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I suffer from test anxiety as it is but is even worse now, I am in college and I have live with this since I can remember I was also diagnosed with H. pilori and after taking all the meds is when i started to notice that this constant gurgling started to happen I take two beano pills every time i have an exam or anything quiet, it subsides the gurgling but sometimes it doesn’t help all i can say is that i thought I was the only one with this problem I am relieved to know am not the only one. I have just opted to block out what anyone thinks and while taking exams just use my mp3 player (hidden of course) and listen to relaxing music electricity consumption since I am not thinking of whether someone can hear my belly or not….when you think about it it makes it worse…beano pills help but are not the cure….I also know that the gurgling come from the lower intestines because one can feel it but it might be gas although sometimes is just not the case…try to clear your colon everyday for it might also gurgle even more if your colon is full..

i just started having the same problems, and I have never experienced them like this before. I am an upcoming senior in college, and I just started summer school like a week ago. I started having these stomach gurgling noises, and it is EXTREMELY embarrassing when you are sitting next to someone and you can’t control your stomach. I makes me very anxious and I dread going to class. The gurgling is pretty much constant throughout the day, and it is sometimes followed by gas. I went to the doctor to treat my anxiety, and he said that some people just swallow their anxiety so the stomach problems should go away with the medicine. I think it is something different though. I used to be lactose intolerant, and I read somewhere that that could cause it.. but i haven’t had symptoms from electricity in india ppt that in years. It happens when I am sitting down, standing up, and laying down. It doesn’t hurt, It’s just loud. My bowl movements have not been constant either. My appetite is not like it used to be either, but when I do get hunger I am scared that whatever I eat will trigger the gurgling to be worse. Basically, it is really annoying, and I just want it to stop. It has made me anxious and scared to be in quiet public places.

I thought I was crazy!!! My ‘tummy’ area (I think it’s coming from my intestines?) is SO loud I am TERRIFIED to go into quiet places!! I cant go to bible studies or classes anymore because it’s gotten so bad that I just can’t concentrate on anything except my LOUD rumbling intestines! My dr thought it was lactose intolerance at first… then she said its acid reflux… and she is having me take ranitidine benefiber tablets every day… but it’s not even helping a little bit. I have tried cutting out caffein, carbonaion, bread, acidic food, NOTHING helps. I have even taken to just not eating, and even THAT doesn’t help. My bowel movements are not consistent at all, sometimes it’s diarrhea and sometimes im constipated. There is no predicting what’s happening, some foods will make the noises worse some days then the next day theyre fine to eat. Im so sick of this, I have no idea what to do. I think Im going to go to a specialist. Ive been dealing with this crap for a year and I just CANT function!

I have had this problem for two years now and for the first few months it was unbearable and completely embarassing since im in highschool, but knowing the triggers will help your anxiety for sure.. now i am not scared to go into quiet places. my doctor heard my symptoms and all she said was it was probably ibs and the gurgling everytimee i lay down was reflux or something.she said anxiety affects ppl differently, some get bad headaches and some it affects their stomach. so basically i have trained myself, one bowel electricity resistance questions movement a day right when i wake up, and a high fiber diet, and try to not be anxious by listening to my ipod during class somedays. also i am taking culturelle and even tho im not lactose intolerant i drink soy milk. my own remedies would be chamomile and peppermint tea. in other countries, if you are having stomach problems you can get someone to massage your stomach/abdomen and for some people it works,, mine not so much,,next summer im going to try a detox or something see how that works too. good luck everyone hope this helped.

First you have to change your diet. You have to eat less red meat; [no more than twice a week]. Fish, chicken, and turkey are good alternatives. You have to eliminate processed and refined foods; once in a while is ok – I don’t want to be too strick on you. Totally eliminate white sugar. Use real brown sugar, real honey, real coco, or real maple syrup as alternatives. Eliminate or cut back on your salt intake. Salt and white sugar are VERY bad for your overall health.

Avoid foods that contain transfats. Transfats are one of the worse kinds of fats you can put in your body. Many foods are made with transfats, so it may be impossible to totally avoid it from your diet. Eliminate or cut back on Mcky D’s big macs and french fries. Make your own french fries using olive oil, coconut oil, or canoila oil. These are extremely good oils, especially olive oil.

Eat more smaller meals throughtout the day. When you eat big meals, you put a lot of strain on your digestive system. Foods can take hours to digest. The longer your stomach has to take to digest your food, the more gas you build up. It’s the gas in your stomach and intestines that causes those embarrassing growling and bubbly sounds you here. Rice is a good food to eat; it produces little or no gas, but stay away from white rice; it’s refined and been bleached out.

I can’t emphasis this any clearer – fruits and vegetables are a MUST!! Write a list of every fruit electricity generation in india and vegetable you can think of. Everyday select a few fruits and veggies from your list and eat them. Raw is better; but make sure you wash them good. Fruits should be eaten alone; don’t eat fruits with meals. Thirty minutes or so before a meal is good.

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water everday. Don’t drink it all at one time. Spread it out throughout the day. A glass ever 2 hours is good. Make sure it’s purified water; not tap water. Bottle water is a good alternative. When you eat your food, chew it good. Don’t swallow big chunks of food; the smaller the better. Smaller pieces of food are easier on your digestive system. It’s also possible to swallow air when you eat gas line jobs in wv, so chew with your mouth close. Take note of all the foods that cause you gas or bloating, and try to eliminate or cut back on those foods.

Add supplements to your diet. A multi-vitamin with your first meal of the day is good. Enzymes supplements should be added to your diet to help with digestion. Enzymes help your digestive system to break down proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, starches, and some sugars. Enzyme supplements are very important to your diet. Take one or two capsules with every meal that you eat. Search enzymes on your search engine and learn about them. A good enzyme supplement should include a variety of enzymes: amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, bromelain, and papain. There are more, but those are probably the most important.

Another important supplement to add to your diet, is probiotics supplements. Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to your intestines. They have enormous t gastrobar benefits. They can help treat diarrhea, constipation, IBS, indigestion, gas, bloating, colon infection, and much much more. Search it and study it. Yogurts contain probiotics in them. Yogurts are a good snack. Look for yogurts that have active bacteria culture in them. It should be listed in the ingredients or on the label somewhere. Don’t be grossed out, these are good bacteria I’m talking about. You have billions of bacteria in your body; some are good and some are bad. It’s the good bacteria that you need. Don’t worry ya self.

The reason people get too much gas and bloating is because of the wrong foods they eat. After years of eating crap, your colon slowly gets backed up. Kind of like a toilet that has been backed up. What your colon needs is a good flushing. A colon detox is vital. After you detox the colon, maybe you should do a liver detox. But before you do that, get all the information you need before detoxing. Rule No.1, always start with the colon first.

Last but not least, exercise regularly. Abdominal exercises are extremely important. Get rid of extra belly fat and fat around your waste. Cardio is just as important. Learn and study everything that I have talked about – it should get rid of those embarrassing growling and bubbly sounds you here coming from your stomach. Good luck, PEACE!!!