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The standard and most common crate is the Wooden Crate, which is a simple wooden box. They are found scattered around the map and in a variety of buildings. It takes four hits to destroy these with fists, and different amounts for different melee weapons. It is seen as a brown square on the map. A regular crate usually drops common loot, but can drop almost anything.

Golden Wall BarrelThe Wooden Barrel is another crate that is only found in mansions. Eight spawn in the mansion basement and one spawns outside the entrance to the basement. They contain the same loot that a normal crate does. These take three punches to destroy. It is a brown circle on the map. There are wall barrels that are found only in the mansion basement. These take only one punch to break. Rarely, a golden wall barrel will spawn in place of a normal barrel, dropping more items.

Soviet CrateThe Soviet Crate is another crate similar to the regular Wooden Crate. However, it has a communist hammer and sickle on the top of the box on a red background to help differentiate it. These crates cannot be located on the map. It takes six punches to destroy. It contains both more quality and quantity loot than the regular crate. It was originally called "Military Crate" when it was added in v0.0.9.

The Locker is a small metal container that stores items on walls. It is currently found in the Police Station, the Hydra Bunker, Hatchet Bunker, and Chrysanthemum Bunker. It can contain any item ranging from an M9 to an M249. gas constant mmhg There are two types: a normal locker and a gold locker. The gold locker will always drop either a level 3 vest, backpack (Military Pack), level 3 helmet, or a SCAR-H. In the Police Station, there are 10 locker spots, but only 7 are filled. In the Hydra Bunker, gold lockers do not spawn. In the Hatchet Bunker, there are four lockers, but they cannot be gold. Despite the name, the lockers are the easiest to take from as they have very little HP. There’s also a variant found in the Crossing Bunker and the Chrysanthemum Bunker that always drops an AK-47, 90 x 7.62mm, one Regular backpack, and one The Initiative skin.

A Chest can be found in Mansion and Storm Bunker. It has the appearance of a treasure chest or skull box, but without skull and yellow details. The chest always drops two uncommon guns with ammo or a rare or uncommon item. These spawn either in the Mansion or the Storm Bunker. They take seven hits to destroy. It has similar loot to the Treasure Chest.

The Treasure Chest is a crate that is found only along the beach. It is essentially a Chest with a skull in the center and golden details in the front and corners. These, like the Soviet Crate, cannot be found on the map. The Treasure Chest can contain rare loot and is exceptionally rare, being the second rarest crate in the whole game with the rarest being the Dual Desert Eagle crate. Despite how rare it is, one will always spawn per game on a random spot on the beach. You can tell if the crate is destroyed by a much bigger wreck than regular crate. This crate will always drop a Royal Fortune and almost always a Hook. gas hydrates ppt This chest has the highest chance of dropping a M249 along with the normal Chest.

The Deposit Box, sometimes known as a Vault, is a small item container found in the main vault of the Bank. There are six deposit boxes in each main bank vault. Deposit Boxes drop a single loot item, while Gold Deposit Boxes drop two loot items with a higher chance of containing a weapon. They break with one punch or two shots with most guns.

Bookshelves, Drawers, and Stands are crates that are found in many different buildings, including Houses, Barns, the Bank, the Mansion, and the Police Station. There are three drawers in houses, five in barns, one in the police station and in the bank; as well as five bookshelves, two drawers, and two stands in the mansion. They drop all non-exclusive loot, including skins. The Stands look like smaller variants of drawers. The bookshelves have a blue book on it and may have a potted plant. The rarer variants of drawers and bookshelves have potted plants, and drop rarer and sometimes two loot items instead of one like their normal variants. They all take four hits to destroy.

Poop VariantThe Toilet is a tough, common crate-like object. It is found in outhouses and houses all over the map. It looks like a standard white toilet that can be found in a house, barn, outhouse, or the Police Station. When it is destroyed, it drops most types of items. Toilets commonly drop healing items. If you see a brown line inside the toilet (probably poop), it will have increased loot and a higher chance to drop 0-3 guns. The gray variants are presumably metal, so they reflect bullets. It is not recommended to shoot the metal ones to break them open because of this. They all take 5 hits to destroy.

Similar to drawers, bookshelves, and stands, planters drop non-exclusive loot. gasco abu dhabi location There are 8 planters and they are located in the Greenhouse building. Just like other crates, they can be easily destroyed with just 4 hits. There are 5 different types of planters. There is a planter with 2 red flowers that has white dots, a planter with 2 yellow flowers that seems to be Chrysanthemums, a planter with purple flowers with thin pedals, a planter with a pink flower, and a planter with a cream flower.

