‘Crazy rich asians’ co-star nico santos reveals his favorite restaurants – eater grade 9 electricity questions


With scene-stealing roles in NBC’s sitcom Superstore and box office hit Crazy Rich Asians, Nico Santos has been electricity bill nye very busy lately. But when he’s not on set, the Filipino-born actor/comedian might be found eating nigiri at one of LA’s hottest sushi bars, sipping Nebbiolo at a Melrose Avenue cafe, or hitting up the Cheesecake Factory for its low-key awesome happy hour. Santos has an apparent love of good food and drink in all its many forms — including the craft service delicacies that appear on the set of Superstore. For all these reasons, the actor is a perfect candidate for The Famous Original Eater Questionnaire.

Usually we’re on set very early. I typically get there at 6 a.m., and I get an iced coffee or an iced Americano. My breakfast order is usually an egg white scramble with veggies gas engine tom and turkey bacon, with avocado and salsa. And here’s the thing about being on set: We eat all the time, so three hours after breakfast is served, there’s a “snack” that’s put out, and I say that with quotes, because it’s not really a snack — it’s a meal. Like, yesterday, our snack was dim sum, and it was amazing. They just had a big plate of har gow gasco abu dhabi email address, shumai, baked barbecue buns, fried rice, and some noodles. So it’ s not really a snack — it’s a full-on meal. And then a couple hours after that, we have our actual lunch.

We have really amazing catering on set, too. Sometimes they’ll have this amazing cedar-plank salmon that they make with this brown-sugar rub that’s like so good. Generally I try to be as healthy as possible, but it’s hard to be on set because anything and everything is available to you. I’m healthy half the time, and half the time I’m like, “Sure gasbuddy trip let me go back and see whatever snack they have laid out.”

Uni. I grew up in the Philippines and we had all this amazing fresh seafood, but uni was something that I was weirded out by. It wasn’t until I was an adult gas station near me open that I was like, “Let me just go ahead and try this.” Now I can’t get enough of it — it’s so good. Not only in sushi, but you’ll see a lot of Italian places do pasta with uni butter, and I can just eat that on anything.

I don’t cook as often as I would like. My boyfriend is a way better cook than I am. But I usually make the same gas bijoux soho five things. I like making adobo, because it’s easy and it keeps in the fridge for a while. Or I’ll make pasta with bolognese — something I can make a big batch of and can keep eating for the rest of the week. I also don’t know how to cook for one, so I always end up like, “I guess I’m feeding the entire neighborhood.”

In the Philippines, I remember there was… do you know bibingka? It’s this Filipino rice cake that’s cooked with coals on top. There was a bibingka stand near my mom’s business when I was growing up in the Philippines that v gashi 2015 I don’t believe exists anymore. But I remember as a kid pretty much going there every other day and eating that till I was sick because I loved bibingka so much.

I think now I’m an expert, but I had never folded dumplings before I filmed that scene. And you know, it was the only shoot we did all day because it had a lot of moving parts to it. At the beginning of the scene, they had someone teaching us how to fold dumplings, and mine just looked like a science experiment had gone wrong. But by the end of the day, I was folding these dumplings with ease. I was like, “I’m going to open up a restaurant now.” So I would gas in dogs now say I’m pretty good. But it definitely took me all day to learn the skills.