Cuc breaks ground on cayman’s first solar farm

(L-R) CUC CEO Richard Hew, Entropy Managing Partner David March, Hon Kurt Tibbetts, Hon Osbourne Bodden, and ERA Deputy Managing Director Louis Boucher prepare to break ground on Cayman’s first Solar Farm.

The 5 megawatt(MW) solar project will allow the Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) to reduce exhaust gas emissions and the use of imported fossil fuels thereby promoting a greener environment.

“We are very pleased that Entropy Cayman, Ltd has partnered with CUC to make history in the Cayman Islands with this project,” said CUC’s President and CEO Richard Hew.

“In 2011, CUC requested proposals for 13 megawatts of energy from renewable energy sources. Locate a gas station near me The initial requests brought this 5 MW solar proposal and a second proposal of 5MW of solar and 3 MW of wind. Electricity history Unfortunately, the second provider was not able to deliver on their proposal. Gas tax nj Entropy Cayman Solar Ltd., however, was able to rise to the challenge and over the last year, CUC has been working diligently with Entropy Cayman Solar and the ERA to reach this point. A gas is a form of matter that It has taken more time than we anticipated to get here but the lessons learnt have provided a template which will allow us to commence with future projects in a much shorter timeframe,” he said.

Despite the setback in establishing wind generation, Mr Hew said his company maintains that this type of renewable energy on Grand Cayman “should be pursued as it is economically viable and, although its output is intermittent, provides a good diversification to the also intermittent output of solar”.

The solar farm is to be completed and commissioned later this year and an additional 5MW of solar added to the grid to provide power to 1000 homes on peak demand.

CUC’s CEO stated, “In 2015, CUC concluded an infusion study which indicated that we can go up to 15 MW of intermittent renewables without affecting system stability or the efficiency of the existing generators, and we are eager, as I believe the ERA is also, to get to this level quickly.

“We are also currently conducting an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to determine how to pursue further integration of renewable and other sources of energy such as natural gas which will diversify our energy sources, stabilise prices, and reduce our environmental footprint, while maintaining a least cost and reliable service. Gastroenterology This will be a very thorough analysis of the future possibilities for the electricity system to which the ERA and indeed the public will have input,” he said.

He further stated that in the meantime the company will aim to have 25 per cent of all energy on the grid coming from renewable energy sources by 2025.

“This would appear to some to be a long time for a little, but let me put this in context for you. Static electricity human body causes To get to 25 per cent using solar alone would require 100 MW of solar capacity, or 20 of these projects, taking up approximately 500 acres of land (or roof tops) and costing approximately $250 million. 10 gases This cost does not include the cost of energy storage devices which will be required to maintain stability and quality of service on the grid. Npower electricity supplier number We will not run with haste to take any actions which will negatively impact our reliability of service or put customers in a position where they have to pay more than necessary for electricity,” Mr Hew explained.

The CORE programme’s principal feature is to allow connection of renewable generation to CUC’s Transmission and Distribution grid and to credit CORE customers for energy produced.

“This type of distributed generation is typically more expensive than centrally located large solar plants, but in appropriate quantities can have benefits for the electric grid. Electricity cost per month We must however proceed with promoting renewable energy in a manner that is financially viable for not just the system owner, but for the general electricity consumer base,” Mr Hew explained.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure (PLAHI) Hon Kurt Tibbetts said he believes CUC’s 2025 goal for renewable energy contribution should be higher than 25 per cent. Electricity and magnetism Nonetheless he said he thinks the project is “a good start”.

George Town MLA Winston Connolly, whose motion seeking the development of a National Energy Policy and the implementation of renewable energy solutions was recently passed, expressed his thoughts on the project.

“I think it’s a step in renewable energy, and that first step is the most important step. What are the 4 gas giants in the solar system I think what’s going to happen overtime is that people are going to realise the value in this type of endeavour and it’s going to be a domino effect. Gas under 2 dollars So that’s what I’m hoping for,” he said.

He added, “We as small island developing states are at sea level, we have to take the lead on climate and those people that would say we’re too small to make a dent in terms of the world stage, we have to lead by example. Table d gaskets So I’m very heartened by this first step, very heartened by what CUC has said, in that it’s committed.”

Bodden Town MLA and Minister of Community Affairs Youth and Sports Hon Osbourne Bodden said the project had “perfect timing” due to Mr Connolly’s motion being passed in the House. Gaz 67 sprzedam He added that he is excited that the first solar farm will be in the district of Bodden Town and that renewable energy is something he hopes Cayman will pay more attention to and embrace. Tortugas ninjas 2016-05-10