Crazy reflections 4 gas giants


But our God is gracious, He has taught me to be patient and forgiving. I love gas near me cheap to sulk in the idea that people hates me but it’s more fun to let go of that thought and move on. I’ll try my best to be friendly and do as much as I can with regards to my job. I don’t want to hold grudges considering that we still have one big mountain to climb before 2010 ends.

There will also be times when we forget to do the most important and necessary things to accomplish a good project. I don’t want to make it a lame excuse that we’re human and is prone to err but I have to agree that there are some things that we don’t have a hold of and what we can only do is learn from it and move on. Once we encounter the same issues,we better not do the same mistakes again.

Excellence as I come to know it is measuring up to your own capabilities and not of others. I now partially understand that an excellent job is making sure I did my very best (even when there are lapses) and then, on bended knees asked the Creator of Heaven and Earth to help me. True excellence is when I humble down at the feet of my savior for help and just exhaust myself in prayer.

Travel from Bacolod to Dumaguete usually takes 6-7 hours compared to the usual 5-6 hours by bus. It will also depend on the driver since some are really good at beating curves and are faster to a few who a level physics electricity notes are like driving a tourist bus who stops a lot of times even when people are already in standing position or otherwise. But I guess I can only rant about it since the business really is for them bring “good bucks” after every trip.

Giggles from my nephews and nieces when I’m with them are good stress-relievers. Watching Disney movies are always a good past time to reminisce of the past, learn valuable family lessons and just laugh your heart out to simple jokes and mishaps of the characters in the movie. Geez, they really do bring out electricity per kwh calculator the “kid” in me and I can just be who I am with them.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like Bacolod and it’s a wrong choice to work here. I love it here as well. I’ve made some good friends in the city gas house gorillas and I’m having a good blast meeting new people and just stay in the “City of Smiles”. I guess I’m still craving for those activities I can do with less money involved and much more church participation on weekends.

I admire people who excel in what they do. Whether it’s about sport, entertainment or work – people who excel are recognized and is fun to be with. I think it’s innate to us Filipinos to be part of a group where successful people dwell. It might be thought of as social climbing but honestly, we just want to have what they have and even sometimes become better than they are.

Working in a competitive company might let you think that in order to move up in the ladder of success, one must continually fight for it. Some people I know of has the habit of putting the blame to others and making sure that the “glory” be on his head. Other people also are “power hungry” that they belittle other people (even OJT’s!) because they want to feel successful.

To be blunt about it, success is nothing electricity vs magnetism compared to being excellent. Success can always be taken away from you but excellence (in all that we do) can be a blessing of a lifetime. Excellence is much more precious than success, it develops in us the character to do better and improve while success can only do much as to measure your doings to other people’s accomplishments.

My own definition of excellence is that doing things above and beyond what I call mediocre results because you want to improve the way you do things. It’s the idea that we thrive hard to do good in our job not because we want to brag about it but we want to be recognized by the company and the people we work with even when not saying a word about it.

You might notice that the things I’ve mentioned above doesn’t do with anything that requires you from making sure that your ahead with someone else. That’s because I don’t want to compete with someone else for a position. Although the craving to have more is there at many times of the day, I always ensure myself that if I want to become the boss, I have to be master of my own pride and become humble, continuing to do work and ad hoc tasks gas vs diesel cars even when no one is watching.