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I DO not believe in ghosts, goblins, spirits, poltergeists, apparitions, or any other non-ethereal beings walking the planet to haunt/confuse/terrify/whatever. I mean the concept of a "spirit" having the capability to go anywhere regardless of death circumstances.. deciding to stay in a 100 year old home to scare the straights… Just do not buy into it. I have been in places that were supposed to be haunted by nasty spirits and slept like a baby.

Do I believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti…you bet. Something is out there that caused the native peoples to record in their own fashion what they saw and experienced a thousand years before youtube. ME, I have never seen one but may or may not have heard one(I just do not know) BUT EVERYONE who has ever seen one cannot be a lunatic craving public media attention.

Just as UFOs, do I believe in them…you bet again. I HAVE seen things that simply were beyond our capabilities at the time I saw the first one. About midnight, mid 1960’s full moon, I am out on a lake in northern Ontario fishing for bass along the shore when I saw this large roundish aircraft come into view. It went from horizon to horizon in about 20 seconds, it was about 4-6,000 best guess and it was HUGE compared to our aircraft at the time. My dad was a pilot. Always had company planes, I grew up in them. I studied military aircraft at the time, we had nothing that could fly silently that fast as it blotted out the stars as it went by.

40 years later I am on my motorcycle and going down the road and while looking up at probably 10,000 feet I saw this "aircraft " suddenly become visible for about 5 seconds and then it was just gone, like it was cloaked in Star Trek. I pulled over and the doctor riding behind me (who spent 15 years in the Air Force) pulled up next to me and asked "Did you see that?" I told him yes and neither of us had an answer to WTF it was we saw. There were high clouds probably over 20,000 feet and the thing just stood out against the white, it wasn’t moving as far as I could tell, and then it was gone. It wasn’t the shape of any known aircraft to me at the time or now. Hate to use the term "saucer" but there it was.

When people see "ghosts" the theory I think that has more promise is the alternate reality of bubble multiverse. You have an unknown number of universes that are in "bubbles" and every now and then they bump and for that brief time there is an exchange of light waves from events in the "other" universe that becomes visible in ours.

My wifes family is alittle dysfunctional and her brother and sister don’t get along to well so don’t talk much. He lives through the woods around a 1000ft from us. He works with my FIL who knows of the wolf encounter but FIL hadn’t mentioned it to him. BIL told him at work last thursday his outside dog was going wild around 1:30 at night. He grabs a light put on shoes walks out back and the dog is a shepherd mix around 80lb on end of chain going nuts. He shined the light into the woods and sees some yellow eye shine. He told it to git!!! It stared not blinking or moving so he started getting closer and throwing rocks at ir that were baseball sized. Nothing. When he got about 40yds away it just backed into the woods and vanished. He said it was big black and super hairy. 4am dog going wild again so he goes out with his rifle and light. Large yellow eyes in the same place and he was juggling the light and looking through the scope and all he could tell was it was big and black. So black it almost absorbs or disperses the light.

Next night his wife wakes him up and tells him something big is on their roof. He lays in bed listening and sure enough there was. He gets up flings the door open to let the pitbulls out thinking its a rodent and something large black hairy and FAST came off the roof and vanished up the mountain. FIL just smiled at him and said funny story… and proceeded to tell him what we had all seen. * game cameras and no pics with no further sighting.

On the latest installment of "The Black Wolf"…. My brother in law was woken up by screams outside and though crap. Something is getting the kids rabbits in the hutch. Grabbed light and gun and goes out to investigate. He finds both rabbits safe and hears something in the woods. Shines his light and see the large black creatures yellow eyeshine. He has had enough he decides and the path is clear for a shot and in a safe direction. Juggling the light and the gun he took a shoot and it fled deeper into the woods. When he did he said another set of eyes dropped to the ground. He walks up there to a young fawn covered in slobber and alittle blood. He reached to touch it and as he did it jumps up runs clumsily into a tree and falls over. As he is watching the baby deer he hears the creature again moving and focuses on it. Deciding he has had enough he goes back home and to bed. Sunday evening I meet him to help look for the fawn or any sign that he hit it. We came up empty besides finding the fawns mother dead about 30 yards from where he shot at the creature from. Best we can tell she was hit by a car and the fawn was probably bleating attracting the predator. At 50yd buckshot on something covered in thick hair wouldn’t leave much sign of a hit. Especially as dry as it was. But that was a week ago and we have yet to see it again.

We reached the moors about 1.30am. For England the area is pretty lonely and traffic is non-existent at that time of night. There are few roads and very little around just woodlands, open moorland, farms and the odd village. Obviously no street lighting so it is almost pitch black with a vague glow from Teesside on the northern horizon.

All of a sudden we caught sight of a tall black figure walking towards us in the road. We had been doing about 40mph so I slowed right down to 15-20 as we approached it but I couldn’t quite take in what I was seeing. The best description I can give is the dark riders from the Lord of the Rings films it was dressed entirely in a long black robe that covered its face. Just as we were passing it stopped, turned to face the car and then started walking towards us

It later occurred to me that Whitby, over on the coast, has a Goth scene apparently because Bram Stoker set part of Dracula in the town and they like moping around the ruined abbey. Having said that Whitby was over twenty miles away so it was quite a hike over the moors and Goths always strike me as fairly inoffensive lot – what we saw exuded an air of malice.