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Lee Walter Travis, dressed in a suit and fedora, with a red trenchcoat and mask, premiered in Detective Comics #20, cover dated October 1938, with no explanation of the why of his adventures. By day he was a wealthy crusading New York City newspaper owner, and by night, with the help of his chauffeur and a gas gun, fights crime. Very much similar to The Shadow and Green Hornet, Crimson Avenger carried on his good fight for several years, and even adopted a more traditional (and ugly) superhero outfit, joined the group The Seven gas leak chicago Soldiers Of Victory, until his strip just faded away. To revive the character, DC in the 1970s retconned the Seven Soldiers as being away in time, and now back. In the 1980s, DC did a “Whatever Happened To?” story where they revealed Travis’s heroic death.

With all this limited history available, Roy and Dann Thomas, the guardians of the Golden Age, picked up the Crimson Avenger and in issue 5 of the Secret Origins comic (Aug electricity load shedding 1985, this one only written by Roy) finally gives Travis a why for mission. Growing up poor, he inherited great wealth and a newspaper from a Godfather. But before the full money came along, Travis fought fascism in Spain in 1936, which the Godfather greatly disproved of. By October 1938, Travis is running the paper and living the high life, but is still trying somewhat to help his fellow human. Thieves doing a robbery, and the tragedy that happens along the way, inspire Travis to fight crime. All this brilliantly with against Orson Welles War Of The Worlds radio broadcast.

The Thomas’s picks up the Crimson Avenger electricity cost per kwh by country’s mask yet again in a four issue miniseries that started in June 1988. Our electricity deregulation wikipedia story continues on December 7 1938 with Travis plugging along in his costumed adventures, and along the way stumbles into a conspiracy, one very much ripped from the headlines of the time. The story twists and turns and moves from action set pieces to action set pieces with a fast and great efficiency. Everything comes together at the end, with one plot twist being very much telegraphed partway through the miniseries.

The Crimson Avenger is a great read, from the DC history angle to the real world history gas stoichiometry practice aspects to the cultural feels it evokes, all while still telling a wonderful mystery adventure story. Dann, who is Roy’s wife, and Roy really know their stuff here, and treat this pulpy old style comic book hero very real, but still use classic tropes with some updating, to recreate and give this character a life I doubt he had much before this. Travis is shown having issues with what he is doing, especially when consequences slam up against him, and they show he can also be kind of a jerk sometimes.

Tons of details of this time are seamlessly incorporated h gas l gas unterschied into these issues, giving us a glimpse into 1938 and what came before and what we know is coming. One section dealing Travis’s secretary is fascinating and teaches us once again about how people tend to treat evil like something mundane. They also deal with racism towards Wing, Travis’s devoted Asian driver and partner in crime fighting, whom you can see is slowly becoming Lee’s best friend.

Chronologically for Lee Travis, Roy Thomas inserted Crimson Avenger into the Golden Age Sandman’s start, as told in Secret Origins issue 7 (Oct 1987). This one takes place from April 30 1939 to June 9 1939 and features the Sandman and the Crimson Avenger fighting, then teaming up, to stop the Phantom of the Fair who gas after eating eggs is terrorizing the New York City World’s Fair. And yet again, this tale is brilliant as it shows their adventures inspiring other future heroes, sometimes with the help of that new fangled thing called television. I have never read the Sandman Mystery Theatre series, so I have no idea how much of this story is still cannon.