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I walked in this place by accident. I just wanted to buy a shirt! I was then lead through the whole area by a friendly waiter, getting to know about what you could do there. I spent my day there, slowly gas after eating bread, and peacefully. But it’s not just about peacefulness, I got to know about drawing pictures on paper with…well…water. I was told that this way of drawing was invented hundred years back. The paper itself will become a picture itself eventually (Sorry, you need to see it yourself, hard to explain). I got some good tea there. Here the cool part: Instead of watching your k gas station jobs clock to know when you tea is ready, you watch a little Buddha statue instead. When the smoke coming out of the statue’s head stops, it’s when you can enjoy your tea. The special thing was that, when I concentrated on the Budha statue, my mind was peaceful empty. There’re lots of other things you can do there. It’s worth spending a day there for yourself. Hou An town is quite small, so the whole purpose to get here is perhaps to find gas after eating some peaceful time rather kite electricity generation than sightseeing. Coconana can be a good place for that. Enjoy! More Show less

We stumbled across Cocobana after checking out the market. When we entered the shop, we were drawn in by the decoration and presentation of the place. Entertaining and caught our attention. We checked out a menu and the drinks being a little above our price range, we were going to leave. Before p gasol stats we could, the owner, Wee, asked us if we would like to see the rest of the place. Intrigued by the design of what we saw so far, we agreed. Starting with the entrance, he had very cool customizable shirts, a 3D hologram and recycling-powered bikes we could use (ask about them), on display. The bamboo paper-making area was next, and features a water garden/fishpond that feels very zen. We had to cross the pond to access the tea room electricity 4th grade worksheet. The tea room is where we could smell teas available for purchase. If you want to have a pot of tea there, you pick your favourite pot and tea set and head out to the garden. The garden is what hooked us. Comfy chairs, sand and mischievous guava trees. As soon as we saw it we immediately sat down and ordered a fresh natural soda. The natural soda is awesome! Delicious, healthy and soo worth it! We not only 7 cases movie had the one but 3 more during our week in Hoi an. Very worth a try. Wee is an amazing host and incredible entrepreneur. He is very friendly with great English. We eventually got him to sit down with us and have a conversation. One we would have liked to continue if we hadn’t needed to leave the next day. They also teach bamboo paper making which was a little above our electricity notes physics price range, however Wee let us sit in on a session and watch the process. The presentation he gives on it is super cool and we would have taken part in the experience if we had had the money. Altogether we couldn’t say enough about Wee and his amazing shop! We would definitely recommend stopping in for a natural soda and a chat! Thank you for everything, Wee electricity 80s song and staff at Cocobana!

We discovered CocoBana by accident as we stroll along the street of the Hoi An’s Ancient Town and were lucky to meet the wonderful owner, Mr. Wee. He gave us a tour of his shop where they have a cross word puzzle t-shirt, and interesting traditional fishing equipments. If you look around you emitra electricity bill payment notice that many, actually majority, of the display in this shop / gallery are made of bamboo or other eco-friendly materials. Mr. Wee also gave us a tour to the back of the shop where he has a Tea House set up, the rain has just stopped while we there so the staff has just started to set up the garden area where they have an outdoor patio. Ask him for his tea serving method 🙂 In short, this is an an incredible and sophisticated space ie. shop. I will ideal gas kinetic energy not spoil the surprise but if you’re lucky like us you get to tour the second floor of the gallery and get to see electricity quiz ks2 the amazing traditional / wooden architectural design. Thank you for showing us your projects and works. We wish you the best and all the success. Best, MJ ps. ask for information on the Bamboo Paper making class!! 🙂