was at WOT. Even sitting at a light with the top down, the exhaust was so quiet. I paid good money for these and…maybe this is just me…I want people to know this is no stock Mustang. I missed the rumble the Flowmasters provided when passing people.

I debated what to do for several days. I thought about purchasing the complete catback. Maybe THAT would be louder and make me happy. After all, most of the videos I watched were of the complete catback. Wifey could not comprehend why I was not satisfied with a $700 exhaust. She said I would never be happy with the sound and I insisted that at some point I would be. Deleting the catalytic converters (it is already tuned) was another option and would save a lot of money over purchasing the x pipe from Corsa. I worried that I would seriously regret removing the cats and that my wife would hate the car. It gave me so much anxiety. It’s a convertible and I’m not in my twenties after all. Am I going to walk into work smelling like exhaust fumes? I also wanted to run the ghost cam on the weekends and removing the cats is a must if you want to be able to hear…really hear…the cam sound. I figured I could always go back. I finally found a shop that would do the work for $150 and pulled the trigger.

I could not be more content. Removing the cats made this exhaust a beast. Best of all, I can still control the volume. When my wife drives the car like a grandma, the exhaust is barely noticeable. Seriously. She did not even notice when she drove it. When I am in the mood (almost always) to hold the gear, let the RPMs run up, and downshift, the car sounds like it eats children! The pops and crackles are great music. I absolutely love it! The ghost cam sounds amazing. When I punch it on the interstate, the sound is unreal. I smile every time. I can switch gears and make it more or less aggressive. If I get a phone call, I can quite it down completely. The cons of this setup are an unbelievably loud cold start for the first ten seconds and an occasional short not-so-refined raspy note that happens maybe once every couple of hours (perhaps when I am in the wrong gear). On the cold start, if you live in an apartment complex and leave in the early morning, you might want to think twice. The houses are pretty close together here and I am waiting to hear from the neighbors LOL. Still, it’s less than ten seconds and it calms down.

I wasn’t sure about the extreme or sport. I went back and forth a lot and thought about it a lot before I purchased them. I didn’t want it really loud and I wanted a low rumble but not to soft either. Now that they are installed they’re just about perfect. When just cruising around it’s a low very light rumble. When you step on it and the RPMs climb it is loud. After running them for a week I think the sports may have been too quiet when cruising. I’m not sure though because I haven’t heard the sports. The video clips are really hard to judge the sound by. The quality is very impressive. They match up perfectly.

However, don’t go by what the installation videos say “should take about an hour” to install. Maybe with a lift, air tools, helper and about 10 other previous installations. Plan on 2-3 hours at a minimum with help if doing it on the garage floor with the back jacked up. Oh, by the way, take off the mid pipes. It will be much easier if you do. Also, if you have a lift then the mid pipes will come completely out. If not then at least unbolt them and slide them off to the side. The driver side is much harder to remove and reinstall the axleback then the passenger side.