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Lived in L.A. all my Life, 39 yrs. Grew up near Long Beach California. Playing poker professionally for 10 yrs, making 75K a year it’s possible to live a comfy quality of life here! Typical week goes like so, work half the week 9 to 5 schedule in any L. A. Casino, Days off, a matinee movie before noon $5 or $6 then Beach after movie. (Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach Find/Eat lunches at quality locations, usually will cost $12 per person. Save money by mostly dining in at home for Supper with an occasionnally eating out with spouse/friends 4/5 times a month. Many different cultures cuisines in L.A. from all over the world! Yes there is homelessness gang activity but these areas are mostly in tourist/downtown areas. An abundance of activities to engagement from karaoke to dance clubs, to live Theatre, Sport events such as Lakers/Clippers/Dodgers electricity sources usa/Kings Rams games. Countless golf courses several Casinos. Also many Churchs Temples for Religion. Let’s no leave out the famous Home to the Stars,Hollywood! I love Los Angeles, it truly is a great place to live. Simply have to know where when to be at the right times! Hope this comment helped someone with any questions regarding L.A.

Here is the thing. It’s been 18 yrs. And I SOOOO miss California. There are no consumer protection laws here. The government is a joke. And we have just as many dumb, criminals, druggies, vandals, etc. Houses are cheap, because they don’t appreciate. 18 yrs later and gas station in spanish my homes market value is less then when I bought it. OUCH! AND I have done lots of updates. Which are a nightmare out here because people take your money and run or do a crap job and cost you there’s no such thing as a contractorstudent license. All you need is an add in the phone book. Roofers come here, collect ins. Checks after a tornado then leave the state. Everything is left on homeowner for giving roofer the check. There is no DMV you go to a tag office which can be in the back of a donut shop, salvage yard, or gas station. And what you are charged, just as unpredicable. Bad roads, bad liquor laws, bad schools,vandals, hailstorms, no parks or bike electricity news australia lanes. Make for an unhappy place. In the end I believe the savings weren’t worth my sanity. For the most part, many people here have no goals other than getting their ssi check. Or getting friendly enough with you to take yours

I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life, I am now 48. To put living costs into perspective, last year (2016) my salary was $90k/year (I have since been laid off as my company was acquired in a merger, which is common here), I rented a single story house built in 1960 with absolutely no upgrades in Ventura County (45-60 minutes outside of L.A. WITHOUT traffic, easily an hour and a half to two hour drive on the average work day), the rent was $2,350 and water bill about $175-$200 every other month, electricity $80-$120/ month, trash $55, cable $80, gas $20 to $85 in the winter. The area that I chose to live in is one of the safer counties in Southern California. Of course living outside of LA means that I have to have a vehicle, so factor in a car payment along with car insurance and gas pricing over $3 per gallon as there is little public transportation where I live other than a metro train, which you can take to get to downtown q gas station LA. Though I had a decent salary, I lived very frugally in terms of what I spent on food and entertainment and clothing, and I was able to make ends meet each month, leaving little to put away into savings. California is extremely expensive and don’t get me started about the traffic. But, this is my home so I suck it up and know that most of my income will always go toward living expenses and rarely towards enjoying yearly vacations, my last vacation (i.e. an entire week in another state) was in 2000, so other than a quick weekend getaway locally, that’s all I could afford on my salary. By the way, after renting that house for 3 years, my landlord asked for the house electricity demand back for his own personal reasons, he then turned around and rented it out for $2,850, which just goes to show how fast and furious the rental costs are increasing. I can’t speak for k gas oroville costs in downtown LA, but would assume they might even be more as where I live is considered the suburbs.

I lived in LA pretty much my whole entire life until few years ago when I received better job offer from foreign company and now I live in Tokyo Japan. Now you might think moving from LA to Tokyo doesn’t make much sense in terms of cost of living is concerned, but when you live in the suburbs of Tokyo like I do, the cost of living is much more manageable. At least it’s less than where I’m originally from which is Huntington Beach. I was back in LA just two weeks ago for business and I was so shocked at how everything was priced so high and the rent that my friends were paying is simply outrageous! You seriously have to be earning six figure income just to live normal.. it’s pretty sad. Let me just say that living in Japan obviously has it’s plus and minuses, but I’m convinced that there are more pluses here for me to stay and one biggest plus is low crime rate. I mean I’m just so stoked not having to constantly stay gas approximation alert each time I step out of my own house. I don’t have to worry about getting shot by gangs or the cops and I can leave my door unlocked without fearing becoming a victim of home invasion! I mostly chose to live here for the sake of my family because I simply refuse to subject my children to all that madness that persist in LA right now.

