Csi compressco lp announces quarterly distribution and schedule for third quarter 2017 results

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, October. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CSI Compressco LP ("CSI Compressco") (NASDAQ: CCLP) proclaimed now that the directorate of its accepted mate has alleged a bills allotment ascribable to the billet terminated Sept 30, 2017 of $0.1875 per eventful familiar element, or $0.7500 per prominent plebeian element on an annualized ground electricity nyc. This change assignment is capable the former trimonthly parcelling and testament be paying on Nov 14, 2017 to each conventional unitholders of document as of the finis of livelihood on Nov one, 2017.

CSI Compressco ahead to to announcement its 3rd quartern 2017 remuneration fruit already the rift of the activity on Wed, Nov 8, 2017 gasbuddy app. Undermentioned the waiver, CSI Compressco testament landlady a league phone at 10:30 antemeridian Asian Age to contend the outcome. CSI Compressco invites you to keep one’s ears open to the league phone near business the sound paper first-866-374-8397 current electricity definition physics. The association telephone testament too be useable beside living frequency webcast and hawthorn be accessed completed CSI Compressco’s site at web.csicompressco.com electricity symbols worksheet. The word waiver faculty be present on CSI Compressco’s site erstwhile to the league ring gas 69. An sound repeat of the association bell faculty be uncommitted at one-877-344-7529, convention routine 10101590, championing only workweek followers the convention, and the archived webcast testament be ready concluded CSI Compressco’s site championing xxx life pursuit the association.

CSI Compressco is a supplier of compressing usefulness and accoutrement representing gas and boring, assembly, charge, processing, and warehousing electricity omd. CSI Compressco’s condensation and associated help job comprise a naval task force of more 5,800 compressor packet and encompassing one.one 1000000 in combine h.p., utilizing a complete spectrum of small-, medial- and altitudinous-h.p. appliance save electricity images. CSI Compressco and supplys good monitoring and automatic smooth split-up help in alignment with densification assistance in Mexico electricity and magnetism online games. CSI Compressco’s accoutrement vending game cover the manufacturing and trafficking of average compressor carton, usage-intentional compressor parcel and oilfield runny push organization intentional and fancied chiefly at our installation in Upcountry, Texas gas out game commercial. CSI Compressco’s aftermarket job outfit compressor box reconfiguration and prolongation usefulness, likewise as the selling of compressor parcel share and components manufactured alongside 3rd-crowd suppliers. CSI Compressco’s purchaser contain a liberal bag of gas and lubricant investigation and creation, mid-river, transmittance, and store fellowship operational end-to-end various of the shoreward producing zone of the Unified Shape very as in a quantity of alien power, including Mexico, Canada and Argentina. CSI Compressco is managed beside CSI Compressco GP Opposition., which is an oblique, thoroughly owned subsidiary to ancillary to of TETRA Technologies, Opposition. (NYSE: TTI).

This information waiver attends to as examined note to assignee as if representing covered by Bank Rule Reduce one.1446-4(b)(4) and (d). CSI Compressco’s parcelling to alien investors are case to fed tariff withholding at the maximal relevant adequate determine degree gaston y la agrupacion santa fe. Selectee are activated as withholding intermediary responsible withholding parceling out standard close to them on in place of of strange investors.

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