Pots are a type of clay container, much like a crate, that can be broken open to reveal a variety of items. Pots are found inside either a hut or a cabin. There are between one and five pots for each hut and two per stone bridge. Pots can be green or gold. Green pots contain a single loot item, while gold pots always contain the Island Time skin and SPAS-12 along with the 12 gauge ammo. Gold pots are only found in the center of huts with a golden rooftop. All other pots are green.

The Rock Cache, otherwise known as the " Loot Rock", is a randomly placed stone that happens to spawn loot when broken. It is slightly darker than regular rocks and has a small decal underneath. It previously had the ability to face other directions. It will drop an AK-47 and 7.62mm ammo, as well as The Initiative. It will also drop 2-3 other loot items like the Golden Bunker Crate does.

The Tree Cache, also known as the " Loot Tree", is the same as the rock cache, but with a tree instead. There’s one placed randomly on the map with a decal beneath, but when broken, it drops a Mosin-Nagant and a Woodland Combat instead. It’s hard to find but is much easier to recognize than the Rock Cache. You can find the spikes of the decal poking out beneath the tree stump.

The Meteor Crate is only obtained by the Airdrop mechanism. There are regular and golden crates. Regular airdrop crates are more common than the golden variant. When opened, one must interact or punch the metal casing to open it slowly. It then takes many punches to open. It’s currently the only way to find the M1 Garand, the M4A1-S, the AWM-S, and CZ-3A1. The AWM-S and CZ-3A1 can only be found in gold crates and nowhere else in the game. The Falling Star and the Celestial Garb skins can be found in these crates, but it is not guaranteed that any one of these will drop. If you’re really unlucky, it can even drop an M9. It is, however, guaranteed to contain exactly one random piece of Level 3 equipment. u gas hampton If you stand directly under the airdrop, you will be crushed, and the killfeed will read: "The airdrop crushed {playername}".

Double Ammo CrateThe Ammo Crate doubles as a loot crate and an obstacle at the same time. The only way to destroy these crates is by using the Wood Axe or Katana. You can shoot long weapons such as snipers through the single ammo crates. Only the Double Ammo Crate drops any type of ammo when destroyed, including flare, .50 AE and .308 Subsonic. The single Ammo Crate only spawns basic ammo.

The River Chest is a crate that looks like a regular chest with a bridge on the top. It is found in a river and is submerged halfway into the water. It drops the Water Elemental skin, a chance for the Drowned Karambit, and a gun + ammo. It can spawn in any river size but only one can spawn per game, if at all. You can move on top of the submerged half of the crate.

Hatchet Crate The Hatchet Crate is a hefty sized crate with a green stripe and an axe icon on it. The Woods crate can be found randomly on the new " Into The Woods" map or replace a normal crate in the Lumber Camp. It’s fairly common and drops a shotgun/LMG/backpack etc… The Woods Crate is commonly considered the new Soviet Crate, but it is a lot more common. It replaced Soviet Crates, Bunker Crates, and possibly more things.

Flower boxes were added in the "Community Collage" update. There are always 8 flower boxes inside of the greenhouse. There are 3 different types of flower boxes (Not including single ones). The first box has pink flowers with a purple core, and light green leaves underneath. The second box has the same kind of Lotus Flower that you would find in the Mansion. The third box has yellow flowers with light green leaves underneath. The Fourth box was added in the "Frozen Desert" event. It features multiple green and yellow leaves that make up flowers.

Barrel Caches were recently added in the Community Collage update. One spawns per map like all other caches. electricity magnetism and light They are found anywhere on the map, but cannot be next to the shack/ in a building. The difference between a barrel and a barrel cache are that there is a symbol under the barrel cache and is a bit darker unlike the normal barrel variant. Be cautious as the barrel cache explodes similar to a normal barrel. The barrel cache drops grenades, MIRV grenades, and smoke grenades. The best way to open the barrel cache is to use a gun or grenade ( Frag/ MIRV) to keep a safe distance from the barrel cache. The items are treated like normal and go flying upon detonation.

Added in the new woods event, the stone block is only found in this mode and is not available in a regular game. Its appearance is a grey block with the eye symbol on top. It can only be opened using the Stone Hammer. Upon breakage, you can find one round of .45 ACP , Peacemaker , AWM-S , USAS-12 , M9 , 9mm , M4A1-S , or BAR M1918 (each weapon also has ammo along with it) . You can find one inside the bunker and the others randomly scattered around the map.

Added in the Frozen Desert Event, the stone barrel acts much like the Stone Block. Featuring a similar texture, the Stone Barrel features a symbol of the eye held by two hands. It does not reflect bullets and is impervious to all damage aside from a stone hammer, much like its block counterpart. It presumably drops similar ammo (aside from the USAS-12) as well (unconfirmed).