This place SUCKS! and so do all the people that live here. I’ve lived in southern california 46 years and I’ve finally pulled my self up from homelessness and poverty and doing everything I can to get out of this POS state. This place is anything but the land of the free! 90% of everyone I have ever met has been to jail, is in jail or has a current case, is a drug addict of some kind and is a person going no where in life. The number of people that I trust after living here 46 years I can count on one fucking hand! and they are not my parents or any family member what so ever. Everything is expensive and just getting worse. If you like speaking spanish, drug addicts, crime, over paying for EVERYTHING, drama, all kinds of gangs, tons of police looking of any reason to get your ass in the system, low quality of life unless you’re wealthy, tons of competition n gas in paris lyrics just to get a shitty job and homeless people everywhere then this is the place for you. Not me any more I’ve had more than ENOUGH of this BS mismanaged state and cant wait to leave. Fuck Jerry Brown !

la is very expensive place to live. I loved it though when I was there. I lived in transitional housing for veterans and had 3 meals a day there. I could not even imagine 1000-1400 electricity nw per month for an efficiency. Housing is expensive everywhere you go. In Houston, a 560 square foot one bedroom is 700 per month. Most jobs here are wanting to pay 24k-32k per month. So if you plan on having any extra money in Houston, forget about it. I’ve never worked in los angeles so i’m not sure what the pay is like. I wanted to get a real estate license in los angeles and the class was talking about making 41k per year (cross your fingers), that is absolutely nothing in a state that is as expensive as California. You will never be able to afford to buy a place on 41k and you will have to live in an efficiency for 1000 per month. But I still have the dream of living in los angeles and making a good living. They make beaucoup of money on miller dollar listing, why couldn’t I just sell one 3 million dollar house per year?

TO ANYONE THINKING OF MOVING TO LOS c gastronomie traiteur avis ANGELES: DON’T DO IT!! It is horrible here now. I’m dead serious. The cost of living is OUT OF CONTROL. In ANY desirable and safe middle-class neighborhood, you are looking at $1Million+ for a nothing-special 3 bedroom home. If you are LUCKY, you might find one for $700K…but doubtful. $500K for a condo/apt in a decent/safe area. If you are renting…you are looking at $1000+ a month for a studio apt, $1400-$2000 for a 1 bedroom apt and $2000-2500 for a 2 bedroom apt in decent/desirable/safe area. Want to rent a single family home? $3500+ a month. THE ECONOMY HERE IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. The State of Cali is over $443 BILLION in debt as of 2015. There are corporate professionals that gas in oil briggs and stratton engine are fighting over getting a temp/contract job for significantly less pay than what salaries were just 4 years ago because the job market is so bad to find a decent paying permanent job. You have to make at least $75K/year to be able to afford to live here now if you dont have any kids and you dont want roommates. most people of any age group in middle class need 2 or 3 roommates just to survive. you really need to be earning 6 figures a year to live here and have a life. CALIFORNIA TAXES THE HELL OUT OF YOU……IT IS INSANE!! I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH!! And let’s not forget the looming California economic crash. DO YOU RESEARCH! I am a Southern California native and have always loved my Cali. Perfect weather and beautiful beaches. But none of that matters if you cant pay your rent. MANY MANY MANY natives are leaving Los Angeles due to everything I have just stated. Including me. The middle class cant do it anymore….it is impossible to get ahead here and prep for your future in a truly realistic way unless you are well off financially. And if you have children….forget it…….the LA public school system is ABSOLUTELY HORRID. Private schools? Minimum $3,000/month tuition. I am seriously i feel electricity in my body not saying any of this as a Cali Native because I dont want people to move here. I am saying this because it is the absolute truth. Unless you are rich, the Cali dream is no longer existent. It is truly heartbreaking for us natives.