Cpap gas problem – aerophagia gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to


First off.. the serious for of this serious CPAP problem is NOT agrophasia (air gulping)… if you wake up feeling like an inflated baloon and your tummy is huge and makes a baloon noiise when you tap on it, then it’s called "gastric insufflation", or your tummy and entire GI tract is being inflated and it is very dangerous! It is caused by your esophagus sphinctor(s) not relaxing enough (when a sphinctor relaxes, it locks closed), and so air flows into your stomach and intensities like a weather balloon.

So I’m alread on two back pain/relaxing meds for my disc related back pain anyway. gas explosion The one muscle relaxer/anti spastic called baclofen. I usually take one during the day along with a pain pill for my back pain from a slipped disc (I can take up to thee 10mg baclofen tabs at once, but never do as they can make me tiered). However, i noticed once that when i took my back pills at night, i never got inflated by my CPAP. As soon as I found out about how sphinctors work (relaxing a sphinctor makes it TIGHTER).. I tried taking two or three baclofen before bed time, and BAM.. inflation problems completely disappeared! Not only does it stop the GI inflation problem, but it makes me tired too!.. a win win! Just be sure to take baclofen at LEAST 20min before putting the mask on. Once inflation starts.. it seems harder to stop (for some reason).

First, I think we should disabuse ourselves of the notion that this is gas. Gas is produced from various foods. When air is forced down beyond the esophagus into the stomach, then small intestine and bowel – It IS EXCRUCIATING – if you have a sensitive gut. 9gag instagram videos Just basic distention can take an hour or two to make it’s way out – down or up. Once it’s past the stomach, it comes out from the rear. But it’s NOT gas.

As I have had a sensitive bowel for a lifetime, I now realize why I wake up every morning doubled over. I’ve lost 30 lbs, have mostly low pressures and 1-3 night time ramp ups, and the mask now fits well. So nothing explains this except the hiatal hernia I know I have. My pressures overcome the ability of my hiatus to resist the air. I intend to pursue this via BI-PAP as I already have a C-flex.

I would imagine that GAS-X would not work, as that neutralizes the ethers in gas, and this is just air. I’ve tried all the other remedies. For me, the positional shifting and stretching helps until it works it’s way out, but it’s an hour of two of heavy pain some mornings until it’s dissipated. Very discouraging. gas utility austin Those who have this have my sympathy.

As many of you have stated, I too have been using a CPAP for several years and in the last 12 months have experienced severe bloating and am passing major gas throughout the night. The result of the bloating/gas passing is constant, continual interruption of sleep resulting in a lot of bad days laced with fatigue, "dead brain", irritability and lack of energy that all result in having to push myself throughout the day to accomplish anything worthwhile, including on most days even minor tasks such as shaving, shopping, and washing my truck.

Also, as many of you have stated, there is a lack of aerophagia involvement and research resulting in applicable knowledge that would result in an end to the suffering experienced by many of us suffering from this particular ailment. The question is, "How do we functionally combine our information in a presentable format and submit it to a medical research/hospital/group that is willing to examine/study those effected and determine the most likely causes (probably more than one cause, perhaps more than one per individual)and then create a treatment/study plan for individuals on an ongoing basis until an absolute treatment or medication plan (or a combination of both) is available that is proven to be effective in relieving aerophagia and allowing we sufferers to get back to a normal life?"

I believe that with our high number documentation a grant could be obtained by a certified, reputable medical organization to accomplish this task and in a reasonable period of time erase the problem of aerophagia and the severe, negative life results it causes. The next question is this, "WHO will do it, WHEN, and HOW does it get done?" I am a willing participant. Happy Day! CRN

I have been on CPAP for more than three years. I had NEVER experienced aerophagia before, until the last 5 months to present. electricity grid map uk Where I used to look forward going to bed and getting solid sleep, I now dread even putting my Cpap on, because I know I’ll be awakened between 2:30 am and 3 with chestpain, bloating, and eventually having to get up and walk to release all of the air. Quite distressing especially since I have to get up at 5 am daily for work!

Except for trying sleeping on an incline, I’ve tried some of the so-called remedies like eating earlier and using antacids before going to bed which have not worked. electricity tattoo designs I am married to a Resp. Therapist/ Registered Sleep Polysomnographer, so I do have access to a professional in the field. His suggestions aren’t any different than what I’ve been reading.

There seems to be a lack of understanding/"curing" of aerophagia in the field of sleep medicine. Research studies need to be done to correct and solve aerophagia. This is not a casual/occassional problem. I will be a psych case if I don’t get to the bottom this!… Or I’ll become an ex-Cpap user sleeping in separate bedrooms for the rest of my marriage.