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The perfect cabin for a quiet getaway! Gaze at the stars under a clear Big Sky night! Enjoy wildlife right outside your front door and wake up in the morning to a peaceful mountain view. This cabin is located on our 32 acre property. It backs to logging land with a path that leads to it just off the cabin. You have access to miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Under construction is our Star Gazing area to be completed Spring 2018. This will allow you to view the Big Sky that Montana is known for with out the city lights to hinder the night sky. You will not believe the brilliance of the stars and planets.

While the cabin is located on our property, rest assured that you will have complete privacy to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. There is a queen size bed on the main floor, a queen bed in the loft which is accessed by a ladder and a full size futon on the main floor.

We are located within 40 minutes of Glacier National Park, 45 min from Whitefish, Big Mountain, Bigfork, the Jewel Basin or Flathead Lake and we have countless trails within walking distance or a short drive. The options are endless for what you can do from this location. This is also a perfect base for hunting big game in Montana ( you must obtain your own license). There is fishing in Smith Lake which is 10 min away, or you can drive to Flathead Lake and take a day trip out on one of the many charter boats. White water rafting is another activity that is fantastic on the Flathead River!

First let me state that I was going to give this cabin 4 stars, but after dealing with the owner, I can only give it 3 stars. Beware if you stay here, the owner, Mimi, is a bit obsessive. She has a rule book of about 30 rules, I personally have never seen this kind of detail ever in all my vacation rental travels. She will take your credit card information to have "on file" and then use it for any little thing she deems as broken. We were charged for a crack in a coaster that we didn’t even know was broken. And she accused us of deliberately trying to hide it. 🙁 She seems a bit quick to make judgements.

For the good… the cabin itself is in a beautiful area in Kila. It’s a bit off the beaten path, so be prepared to drive way back in the woods to get to it. I, personally, loved the location! It is so quiet, has dark skies, and lots of beautiful wildlife. The cabin is small, but very cute. Lots of little touches make it very homey. The owner, Mimi, is very crafty so just about everything you see in the cabin is for sale. She has ornaments, homemade vanilla, photos on the wall, etc. They have bear spray for sale ($40) if you choose to use that while you hike. It’s pretty convenient. Upon arriving, we met Doug and Mimi. Both seemed very friendly.

For the inconvenient…the cabin has a poor plumbing system. The water in the bathroom sink does not drain quickly enough and fills up while you’re trying to brush your teeth or wash your face. The water that comes from the shower head randomly gets very cold for about a minute and then goes back to a normal temperature. The cabin is not noise friendly. You hear every little creak and step. It’s especially bad if you have someone sleeping just above you in the loft. The loft bed is creaky and anytime someone turns over, it is loud. You hear each footstep. We learned to deal with these inconveniences, but probably wouldn’t recommend for more than 2 people. For a couple, it would be fine. No one to keep you up all night while you’re listening to the cabin noises.

I cannot recommend this cabin based on my interaction with the owner. At first impression, she is very sweet. But after reading all the rules and then being charged for a nominal item (that we didn’t even know about), we were disappointed in this rental. I also can’t deter people from renting because someone else may have a completely positive experience. This is why I gave it 3 stars, right in the middle.

2. Book in cabin is for convenience and safety of our guests- only 6 items , not 30. I.e.: trash put on porch of owner b/c of wildlife, no fires as our state is in extreme fire conditions as we have many fires that are active, be careful in the morning as the steps could have frost on them, etc. Other items in the book are attractions, restaurants, etc. including phone #s to make reservations!

3. Credit card is on file in lieu of a damage deposit .. we do this to keep out of pocket expenses low for our guests. The cc is used ONLY if damage occurs! Kristen stated that I charge for whatever I "deem" broken- I would like to know how you "deem" something broken… either it is broken or it is NOT! The item was a coaster that was broke in the upstairs b/room, turned over so I could not immediately see the break, and it WAS broken! There was no accusation of it being deliberately hidden by Kristy- she actually stated that it was her husband who replaced the items on the table, so it was not that they did not know that it was broken!