Credit acceptance corp 628 reviews and complaints – read before you buy gas stoichiometry examples


I was driven crazy with the harassing phone calls (over 50 times a month) and the constant threats of repossession and litigation. The car was ended up being repossessed in January. I was constantly misled and lied to by their agents on how to get the car back and where the car was. I paid over $500 dollars to have my car released in March.

When I had arrived to pick up the car, all my personal effects of value were gone and there was damage all over the body and my passenger side mirror was grade 6 electricity hanging off. Now they are trying to accuse me of damaging my own vehicle and are basically absolving themselves from any responsibility. They talk to you like you are a child and insult your intelligence when you call them out for being a predatory lending agency that preys on the poor and the desperate. Needless to say, I didn’t take the car and am currently in talks with a lawyer. Litigation and tort is the only words they understand. If everyone pursues electricity song 2015 litigation against them. They will be out of business and the executives arrested for embezzlement and other criminal charges.

As the issues became worse I kept calling Credit Acceptance and was told by a rep they would work with me on halting a month’s worth of payments due to the repair costs. Then I found out that wasn’t the truth and suddenly I was behind on payments. I then called to make a payment arrangement. The rep asked me for $164 to secure it. I did so over the phone immediately. 2 days later another rep electricity generation in usa called to tell me that that rep wasn’t authorized to do that and that that was too small of an amount and they wiped out my arrangement! I was then told if I paid another $25 it would be reinstated. So I did. 2 weeks later I found out that wasn’t the case at all! At this point I began to feel scammed and I got different reasons from each person I spoke to, most of which were rude.

As time passed everything in the vehicle was falling apart and I was having a hard time keeping up with just paying for all these expensive repairs but I had to because I needed a vehicle. I’m a single mom to 4 special needs kids, one who is a frequent gas monkey monster truck body flyer to the hospital. Over this past summer everything that could go wrong has. Torque converter, faulty seat bench anchors, brakes snapped off while driving, PVC joint, wheel bearing/hub, misfiring cylinders, found a hodgepodge of mismatched wires and spark plugs, major oil leak, coolant leak, power steering leak, break leak, head gasket leak, exhaust leak, fuel leak, no heat, etc.

The value of this van isn’t even worth an oil change and it’s a death trap. I’ve been cut by the rusted broken doors, the sliding doors have opened while driving despite being locked, rain and snow get inside the vehicle and get my kids wet. I decided enough was enough and I needed to get a new car. Of course this one can’t be traded in, even if the loan was paid off. Dealers have told me they can’t believe I was ever sold this vehicle to begin with or that Credit Acceptance backed it with such gas number a high loan.

I’ve been told I’ve gotten approvals for a new loan but the balance on the death trap needs to be paid off first. I’ve called a few times to try and find out if we can work out a pay off balance that isn’t the exact loan amount given the scamming going on here. The reps have been completely rude, demeaning and even tried bullying me and bullying money out of me. Not only will they not even discuss it (apparently pay off amounts are a set price depending on what state you live in), but they also keep changing that price.

When I demanded to speak to a manager I was denied! Then I was told I could only speak to a manager after I made a payment. Out of sheer frustration I made the dang payment and guess what? She gas in michigan tells me that the manager is on the other line and if I want to still talk to them I need to either call back or leave a voicemail. Are you kidding me? I sat on hold for over 15 minutes before I spent another 20 minutes talking to this rude rep. I wasn’t about to call back. I left a message but I’m not holding my breath I will get a callback and according to the rep they won’t help me either. So here I’m stuck getting gas 89 screwed over. Hope your company feels good about taking advantage of a single mom!

Then, due to cascade of interesting issues (starting with a problem with the new payment card, then, them saying they tried to call but I’m never getting calls, them saying they sent a notice, but it went to my old address even though I updated my new address) I missed a payment and I don’t get informed. I’m on auto-pay, I don’t know anything so I just go along. For some reason, one month my check is late in the electricity transformer near house mail (my company pays once at the end of the month). So, I know everybody is going to be late, I’m annoyed about that, distracted, making calls, thinking about the late fees, because it’s going on a week. I get ready to go somewhere and I’ll be damned: My car is GONE!! After calling the police, I embarrassingly discover it’s been REPOSSESSED for being 1 month and a few days behind!!! Are you KIDDING ME???

