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I’m trying my best to stay focused and I am constantly reminding myself of my goals. It’s almost the end of the year and while I wish that I had stayed more on track this year and lost more weight, I am proud of the weight I have lost and managed to keep off. I know that I am not the same size as I was last year at this time and I’m glad that I have made some progress in my weight loss journey.

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve in the next year and I know that I can get there if I work really hard. So my goal from now until the end of the year is to get myself into a better place so that I can achieve those goals. I need to establish a better exercise routine and stick to it. I also want to quit drinking pop by the end of the year. I drink so much diet pop and I know it is so unhealthy for me. It has ruined my teeth and my health and I know that I would feel much better if I quit drinking it. electricity definition So those are a couple of things that I want to accomplish by the end of the year so that I can set myself up for success.

Yesterday I went shopping all day with my husband, so I didn’t get a chance to post an update until now. I actually didn’t do too bad with my eating choices yesterday. I splurged a little for lunch but the rest of the day I stayed mostly on track. This week I’ve been doing pretty well and I’m confident that I will have a good loss on Monday at my weigh-in.

I’ve been having some tooth pain, so I went to see the dentist this week and found out that I have to have a root canal, which she started that same day because besides the dying nerve, I also have an infection. So that probably helped with my eating this week because I wasn’t able to eat much after the root canal and have been trying to eat softer foods to minimize my tooth pain. I go back in two weeks to finish the root canal so hopefully that will go well.

I know a lot of my teeth problems have been because of drinking pop. electricity in india travel That is something that I have tried in the past to eliminate but I always seem to go back to it. But my goal for the end of the year and beginning of the new year is to kick my pop habit and drink more water and other things. One of the things that I get from pop is caffeine, that helps me wake up in the morning and get going, so I asked for an espresso machine for Christmas and will be switching to coffee. gas variables pogil worksheet answer key I know a lot of caffeine isn’t good, so I will limit myself to one a day. I’ve seen some people posting on instagram about putting Premier Protein in with coffee so I am going to try that after Christmas and hopefully I will like it. I do like Starbucks caramel macchiatos but I don’t get them because of the points. With the premier protein being only 2sp for a bottle, I think that will be a great alternative.

I honestly didn’t want to go to my weigh-in, because I knew that I ate horribly this week and that I didn’t stay on track at all. But I went and faced up to it and was shocked at how much I had gained. Of course I was upset and extremely disappointed. gas laws worksheet answers and work The only person I have to blame is myself and I could sit around and beat myself up about it, but that isn’t going to get me the results that I want.

I know what I have to do to get the weight back off and get to my goal….keep going. This is a huge stumble in the road, but I’m not giving up and I’m going to keep trying. I have all of my meals and food tracked for this week except for one day. On Friday my husband and I are going Christmas shopping and so we will be going out to eat. I don’t know exactly where we will be eating for lunch, but I’m going to challenge myself to stay on track no matter what.

My plan from here to the end of the year is to stay on track as much as I can, track everything I eat even if I go over a bit, and start a consistent exercise routine. I’m hoping to join a gym at the beginning of the year, we get a discount to our local rec center through my husband’s work. So we are planning on signing up for that and I’m going to do my best to go there at least 5 days a week so that I can get a good workout in. I’ve tried exercising on my elliptical at home, but some days it’s too easy to get distracted with other things and it is difficult to get a good workout in when my kids are with me.

So of course it’s Thanksgiving week and to say that I’ve been off track would be an understatement. I’ve gone way overboard with my eating and I’m sure I’ve gained a lot. I had every intention to stay mostly on track through the holiday but I ended up going out to eat on Wednesday and it all went downhill from there. gas 78 facebook I’m not going to beat myself about it too much because it is after all a holiday and I am only human.

My plan for this weekend is to get back on track. Tonight we are going out to eat to celebrate my mother-in-law’s and son’s birthday but I am planning on ordering something light, maybe a grilled chicken sandwich and veggies or something like that. We are also going to my husband’s extended family’s Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night so I will do my best to limit my portions and avoid the dessert table. It shouldn’t be too difficult because I will be busy chasing after my kids, so I usually don’t get the opportunity to sit down and eat much during these family gatherings. [Read more…]