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Damn! You know what? Come off to Bangalore, India. Here you get a very good flat of 1600 sqft for rent at 450$ a month(The a level physics electricity notes decent ones start at 220$ for a 700 sqft ). A dream one for 700$. Groceries in abundance for a family of 6 for 120$. Monthly electricity bill between 12-20$.Local transportation pass (by bus) is 20$ for a month and a special 100$ a year. 45$ a month and 220$ for a luxury bus.You can buy yourself a Volkswagen Jetta in the range of 27500$ to 40,000$ You can afford in plenty to eat outside as a full lunch in a top restaurant will cost you 6$ while most basic hotels cost 1$ for the same quantity of food which costs 20$ in New York. The shirt of a big brand for 30$, a classic suit for 175$, a shoe for 35$. The gas is expensive here, 4.1$ per gallon. Electronics are considerably more expensive in India, around 70%. A very good bike for 100$ and a Kawasaki Ninja 300 for 7000$ (ON ROAD PRICE). Cabs cost 2$ for 3 miles. Excellent public transportation connections here. A new much hyped movie costs 5$ a ticket in PVR Cinemas. To conclude, you can have a rich man/woman here if you can take home 1500$ a month which is approximately a hundred and two thousand Indian Rupees.Stop wasting time thinking and pack up. last but not the least, Bangalore is among the most expensive cities in India.

For those of you commenting you want to come to New York please visit but don’t stay. It is definitely not what you think New York has beautiful points but living here the stress will give you a heart attack. I have been in New York 11 years and I am thinking of moving away since hp gas online booking mobile number it’s so expensive. The thing about New York is their are tricks to the trade of living here because living here is work in itself. It is not a game their is someone aways waiting to take your apartment if you don’t want it, majority of the time it’s like this. The landlords are always pressuring you to leave in sneaky ways unless you have a connection through someone else who knows them and can vouch that your a great person. Or you know the housing courts system. The man who wrote this article god gas up asheville bless him because many of you think this is article is bull shit and sadly its not this is seriously how we live unless you make above 90,000 a year you are not in comfort. You need to come here speaking many languages and get a coding experience and technology experience. I’m currently learning coding now due to the fact I need to truly compete to make a living every hour of my life here. Those of you who think your going to come here making less than 90,000.00. Please Please make your lives easier and go move to another state if you want to live in America do years of research because each state has its drawbacks. So far I’ve picked Kansas as a state I would love to move to. My income is currently less than 20,000.00 income would provide a lot more to me in Kansas than it would here in New York City. I’m stuck here because electricity vs magnetism I cannot leave and I am so accustomed to my lifestyle and the proximity of everything that is really close to me. One true thing is the gentrification happens every 5-7 years so before you can even complete a ten year census you already have lost your apartment due to some of the sketchy business that goes on with the sneaky landlords. My close relative a sister of mine had a landlord that did not want to confront her about trying to evict her from her apartment. So he took an eviction notice and placed it in her apartment while she was away under her fridge on the floor hoping she wouldn’t see it. My relative has a compulsive disorder and has a very cleanly home This was how we were raised as children. She found it less than a day later and went to the courts to over turn the unwarranted eviction. If you don’t check your mail daily it can hurt you, keeping a clean place helps, because living in New York is like running a business you must do daily electricity flow diagram inspection everyday to make sure your business is safe from those who want to destroy it hourly. If not you are doomed. Then usually if you really did truly have to go into the shelter due to loss of a home or apartment, while in the shelter system you will get relocated to another part of the city for a year or more further than what your commonly used to. This year is going to be the toughest year of your life. The worst thing about New York is making money once you have some they place another bill on your shoulders, so the higher your wages you earn the higher your bills. If you have children make the trip New York cares for families but if your single stay away. I truly don’t make that much and when I pay taxes and or get a paycheck 200-400 is removed automatically without a blink or a flinch yet I worked all those hours only to get 60 percent of what I earn. Not even 75 percent of what I make U earn please please reconsider coming here. Do not come here with drug habits because these are expensive and will ruin you in this city the same with an alcohol habit. If you are not at the top of your game and you have drama don’t come here the city has enough drama and it will suffocate you. We are at the highest rate of homelessness and highest gas vs diesel cars rate of children starving without food please do better for your families. These two reasons why are why I won’t have a child here in the city. Bad enough the person I am with may not even be able to do for himself to survive but how can both of us take care of a child when we can’t even truly relax to be apart of this child’s life because we work so hard to make sure it eats.