I had to pay $350 something in payments and fees (not so much $$ applied to payments part) PLUS the $150 tow fee PLUS $110 to the damn repo people who BROKE MY WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID HOSE AND REFUSED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT AS DID CREDIT ACCEPTANCE, to get my car back!!! What a hustle for you Credit Acceptance!!! This process took several days, many phone calls and much inconvenience. Not to mention, Credit Acceptance straight up lied when I asked them what it would cost to get my car back. Let’s not forget they z gas tecate telefono damaged my credit over it, too. Oooh wee!!!

All that and for what? Because they really believed they were going to KEEP MY CAR. THAT WAS THEIR ENTIRE PLAN. Just look up how they work. This happened to me about 6 months after purchase. They thought: Not enough time to run up the miles and it was a good purchase price, she’s got a secure job, we’ll make the money both ways. But no no no, not today, snake pit.

I had the money all along. Could’ve gave them their payment any time electricity flow direction. FORTHRIGHT COMMUNICATION. That’s all that was needed. But they lie. They’re sneaky. They use shady business practices. They’re not upfront. They use the Detroit court systems to build their profit margins and if you think I’m joking, look it up. There’s hundreds of other poor/bad credit lenders out here and I don’t see them reported on negatively by top magazines nor with 1.5 star ratings by literally thousands of customers. JUST THIS ONE. RUN!

Well that didn’t happen and I was not aware of the situation or the account somehow being behind until the repo guys showed up today (1/21/2019). They were waiting for my husband to come with the key because the van had a flat tire so he was borrowing a vehicle, came in the house because my cell phone died. Heard them tear out of my driveway van in tow which contains 100% of our company’s equipment as well as other personal effects like the dynamic electricity examples 10 ladders strapped to the roof and to top it off they dragged the flat tire across the driveway leaving marks and most likely damaging the vehicle. I was on 2 phones trying to get electricity review worksheet something worked out while it was being hooked up to the truck (not a flatbed either).

The office lady at the repo office said the 3 repo guys peeled out of my driveway like they did is because I slammed the front door, when you walk in in a bit of a hurry it shuts hard. Everything in and on that vehicle are our source of income. Could have been avoided if they actually called to let me or my husband know something was up with the account or there’s missing payments. Heck it would be helpful had the online customer accounts actually provided account information such as payment history. Things like that. It shows a balance of $12,000 on a $14,000 vehicle and we’ve already paid $12,000 to date.

So, we got rooked into this hell-hole company for that very reason and let me tell you they are nothing but lying, deceitful, crooks. We signed up for their automated payment scheduler. It didn’t take out our December payment as promised, they say that you can reschedule your payment date to work with your pay schedule and allow you to change it. We just found out that 1 unit electricity cost in india not only did they not take our automated payment as agreed, they also refused to honor the change in payment date that they agreed to less than a month ago.

They said that any payment date changes made on the automated system are not valid and you are considered late. Which I argued the fact with them. That is their systems for their business and they should honor what they offer. The woman again told me that it is not honored. That we had to pay December and January payment now or risk having our vehicle repo. That they are not responsible for physical science electricity review worksheet any payment related issues due to their automated system, that they will not notify you that a payment was not processed or that they failed to receive a payment from you. It’s your responsibility to verify any missed payments or otherwise in their system. If you don’t tell anyone that is a problem, how will they know to fix it? She said that’s not our problem, that’s yours.

Seriously, I have never heard of any company not trying to assist their customer’s to make their business experience as great as it can be. Very deceptive business practice indeed. As soon as, our building revolving credit issue is resolved. We are so refinancing this vehicle with our local bank gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore. Honestly, now I see why folks hate these types of sleazy finance business. Unethical, dishonest and truly disgusting business practice and unscrupulous morales for any business.