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I am only giving them 1 since 0 is not an option. We were a group of 5 signed up for the South Coast and electricity projects ks2 Glacier Hike Tour. The night before we were informed that the pick-up would be delayed by 3 hours–this at a time of year they there was only 5 hours of daylight, plus the pick-up was nearly 20 minutes late–in the pouring rain. Due to the gas meter in spanish late start the first stop was cancelled. The next stop, at a waterfall, was shortened due to the late start and the continued pouring rain. The next stop was the glacier walk, which started a 3:00, when it was already starting to get dark, and still s gashi in the rain. By the time the glacier hike ended it was nearing dangerous due to the rain and being well after sunset. The last 5 gases that come from car emissions stop, at another waterfall, still in the pouring rain and in total darkness, was scheduled for 25 minutes, was ended after about 10 minutes as everyone got back in the bus and were ready to go in miserable weather. The tour company has offered to refund 25% of the cost as we could not go to the first stop due to the gas house eggs late start, but I believe this to be inadequate. I contacted Extreme Iceland directly, but was told rather coldly that they would not consider any other consideration gas and supply okc as the glacier walk was the most costly part of the tour. I believe that as soon as they knew that they would be 3 hours plus late that we should been offered the opportunity to cancel with such miserable weather all day. They seemed to be willing to run no matter how bad the weather. We dealt with 2 other tour companies while in Iceland which electricity invented postponed, and in one case twice cancelled tours due to weather, stating that customers would not have a pleasurable table d gaskets experience. This does not seem to be a priority for Extreme Iceland. I since understand from locals that this company has recently merged with another tour operator and management is in a state of chaos and their reputation has suffered. There are several other operators that have a better reputation–I would suggest that you find a similar tour electricity khan academy through one of them.

Extreme Iceland seems to be going through growing pains. And it’s not pretty when things become unpredictable, as the weather does in Iceland. I had booked our tour a couple of tours 6 months ago, and they were filling fast at the time. One was Snorkelling in Silfra electricity 101 powerpoint. Unfortunately, I contracted a nasty bronchitis that prevented me to do the activity. I gave ample notice to the office, and got a response a few days later, with a form gsa 2016 calendar to fill out. Then, nothing. The offices said it would take up to 10 days for the refund to occur. Well, I have no idea where things are at. No one has communicated with me. To be fair, however, the office kept 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh lines of communication open with our guide during another tour (3-day Jokukarlson, Golden Circle and Glacier Walk). On the last day, a windstorm was announced, and we were required to cancel our glacier and cave experience and return to Reykjavik as soon as possible. That was a great call, because we didn’t end strand in the middle of nowhere for a couple of days, like many others were. The ride home was horrendous gas laws worksheet, but our guide, Freeman, was an amazing driver. That is why astrid y gaston lima menu english it is hard to rate this organization. It has amazing strengths, but appalling blind spots. I’m still waiting for a refund of the Glacier and Caving we paid for. And again, I’m in the dark. No one is responding to my emails.