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I apologize if this is not the right forum. Starting approximately two months ago I developed a crackling sound during breathing. The sound is not noticeable when I am upright. It is most pronounced when I am laying down on my right side, much less noticeable when I am on my back, and practically non-existent when I lay on my stomach. If I breath in deeply or quickly the sound is not noticeable. It is only during normal or shallow breathing. At the end of the exhale I can also hear a wheeze or whistling sound. Also the crackling feels as though it is coming from somewhere between my throat and my lungs. There is also a bubbling sensation associated with the sound that feels like it is coming from below my throat somewhere.

I saw my doctor and he checked my lungs and they sounded clear to him. As a precaution he proscribed a 5 day course of antibiotics and also a nasal form of allergy medicine. Neither helped. I finished the AB’s and gave the nasal spray a month before I scheduled a follow-up appointment. I described the same thing to him as above. He listened to my chest again, it sounded clear again. To allay my concerns he had me do a chest xray which also came up clear.

I am still hearing the crackling sound when I breathe as I lay down. It gets loud enough that it can wake me up. I feel good otherwise. No shortness of breath and I can breathe in very deeply. I do have a history of pneumonia and bronchitis. I have not had pneumonia for many years (over 30). I get bronchitis just about every time I get a cold or flu.

I have the exact thing. It is more prominent when I am laying down. It sounds like there are rice crispies or pop rocks in my wind pipe making a crackling sound. The sound echoes out of my throat when I breathe. I don’t hear it when I hold my breath. Sometimes there is a slight wheezing sound. I can even feel the sensation of the popping in my chest now. I have been to the doctor twice this week and he did not hear it the first time. The second time he said he could hear something. Just lately several people I know have come down with cold like symptoms, then bronchitis sets in. I live in Southern Illinois. A coworker of mine has it and says her husband sounds like he has a little person yelling in his throat. Friday the 28th I was sneezing, Saturday I was coughing and congested and worn out, Sunday and Monday was worse, Tuesday started pennicillin, Wednesday I got a little better, Thursday went to work but still felt beat down, Friday felt better but back to the doctor because the pop rocks had started in my throat on Tuesday and my daughter came down with the cold on Friday. The doctor sent me to the hospital to get an injection. This is Saturday the fifth and I still have the pop rocks. I would like to know what it is.

I had pneumonia when I went to the ER on Sunday March 30th. I got an AB I took for 7 days along with some other stuff. I went back on Monday the 7th and they said I still had pneumonia and the first AB did not get rid of it. they gave me two more different ABs that I took for 5 days. went back thursday the 10 and they had me get another x-ray where I found out friday they said it looked like it might be getting better. but I came home that friday and had the diarrhea 12 times in about 15 hours. I have been coughing to the point my eye sockets hurt, the right side of my rib cage hurts real bad, and I hear the wheezing/crackling sound deep in my throat feeling like it is in my chest. my stomach has been hurting every now and then with pain that doubles me over. I hope I am not dieing but I feel almost like it when I start the cough and my chest really hurts. I haven’t had any change to my voice but I have been talking more quiet so as not to make me cough again. when I breath shallow I cough less.

I have the same thing only mine happens when I exhale not inhale but also only when I am lying down. Never smoked, no Rx, 65 yrs old, avid exerciser, not over weight, eat healthy, so nothing to contribute there. The 1st time it happened was last Nov and scared me so I called 911, spent 7 days in the hospital diagnosed with Conjestive Heart Failure and COPD…although after an angiogram, EKG, stress test, lung xray from every angle, even lying down and an intense pulmonary function test both with and without albuterol, and nothing leading up to it, cold, flu, etc..nothing confirmed either of those diagnosis. Upon my follow up with my PCP he said it was a respitory infection and gave me AB…with a referal to a pulmonary doc who ran all the lung function tests again, did another EKG, lung xrays and stress test, then gave me an inhaler and said if the episode gets bad use it! As much as the episodes are still scary to me, I have learned to sit up on the edge of the bed with my feet dangling over and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth until the crackling subsides to a minimum, about 20 min, and I can feel comfortable falling to sleep. I am for sure looking up IPF as suggested by secondroundred and asking my Pulmonary doc about it. Thanks. Anyone gets a definitive diagnosis, please share…

I had the same problem a month ago, im gonna tell you what i think it is…… i came to this forum to seek answers. It was the sounds of pop rocks in the back of my throat whenever i laid down. It was this crackling sound, like something was going on in my throat. But it didn’t bother me, caused me no pain, so i didn’t go to the DR about it. Set that aside i began to have other health issues, misscarriage, always tired and then one day my eyelashes started falling out! I was sure something was wrong with me so i went to my DR and did a lot of blood work. He tested me different times for a thyroid problem but it was normal. Finally he told me it was stress and gave me an anti depressants. I want depressed! I was concerned and at my wits end. I went back to him and got him to check for a gluten allergy while he was testing me for that he ran tests for other auto immune disorders…..turns out i have hashimoto’s disease to make my long story short its where your thyroid attacks itself, it sends out antibodies to attack good antibodies causing a host of other problems. Since starting medication for that the crackling in my throat has 100% gone away so i can’t help thinking that their related?