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Perhaps you are taking a CPR class to be generally prepared or maybe the stakes are higher and passing is required for work or school. Regardless of the situation taking the test at the end of a CPR class can be nerve wracking but with proper preparation, a good instructor, and a few strategies not only will you pass but you will do great!

Most traditional classes will have a written exam and a skills exam. electricity gif The written exam will typically be 10-30 multiple choice questions testing a student’s ability to recall facts and apply the things they learned to some basic scenarios. The skills test will, at a minimum, require the student to demonstrate high quality CPR on a manikin simulating an adult patient. The evaluator will be looking for a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute at a depth of 2”. They will also need to see the student call for and then use an AED as soon as possible. electricity rate per kwh philippines If the class is geared towards healthcare providers or other professional rescuers the skills exam will also include scenarios with children, infants, and two rescuers. Those classes will also include alternative breathing methods such as using a Bag Valve Mask or a Face Mask.

If you are taking a class online you will likely be able to pause and repeat some sections. Take advantage of this feature. Once you think you fully understand a section try explaining what you learned in your own words to a friend. Maybe even try to teach them what you learned. electricity allergy If you can do this you’ve got a great handle on what was presented. If you can’t then you will see areas that need further clarification. If you are stuck on a particular topic you may be able to find an explanation that helps you more through the American Heart Association’s website (Heart.org). Quality online classes will still have a skills evaluation. This can be conducted remotely via video conference with an instructor or in person through a local instructor. gas utility worker If you are still confused by something you can take the opportunity of real time interaction with an instructor to ask your questions. Although some groups may offer an online program without a skills test many companies will not accept it. 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore The skills you learn in a CPR class may need to be used in a time of crisis a year or more after the class was taken. It is hard enough for a student to remember those skills when they practiced them in class let alone if they only read about them and never actually did them.

Online or in person there should be a few key ideas that you can take away from each section of the class. For example when discussing the chain of survival for adults and child there are several differences but the most significant one is that the chain of survival for children starts with injury prevention. The reason for this is that most children are fundamentally healthy and have not had a life time of poor diet, limited exercise, and high blood pressure to lead them to develop heart issues. e gaskell north and south If you know this key difference between the chains of survival and the reason why, you will be able to apply that information in different forms on the test. A question might simply ask you to identify the first step in the pediatric chain of survival. Alternatively the question might be a little more difficult but revolve around the same key point and ask you to select which of several answers is incorrect and why.

Questions will often fall into three general categories. Questions testing fact recall have a black and white answer and test your ability to remember a fact that was presented in class. Scenario based questions will give you information about a situation and ask you to apply skills or concepts from the class to that situation. In scenario based questions there may be two answers which both are factual. Try to find the answer that is “most right” or meets the qualifiers given in the question such as “first”, “after”, or “next”. Some questions will blend fact recall with scenarios by asking you to provide facts in response to a scenario. Sometimes these will be two part questions and two or three of the answers will have a portion that is correct. Confirm that both parts of the answer are correct.

It can be helpful to state to the evaluator what you are about to do and then carry out the action. u save gas station grants pass For example, if you have determined that someone requires CPR you could state “I am now going to start chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute while ensuring my compressions are hard enough to compress the chest 2 inches.” If the evaluator happens to be looking at their check list when you do something they could miss the skill and mark it as not completed but by verbalizing and then doing it you ensure they give you deserved credit.